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* North Carolina State Grants Vol 1




999 pg 44 JACOB BRASWELL 12 Apr 1779 625 acres between Deep River and the Road leading from Ramseys mill to the Courthouse, joining James Brantleys former Line, (a point) near the Rockey Branch, and a White Rockey Hill

1087 pg 132 JOSEPH YARBOROUGH 20 Aug 1779 207 acres on both sides of Bush Creek (which is) the Waters of Capefear, joining HENRY BRAZILL, SICHOLAS (Nicholas?)PATRIDGE, Shepperds Line, and Drakes Line.

1108 pg 153 ALEXANDER CLARK 1 July 1779 640 acres, joining former land of JOSEPH BRASELL in the Fork on and between Rockey Branch and the Main Road Leading from Deep River to the Court House



1439 pg 8 WILLIAM DELOACH 10 Dec 1778 200 acres, joining SAMUEL RUFFIN, Cabbin Branch, and Deloaches Corner

1444 pg 13 WILLIAM BRASWELL SR 10 Dec 1778 200 acres on the South Side of Tar River and on both sides of Hatchers Swamp, joining WILLIAM MACE, a small branch, SOLOMON BRASWELL, Buck Meadow Branch, and JACOB FORT.

1445 pg 14 JAMES BRASWELL 10 Dec 1778 300 acres on the South Side of Tar River, joining JACOB FORT, AQUILLA SUGGS, WILLIAM SUGGS, both sides of two Branches, and both sides of flat Ground.

1446 pg 15 WILLIAM BRASWELL 10 Dec 1778 300 acres on the North side of Hatchers Swamp, joing WILLIAM MACE, sd BRASWELLS line, ROBERT HUMPHREY, and WILLIAM SHEROD


1886 pg 455 WILLIAM HARVELL 12 Apr 1780 300 acres on both sides of Lick Branch, joining JACOB UTLEY, CHRISTOPHER WOODARD, & VALENTINE BRASWELL

1890 pg 459 VALENTINE BRASWELL 11 Apr 1780 200 acres on the North side of Middle Creek & on both sides of Haw Branch, joining WILLIAM HARVELL



2062 pg 153 VOLENTINE BRASSWELL 31 Mar 1780 250 acres, joining Yarbrows Corner, Drakes Line, and both sides of Buck Creek

2158 pg 249 VOLENTINE BRASSWELL Jr. 31 Mar 1780 200 acres on the South Prong of Great Branch (which is) the Waters of Shaddocks Creek, joining both sides of a Branch and BRASSWELLs own Line.

2162 pg 253 WILLIAM RAGLAND 31 Mar 1780 640 acres, joing Raglands own Line, both sides of BRASSWELLs ROAD, and NATHAN JONES

2220 pg 311 VOLENTINE BRASSWELL 31 Mar 1780 100 acres on the Cabin Branch (which is) a Prong of Shaddocks Creek, joining (a point) near a Branch, Rutherfords Line, and both sides of the sd Branch

2237 pg 328 HARRY (Henry?) BRASSWELL 31 Mar 1780 490 acres on Capefear River, joining (a point) near the Mouth of Shaddocks Spring Branch, Cottens Corner, both sides of Bush Creek, Patridges Line, and the various courses of the sd River.

2243 pg 334 ISHAM DANIEL 31 Mar 1780 250 acres on Gaffs Creek (which is) the Waters of Cape Fear, joing Burwell Williams, the Watery Branch, both sides of the Road to BRASWELLs FERRY, and Avents Line.



2731 pg 342 THOMAS LINDSAY 1 Mar 1780 640 acres on both sides of Mairs fork of Haw River, joining JAMES BARR, (a point) in a field lately occupied by JAMES OLLIFANT, HUGH ROBINSON, both sides of (several) Branches, JACOB BRASWELL, WILLIAM HOWLET, WILLIAM ANDERSON, JOHN ANDERSON & JAMES STEWART.

2752 pg 363 WILLIAM HOWLET 1 Mar 1780 400 acres on the Waters of Reedy Fork, joining HENRY ROSS, THOMAS LINDSAY (lately JAMES OLIFANT), JACOB BRASWELL, ANDREW -------, and JOHN -------.

2864 pg 475 JACOB BRASWELL 1 Mar 1780 285 acres on the waters of Mairs Fork of Haw River, joining JOHN CAMPBELL, ARTHUR PARR, both sides of a branch, WILLIAM HEWETT, ANDREW KINACHEN (?), JOHN KINACHEN (?), THOMAS LINDSAY, ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, JAMES CAMPBELL, and (several) Branches



612 pg 132 CHRISTOPHER OSBORN 9 Aug 1779 600 acres on both sides of BRASWELLs CREEK

1675 pg 244 BENJAMIN BLAKE 1 Apr 1780 150 acres on both sides of BRASWELL CREEK

1779 pg 348 BENJAMIN BLAKE 11 Apr 1780 200 acres on both sides of BRASWELL CREEK

1839 pg 408 JOSEPH LANE 1 Apr 1780 300 acres on both sides of the Dry Branch of BRASWELLs CREEK

1849 pg 418 BENJAMIN BLAKE 1 Apr 1780 400 acres on both sides of BRASWELLs CREEK

1875 pg 444 ROLAND STINSON 12 Apr 1780 600 acres on both sides of BRASWELLs CREEK, joining JOHN UTLEY

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Jane Bracewell, Daughter of the Reverend Robert Bracewell

BRASWELL BRANCHES - Nona Williams - Volume I, Issue 1 - Winter 1991/92

It seems likely that the daughters were older than the sons, because the boys were placed under guardianship and the daughters were all married women in 1667/68 when Robert drafted his will. The order of their births is uncertain, but Jane may be the first born since she was mentioned first in the will. She had married Robert STOKES and they already had children in 1667/68. I've estimated that she was born before 1651. Her first husband, Robert STOKES,was captured during Bacon's Rebellion by Governor BERKELEY and was hanged. His estate was inventoried for sale in October 1677. Boddie states that they were married for more than 10 years (Southside Virginia Families, Vol. 1).

Jane married second to Robert ELEY ca. 1677 (Boddie), but they were only married for about three years. She was married to her third husband, John ROBERTS, by 1680. He died by 4 Oct. 1706 when their son, John ROBERTS of Lower Parish, deeded 400 acres on the western branch of Nansemond to his brother, Thomas ROBERTS. It was part of 1450 acres granted to John ROBERTS, deceased. This land transaction was witnessed by Robert SCOTT, Jr., Elizabeth SCOTT and Robert SCOTT (Boddie).

Jane made a will on 25 June 1711 which was proved 14 Aug.1713. In it she named six children. Robert ELEY received 100 acres which was part of a patent of 1450 acres granted to John and Jane ROBERTS on 20 July 1680. This was land on the lower side of thebranch called Long Branch on the south side of Beaver Dam Swamp. The following each received 100 acres on the west side of Beaver Dam Swamp: Grandson, Robert SCOTT, daughter, Mary PARKER (widow of William PARKER), and granddaughter, Martha SANDERS. Thomas JONES (no relationship mentioned) was bequeathed "the land he now lives on according to the boundaries that he bought of my brother, Richard BRASWELL." Daughter, Rebecca BRINKLEY, received five shillings; and daughter, Jane SCOTT, only 1 shilling. Sons, John and Thomas ROBERTS, were appointed executors.

Jane's daughter, Mary, married William PARKER of Nansemond County. He died before 26 June 1711 when Jane BRASWELL ROBERTS mentioned him in her will as the deceased husband of her daughter, Mary. Mary was in North Carolina by Dec. of 1738 when she deeded her inheritance to Robert ELEY. The record reads, "Mary PARKER, Precinct of North Carolina, deeded Robert ELEY part of a patent to Jane STOKES, widow, Isle of Wight Co., land on Nansemond Indian Creek, 100 acres, July 20,1680, part patented by John ROBERTS and his wife granted by Sir Henry CHICHELEY 1450 acres, and was given to Mary PARKER by Jane ROBERTS, deceased, Aug. 24, 1713, on the west side of Beaver Dam Swamp....down the line to Mr. Edmund GODWIN's,etc...and boundary of former deed made to John ROBERTS and his wife." (Isle of Wight Deed Book 5, p. 310.)

Mary PARKER died in Edgecombe Co., NC; her will was probated in Aug. of 1754. She left all to her grandson, Edmund GODWIN.

Rebecca, daughter of Jane BRASWELL, married an unknown man named BRINKLEY of Nansemond Co. It isn't clear which of Jane's three husbands was the father of Rebecca.

Jane BRASWELL and Robert ELEY had a son named after his father. Robert ELEY, Jr., born ca. 1679, married Martha DAUGHTIE, and died ca. 1707. His will mentioned land he had inherited from his grandfather, Robert ELEY. Robert's wife, Martha, was identified as follows: "Martha ELEY of the Upper Parish of Nansemond appoints her father, James DAUGHTIE, attorney, to surrender her dower rights to Colonel BAKER (DeedBook 2, p. 56).

In his will, Robert ELEY, gave his son, Robert (Robert Eley the fourth) "100 acres on Long Branch, adjoining John ROBERTS to Henry SAUNDERS' line to White Oak in Little Poquoson and down to Main Swamp adjoining John LEAR." His son, James ELEY,received "150 acres along John ROBERTS' line and Long Branch between Jeremiah EXUM and myself." Son, Edward ELEY, was bequeathed 80 acres "lying in what was formerly called Samuel WATSON's to the Main Swamp." Michael ELEY, son, was given the home plantation and daughters, Christian and Mourning ELEYwere to live there until they married. Also mentioned were a son, William ELEY, a daughter Martha WILLIAMS, granddaughter Martha ELEY, son Eley, daughter Rebecca WILLIAMS; and daughter Mourning ELEY. Michael and Robert ELEY were the executors. The will, dated 5 Apr. 1738, was probated 23 July 1739 and witnessed by Joseph WHITE, William DENSON, and George ARMSTRONG.

Robert ELEY, the fourth, (who purchased land on Beaver Dam Swamp from Mary PARKER) married Alice GALE; Martha married an unknown man named WILLIAMS; Rebecca married William WILLIAMS; Edward married Ann LAWRENCE; Ann married 2nd to William JOYNER; and William married Elizabeth DENSON.

Jane ROBERTS, daughter of Jane BRASWELL and John ROBERTS, married Robert SCOTT who died by 24 Aug. 1711. In his will be mentioned his son, Robert SCOTT, a cousin Catherine SCOTT, and wife Jane. He appointed his cousin, William SCOTT,and his brother-in-law, John ROBERTS, executors. The will was witnessed by Thos. GALE and John DENSON.

An unknown daughter of Jane BRASWELL married a Mr. SANDERS. (Jane mentioned a granddaughter, Martha SANDERS,in her will).

William West - Bacon's Rebellion

BRASWELL BRANCHES - Nona Williams - Volume I, Issue 1 - Winter 1991/92

Rebecca married William WEST, who was very active in Bacon's Rebellion. He led a rebel force to attack a loyal fort, but was captured on 16 Jan. 1677. Like his brother-in-law, Robert STOKES, he was sentenced to death. He escaped from prison and a petition for his reprieve was circulated by his brother, Henry WEST, in Oct. of1677. It was signed by 88 people (almost half the inhabitants of Isle of Wight Co.). Among the signers were his brothers-in-law, James BAGNALL and Richard BRASWELL. Henry WEST, in the petition, stated:

"Petition of His Majesties most loyal and obedient subjects of Isle of Wight to his Majesties Commissioners, in behalf of William WEST, a rebel absconding, who took up arms against the Indians by whom his father had been most barbarously murdered, was taken prisoner and carried aboard a ship, from hence to prison and was condemned to death, but has made his escape and as yet has not been found. We pray for his life and the restitution of his estate to his wife and children." (Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County Virginia by John Bennett Boddie.)

The petition apparently was granted. William WEST made his will 2 Oct. 1708, pr. 9 Feb. 1708/09. He gave to sons William and Richard "all land between William GREEN and Robert BAGNALL's"; to William, land purchased from Capt. William OLDIS and William WESTRY; to son Robert, land "where he now lives"; to daughter, Mary GREEN, an Indian girl; to daughter Rebecca, an Indian woman; his second wife, Martha, and daughter Rebecca, were bequeathed the rest of the estate.

NOTE: Rebecca Bracewell was the daughter of the Reverend Robert Bracewell.

West, William, IOW Co., VA 1708/9

William West of Newport Parish: Leg son William, son Richard all my land between William Green and Robert Bagnall, son Robert, daughter Mary Green, daughter Rebeckah. Extx., my wife. D. October 20, 1708. R. February 9, 1709/9. Wit: Thomas Allen, John Butler, John Giles. (IOW Co., VA W&D Bk 2 Pg 490)

NOTE: William West was the husband of Rebecca Bracewell, daughter of the Reverend Robert Bracewell. He was involved in Bacon's Rebellion. His 2nd wife was Martha.

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William, Samuel & George Braswell IOW Co. VA 1751

At a Court held for Isle of Wight County December 5th 1751 . . .
Ordered that the Church wardens of Newport Parish bind out SAMUEL BRASWELL & GEORGE BRASSWELL Orphans of WILLIAM BRASSWELL deced as the Law directs - - -

ORDER BOOK, 1746-1752, PAGE 377

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William Braswell IOW Co., VA 1778



The following persons were classed as "recusants", who had declined or neglected to take the oath of allegiance to the State, and were therefore subjected to double taxes: William Braswell, Rev. William Duncan, William Hollowell, William Outland, Thomas Scott, George Scott, Josiah Outland, Dick Bowzer, James Bowzer.

William Braswell IOW Co., VA

1692 - Richard Towle Leg: my three youngest children of Susanna Braswell when they reach the age of 17 years, Richard, William & Elizabeth Braswell. Extr: John Riggs. Wit: Thomas Moore, Robert Horner, Sarah Wakefield. D. 5th of 9ber 1692. R. February 9, 1692/93. (IOW Co. VA W & DB 2 Pg 323)

1714 - Susannah Braswell Leg: 60 acres to son Richard, 40 acres to son William, granddaughter Elizabeth Braswell, daughter Ann, grandson John Riggs, son James. Trustees, Richard Jones and Richard Jordan. Wit: William Allen, Richard Jones, Richard Jordan. D. October 22, 1714. R. June 26, 1732 (IOW Co., VA WB 3 Pg 304)

1727 - The Line between Arthur Jones and Saml Gainer Arthur Davis and Elizab: Worrin Arthur Davis and Saml Ganer Samuel Gainer and Elizab: Worren William Brasswell and Edward and James Brantley Elizab: Warren and Edward Brantley between John Goodrich and Elizab: Warren between Samson and Warren between Jeremiah Peirce and John Goodrich Junr Jos Ward & Elizab: Warren the County Line From the First swamp to the head of Drews mill Swamp . . . . (19) February 12th Day 1727 (Newport Parish, IOW Co., VA, Vestry Book 1724 -1772, Virginia State Library, Richmond: Church Records (Episcopal)

1731 - Richard (mark) Braswell of the Lower Parish of Isle of Wight Co., Planter TO: Richard Jordan Senr of the upper Parish of Isle of Wight Co. 60 acres begining at a Path called Shears Neck running from the Coblers Branch adjoining to the dividing Line of William Braswell runing up to the Line of James Sampson deceased from thence down the Branch to the first station. Witnesses: Robert Cannon, Richd Jordan Junr, Mary Jordan Dated: December 25, 1731 Recorded: September 26, 1732 (IOW Co., VA DB 4 Pg 201)

1732 - At a Court held for Isle of Wight County June 26: 1732 - THE last Will & Testament of Susannah Braswell deceased was presented in Court by William Braswell Executor therein named who made Oath thereto and being likewise proved by the Oaths of William Allen & Richard Jordan two of the Witnesses thereto It is admitted to Record. Teste. James Ingles Clk Curt Vera Recordatur Test: Ja:s Ingles Cl Curt (IOW Co., VA WB 3 Pg 304)

1764 - William (mark) Braswell of Isle of Wight County to Peter Bocock Dec 9, 1764, for 20 pounds 40 acres, more or less, Beginning at a pine a Corner Tree that parts John Jordan and William Braswells Land down the Main Road to Harrison's Branch so runing up the said Branch to Samuel Wilson's Line so Running along the said line to John Jordan's line so runing along the said line to the first station. Witnesses: Samuel Wilson, Thomas Wrenn, Francis (mark) Wrenn Recorded March 7, 1765 (IOW Co., VA DB II, 268)

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Kindred & Elizabeth Braswell Emanuel Co., GA 1820

Emanuel County Book A - Wills, Administrations, Guardians and Bonds page 13. Gift of KINDRED BRASWELL.....Emanuel County..... to dau. ELIZABETH BRASWELL.....KINDRED BRASWELL (LS). Wit: Jenifer Halll, John Love... dated October 5, 1820. Recorded December 10, 1827.