Monday, October 27, 2008

William West - Bacon's Rebellion

BRASWELL BRANCHES - Nona Williams - Volume I, Issue 1 - Winter 1991/92

Rebecca married William WEST, who was very active in Bacon's Rebellion. He led a rebel force to attack a loyal fort, but was captured on 16 Jan. 1677. Like his brother-in-law, Robert STOKES, he was sentenced to death. He escaped from prison and a petition for his reprieve was circulated by his brother, Henry WEST, in Oct. of1677. It was signed by 88 people (almost half the inhabitants of Isle of Wight Co.). Among the signers were his brothers-in-law, James BAGNALL and Richard BRASWELL. Henry WEST, in the petition, stated:

"Petition of His Majesties most loyal and obedient subjects of Isle of Wight to his Majesties Commissioners, in behalf of William WEST, a rebel absconding, who took up arms against the Indians by whom his father had been most barbarously murdered, was taken prisoner and carried aboard a ship, from hence to prison and was condemned to death, but has made his escape and as yet has not been found. We pray for his life and the restitution of his estate to his wife and children." (Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County Virginia by John Bennett Boddie.)

The petition apparently was granted. William WEST made his will 2 Oct. 1708, pr. 9 Feb. 1708/09. He gave to sons William and Richard "all land between William GREEN and Robert BAGNALL's"; to William, land purchased from Capt. William OLDIS and William WESTRY; to son Robert, land "where he now lives"; to daughter, Mary GREEN, an Indian girl; to daughter Rebecca, an Indian woman; his second wife, Martha, and daughter Rebecca, were bequeathed the rest of the estate.

NOTE: Rebecca Bracewell was the daughter of the Reverend Robert Bracewell.