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James Jr, Benjamin, David & Drewry Braswell

Bonus Deeds with names from the 1786 North Carolina State Census Dist 3 where James Braswell Jr. lived near Hermon Strickland his father in law.

1754 – August 20, JAMES BRASWELL, Jr., to James Hogum, for 40 pounds a 200-acre tract on the northeast side of Deep Creek adjacent Joseph Cotton, the Great Branch and Little Swamp, as by patent to James Conner dated April 20, 1745. Witnesses: Arthur Bell, Josha Bell, William Williams. Registered in the August Court, 2754 (2-66)

1789 – January 13, SOLOMON DREW to MAR(IAL) BIGGS, 20 pounds, 60 acres joining THOMAS DREW, Bee Tree Branch, ROBERT BIGGS, LEMUEL HOGUN, BENJ. BRASWELL . SOLOMON DREW Wit. LEMUEL HOGUN, JNO ALSOBROOK, Feb. Ct. 1790 Wm WOMACK CCt. (page 161, Halifax Co. Deed Book 17)

1791 – October 4, LEMUEL HOGUN of Halifax County to ARNOLD BRADLEY of same, 200 pounds proclamation money, 100 acres on the south side of Little Swamp joining THOS. DREW, LEMUEL HOGUN, BRADLEY. The language is unclear but THOS. DREW and HERMON STRICKLAND, Jr. were part of an agreement concerning the land. LEMUEL HOGAN. Wit: DREWRY (X) BRASWELL, JNO EDMUNDS May Ct 1792 CC Wm. WOMACK (PAGE 413, Halifax County Deed Book 17)

1794 – October 1, ROBERT ARMSTEAD of Halifax County to THOMAS CHANNEL of Northampton County, 100 silver sollars, 40 acres joining THOMAS LEWIS, Bee Tree Branch, ROBERT BIGS, LEMUEL HAYNES, BENJ. BRASWELL. ROBERT ARMSTEAD Wit: HARRIS (X) TAYLOR, JAMES (X) ALSOBROOK Feb. Ct 1796 L. Long CCt (page 861, Halfiax Co. Deed Book 17)

1796 – August 12, BURWELL BAYLESS of Halifax County to NORFLEET HARRIS of same, 492 pounds 9 shillings 6 pence VA, 243 acres (messuage) near Kehuky, joining JOEL JOYNER, JOHN DAWSON, BURWELL BAYLESS. Wit. WILLIAM VANCE, DAVID (X) BRASWELL Aug. Ct. 1797, L. Long CCt. (page 191, Halifax County Deed Book 18)

1796 – November 12, THOMAS CHANNEL to ROBERT BIGGS both of Halifax County, 100 silver dollars, (blank) acres joining THOMAS DREW, Bee Tree Branch, sd ROBERT BIGGS, LEMUEL HOGUN, BENJAMIN BRASWELL, THOS. (X) CHANNEL Wit: WILLIAM ATKINSON, JAMES MYHAND Nov Ct 1796 L. Long CCt. (page 42, Halifax Co. Deed Book 18)

1797 – February 6, WHITMELL HILL of Martin Co. to THOMAS DREW for $400, 250 acres adj. Gum Branch, Little Swamp. Wit. Thomas B. Hill, BENJAMIN BRASWELL R. Nov Court 1797, L. Long CCt. (Halifax Co. Deed Book 18, page 203)

1799 – March 10, PETER MORGAN, Esqr high Sheriff of Halifax County to WILLIAM VAUGHAN of same. Judgments were taken against the land of JOHN DOLES decd then in the hands of WILLIAM ALSOBROOK , the guardian of ELIZABETH & THOMAS DOLES. Judgments were taken by THOMAS WIGGINS, BENJAMIN BRASWELL, JOHN DREW, JOHN HOWELL(?), & ELIZABETH BATTS, 170 acres which SARAH DOLES had conveyed to JOHN DOLES on north side of Cahuky Swamp, joining IRWIN(?) YOUNG. Sd WILLIAM VAUGHAN was highest bidder at 70 pounds, 1 shillling, 6 pence. P. MORGAN (witnesses omitted) may Ct 1799, L. Long CCt (page 454, Halifax Co. Deed Book 18)

1799 – April 23, AMERIAH BIGGS of Halifax Co. to ROBERT BIGGS of same 100 silver dollars, 40 acres joining THOMAS DREW Bee Tree Branch, ROBERT BIGGS, SAMUEL HOGUN, BENJAMIN BRASWELL, AMERIAH BIGGS. Wit. TURNER JOYNER, JOEL JOYNER. May Ct. 1799 L. Long CCt (page 440, Halifax Co. Deed Book 18)

1800 – August 6, ROBERT BIGGS of Halifax County to LEMUEL HOGUN of same, $375, 65 acres joining THOMAS DREW, Little Swamp, DREW, LEMUEL HOGUN. Also 40 acres which SOLOMON DREW conveyed to AMERIAH BIGGS joining THOMAS DREW, Bee Tree Branch, ROBT. BIGGS, SAMUEL HOGUN, BENJAMIN BRASWELL. Also 12 acres which was from THOMAS TAYLOR to ROBT. BIGGS joining BALEY, Little Swamp, BRADLEY, ROBERT BIGGS. Wit: JAMES HOGUN, WILLIAM HOGUN. Aug Ct 1800, L. Long CCt. (page 623, Halifax Co. Deed Book 18)

NOTE: The Benjamin Braswell in the above deeds is most likely the son of James Braswell Jr. A Benjamin Braswell's estate was administered by James Braswell Jr & Mary Strickland's son "Marmaduke Braswell" in 1800, no doubt named after Mary's brother Marmaduke Strickland.

James Braswell Jr is believed to be a grandson of Susannah Burgess Braswell.

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