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Susannah Burgess Braswell's 100 acres

It appears Susanna got the 100 acres she left in her will to her sons Richard and William - from her Mother who had inherited it from her sister Joyce England Cripps who had inherited it from her husband Francis England.

June 9, 1666, GEORGE HARDY of IOW, Planter to FRANCES ENGLAND of IOW, planter, for valuable sum of Tob & Cask, "100 acres lying southward, on the plantation the said ENGLAND now liveth upon, Northerly on the plantation formerly Mr. GEORGE BRANCH lived on, and East upon the main Swamp bonding towards James River wch said land soe sould by the said GEORGE HARDY was formerly called by the name of Sheares Neck and sould by ye sd ENGLAND unto the said WILLIAM SHEARES, and after by ye said SHERES sould unto Mr. RICHARD JACKSON late of this County deced and afterwards given by ye sd JACKSON unto MARY his daughter now wife to said GEORGE HARDY, wch Land soe sould by the said Mr. ENGLAND unto the said Wm. SHEARES was made over to him by a conveyance from the sd ENGLAND wch is not now extent." Recorded August 9, 1666. Wit: JOHN HARDY, RO: KAE (page 76, IOW Will and Deed Book I, Volume 1)

1677 – May 13, FRANCIS ENGLAND wrote his will. Leg. Daughter ANN BRANCH wife of GEORGE BRANCH and her sons GEORGE, FRANCIS & JOHN BRANCH. Wife JOYCE Extx. Overseers JOHN GUTRIDGE and JOHN PEARSON. R. June 9, 1677. Wit: NICHOLAS DAVIS, GEORGE CRIPPS, RICHARD BENNETT. (IOW Will & Deed Book 2, pages 144-145)

Quote from FRANCIS ENGLAND's will as included in Joyce England's pre-nuptial agreement prior to marrying George Cripps -- "Whereas the aforesd FFRANCIS ENGLAND deced by his last Will & Testamt bearing date the 13th day of May in ye year 1677 did thereby devise will & bequeath unto the sd JOYCE ENGLAND his then wife after his debts & Legacies & funerall expenses discharged, all & singular his worldly estate wtsoever & wheresoever both reall & personall to be fully enjoyed by her dureing her naturall life, and to be disposed of forever as she should think fitt to her discretion."

April 8, 1678, JOYCE ENGLAND of the Upper Parish of Isle of Wight, widdow & Relict of FRANCIS ENGLAND pre-nuptial agreement prior to marriage to GEORGE CRIPPS. (pages 371-373, IOW Will & Deed Book 1, Vol. 1)

April 18, 1679, JOYCE CRIPPS, wife of GEORGE CRIPPS wrote her will. In it she states "I do give and bequeath unto my Sister Skinner one Thousand pounds of Tobacco or other things of that Vallew as my husband and she Can agree to be paid within One yeare after my decease, I do likewise give Unto my Sister Skinner fifty Acres of Land that doth joyne Unto that Plantation whereon she doth now live during her Naturall life" (p. 202, IOW Will & Deed Book 1, Vol. 2)

June 8, 1680, GEORGE CRIPPS of Blackwater in Isle of Wight County to MARY SKINNER of ye Runns in sd County widdow, consideration Certain quantities of Tobo, All his Estate right Tytle Interest possession clayme & demand wtsoever of in or unto A certeine divident of Land situate lying & being in Blackwater aforesd in Isle of Wight conteyning One hundred Acres of Land, now in ye Tenure holding possession or occupation of ye sd GEORGE CRIPPS. Recorded September 9, 1680. Witnesses: EDWARD POYNTER, THOMAS SMITH, DANLL (DP) PALMER, (IOW Will and Deed Book I, Volume 1, page 442)

1714 – October 22, SUSANNAH BRASWELL, Upper Parish, Isle of Wight Co., VA, wrote her will giving son RICHARD BRASWELL 60 acres, son WILLIAM BRASWEL 40 acres, naming granddaughter ELIZABETH BRASWELL , daughter ANN, grandson JOHN RIGGS and son JAMES BRASWELL. Executors: WILLIAM ALLEN, RICHARD JONES, RICHARD JORDAN. (Page 304, Will Book 3)

December 25 1731...RICHARD BRASWEL of the lower parish of Isle of Wight County, planter, to RICHARD JORDAN, Senr. of the upper parish of Isle of Wight Co., consideration 1500 weight of Tobacco & Cask.....60 acres beginning at a Path called Shears Neck Path, running from the Coblers Branch, adjoining to the dividing Line of WILLIAM BRASWELL runing up to the Line of JAMES SAMPSON, decd. from thence down the Branch to the first station. Wit: RICHARD CANNON, RICHARD JORDAN, Jr. and MARY JORDAN. Rec: 26 Sep 1732. RICHARD (X) BRASWEL (p. 201, IOW Deed Book 4)

THIS INDENTURE made the 19th Day of Febry Anno Dom: one Thousand and seven Hundred & Thirty Nine between RICHARD JORDAN of the County of Isle of Wight of the one part and JOHN JORDAN of the afored: County of the other part WITNESSETH that the sd RICHARD JORDAN for & in Consideration of the sum of five shillings Current money of Virginia . . . hath Bargained and sold . . . unto the sd JOHN JORDAN . . . one Certain Tract of Land Containing Sixty Acres ;uomg & being in the County aforesaid formerly in Tenor and Occupation of RICHARD BRASWELL And bounded according to the Common know (sic) and reputed bounds thereof TO HAVE AND TO HOLD . . . During the Term of one whole Year from thence next Insuing . . . .
Sign'd Seal'd & Delivered in presence - - - RICHARD JORDAN (Seal)
(Immediately following is the release deed, dated February 20, 1739, and in which the consideration is set at "five pounds Current Money and Six pounds in plank & Shingles." Same witnesses. BOURDEN and JAMES JORDAN presented the deeds to the Isle of Wight County Court for recording on February 25, 1739.)
DEED BOOK 5, 1736-1741, PAGES 435-436

December 9, 1764, WILLIAM (W) BRASWELL of Isle of Wight County to PETER BOCOCK, consideration 20 pounds current money of Virginia, 40 acres, more or less, beginning at a pine a corner tree that parts JOHN JORDAN and WILLIAM BRASWELLs Land down the Main Road to Harrison's Branch so runing up the said Branch to SAMUEL WILSON's Line so running along the said line to JOHN JORDAN's line so runing along the said line to the first staiton. Recorded March 7, 1765 Wit: SAMUEL WILSON, THOMAS WRENN, FRANCIS (F) WRENN (page 268, IOW Deed book 11)

Here is where those "other people" get the 1300 acres - looks like strictly a paper transaction to satisfy Joyce England Cripps will and Mary Skinner never actually had the 1300 acres. Mary just settled for the 100 acres and some tobacco. Deeds for both the 100 acres to Mary and the 1300 to George were recorded the same day and on consecutive pages.

June 7, 1680, MARY SKINNER of ye Runnes in Isle of Wight Co., widdow, to GEORGE CRIPPS of Blackwater in Isle of Wight Co., consideration 600 pounds weight of good & sound merchantable Tob & Cask, 1300 acres of Land on Blackwater of which sd MARY SKINNER is now seized in her own proper use & behoof of & in all ye before mentioned Land of good absolute & indefeazable estate in fee simple as she ye sd MARY SKINNER had by guift or grant of & from JOYCE CRIPPS her late Sister deced & wife of ye sd GEORGE CRIPPS. Recorded September 9, 1680. Acknowledged by MARY COLLINS, who was MARY SKINNER. Witnesses: EDWARD POYNTER, THOMAS SMYTH, DANL ( D p) PALMER. (page 441, IOW Will & Deed Book 1)

August 2, 1680, JOHN COLLINS in ye upper parish of Isle of Wight Co., planter and MARY (m) his wife, whereas ye said MARY by ye name of MARY SKINNER of ye Runnes in Isle of Wight County widdow by indenture under her hand & seal lawfully executed bearing date ye 7th day of June in ye two & thirtieth year of ye Reigne of Charles II did for ye consideration in ye Indenture mentioned grant bargain alien & sell unto GEORGE CRIPPS of Blackwater in said County, planter, all her estate right title interest, etc. of , in and to a certain dividend of land situate lying & being in Blackwater aforesd conteining by estimation 1300 acres of Land & whereas ye said JOHN COLLINS hath since ye executing of ye sd Indenture taken to Wife ye sd MARY SKINNER soe yt ye same cannot according to ye custom of Virginia be recorded & acknowledged by & in ye sole name ye sd MARY SKINNER but must be done in ye name of ye said JOHN COLLINS & MARY his wife, this is to confirm said former deed. Recorded September 9, 1680. Witnesses: JA: POWELL, P. WALL (page 443, IOW Will & Deed Book I, Vol. 1)

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