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Time Line of British Bracewell Family by Eunice Young

Notes on the Ancestry of the Rev. Robert Braswell of Isle of Wight County, Virginia
By Mrs. Eunice H. Young, Sandy, Utah

Published in Braswell Branches, Vol. 9, No. 1 Winter 1999/2000

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Time Line & Comparative Chart Of Events In The Lives Of His Ancestors In England


1484, John BRANCEWELL, Gent., Close Rolls, Grantham, Lincoln.

1485, End of Mediaeval Period ‑ beginning of Modern Age.

c 1510, Edmund BRACEWELL born.

1535,Henry VIII appointed himself supreme head of the Church of England

Non‑conformity began.

1536,Henry VIII began a system of registration.

1538, Henry VIII ordered parish record keeping;

An English Bible was printed & distributed.

1560, Edmund BRACEWELL died Grantham, Lincoln

1571,Robert BRACEWELL on Manorial Rolls Grantham, Lincoln

1574, All villeins were made free.

1576,Robert BRACEWELL sold land Grantham, Lincoln

1577 ,William HARRISON split the people of EnglanD into four classes: Gentlemen, Citizens or Burgesses, Farmers & Yeomen, Laborers.

1578, Robert BRACEWELL & Joan bought land Grantham, Lincoln

1580, Nathaniel BRACEWELL buried Grantham, Lincoln

1582, Anne, dau. of Robert, chr. Grantham, Lincoln

1583, 1. P. M. of Edmund BRACEWELL (Sadler). Grantham, Lincoln Eldest son, Robert, Heir.

1584, Robert BRACEWELL, son of Robert, chr. Grantham, Lincoln

1584, First colony estab. in No. America ‑ called Virginia.

1584, Richard BRACEWELL, son of Robert, chr. Kirton‑in‑Lindsey, Lincoln

1589, Edmund, son of Robert, chr. Grantham, Lincoln

1590, Joan BRACEWELL, wife of Robert, bur. Grantham, Lincoln.

1596‑7‑8, Robert BRACEWELL, Churchwarden Grantham, Lincoln

1597, "Poor Law" was passed Churchwardens had the task of looking after the church fabric, assisting the overseers of the poor, and keeping a record of church income & expenditures.

1603,Robert BRACEWELL sold land. Grantham, Lincoln

1603, Queen Elizabeth died. Her successor was James I, who felt that he ruled by divine right, but House of Commons didn't agree.

1605,Jone BRACEWELL, sis. of Rev. Robert chr. St. Bride, Fleet St., London

1607,Jamestown, Virginia, settled by London Merchants.

1610,Thomas BRACEWELL, bro. of Rev. Robert chr. St. Andrew Holborn, London

1611, King James version of Bible printed & distr.

1611M (Rev.) Robert BRACEWELL born & chr. Field Lane, St. Andrew,Holborn,London

1613, Robert BRACEWELL Co‑Burgess, Grantham, Lincoln

1613, Robert BRACEWELL buried, Grantham, Lincoln

1625, King Charles I succeeded to the throne.

1628, (Rev.) Robert BRACEWELL entered university, Oxford, Oxon.

1629, King Charles I dissolved Parliament.

1631, (Rev.) Robert BRACEWELL, B.A., graduated, Oxford, Oxon.

1640, Travel in Eng. became easier. Stages began making regular runs.

1641, Richard BRACEWELL, Gent., died, St. Bartholomew the Robert, son and heir, absent. Brother, Great, London Robert, admin. his estate.

1642, Civil War in England

1649, King Charles I killed.

1649‑60, England ruled by Oliver and then Richard CROMWELL. No King. Called, "The Commonwealth".

1651, (Rev.) Robert in America, Isle of Wight, Virginia

1658, Richard CROMWELL ruled.

1660, Richard CROMWELL deposed. Charles II brought from the continent & proclaimed king. He revived laws forbidding anyone to preach unless he was ordained by the Church of England.

1665, Great Plague, London

1666, Great Fire, London

1668, (Rev.) Robert BRASWELL, will probated, Isle of Wight, Virginia

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