Friday, October 5, 2007

Johnston Co., NC Braswells

Johnston County, North Carolina, Deed Book A-1, B-1, transcript -1, D, D-1 1759-1771 Volume I, Haun, 243 Argonne Drive, Durham, NC 27704 (copied by Gayle Ellison at DAR Library in Washington, D.C.)

BRACEWELL, Richard: A:1:5. 26 May 1758. Richard BRACEWELL, Tar River in Edgecombe County, planter, to James WOUTEN, Johnston County, St. Stephens Parish, 147 acres in St. Stephens Parish on NW Buffelow SW as by original deed beginning at a corner west oak on ES Buffalo Creek on SW running up ready Branch 120 poles to a corner poplar; N 160 poles to a corner W oak; W 100 poles to a Holly tree on Buffalo Creek; down said creek to beginning. Houses, orchards, etc. Wit: Richard KEMP, Jesse WOOTEN. April court 1759. Page 4.

BRACEWELL, Jacob: B:1:221. 19 April 1762. Witness to Michel CURTIS. 100 acres in Johnston County. Page 141.

BRACEWELL, Jacob: D:1:243. Jacob BRACEWELL, to Reuben ROGERS, 11 May 1765. Jacob BRACEWELL, Cumberland County, planter, to Reuben ROGERS, Johnston County, 280 acres in Johnston County on Buffalo SW Branch Collins. Granted to Jacob BRACEWELL by Granville. 1 July 1762. Wit: James WOOTEN, Reuben ROGERS. Page 731.

BRASWELL, Sampson: B:1:31. 6 August 1763. Witness to George MANNER, Johnston County, to Ezeker MASSO, planter, 234 acres in Johnston County on NS Mauchoson Creek. Other witness: William MASSE.

BRASWELL, Sampson: D:1:191. 25 January 1764. Sampson BRASWELL, Johnston County, to Pettepool MASSEY, Edgecombe County, 100 acres in Johnston County. Chitdeard WILLIAMS by deed. 11 November 1765 for 390 acres of land of which this is a part [note: name is also Samuel in body of deed]. “I Christian BRASWELL do freely resign up all my right of dowry and power of thirds unto said MASSEY.” Signed: X Sampson BRASWELL, X Christian BRASWELL. Wit: William JONES, William MASSEY, John MASSEY. Page 689.

BRASWELL, Jacob: D:1:205. 26 September 1764. Planter, to James TAYLOR, merchant, 480 acres in Johnston County on SS Buffaloe SW. Wit: Mich ROGERS, James WOOTEN. Page 700.

BRASWELL, Jacob: D:1:244. 17 July 1766. Aaron ROGERS to Michael ROGERS, 280 acres in Johnston County, a plantation on Buffalo SW being a part of a tract granted to Jacob BRASWELL by Granville deed. 1 January 1763. Wit: James WOOTEN and Thomas PRICE. Page 738.

LAWSON, William (may be DAWSON): l:48. 18 April 1763. John Giles TOMAS, Esq. To William LAWSON, Grand Landing County Province of Virgainey. 50# proc. 80 acres in Johnston County. Page 269.