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John & Mary Braswell

1784 – April 7, John Brasil, Certificate Col. E. Clark. Entitled to a bounty. Appoints George Matthews of Wilkes Co., attorney to receive same. Prays for same in Washington Co.,

1784 – July 22, John Braswell. 287 ½ acres Washington Co. bounded N & W vacant, E – Williamson’s Swamp Creek, S – Woodruff survey 55. p. 30 (Georgia’s Roser of the Revolution by Lucian Lamar Knight)

1785 - Remnant Tax Digest -Capt. Elsberry’s Dist. Rec’d by Michael Elsberry (page 67, Breazeal Notes March 1967 by Diane Deputy & Early Records of Wilkes Co. on USGenWeb)

38 Frederick Brassell 1 poll
121 John Brazell 1 poll, 200 acres, Wilkes Co., GA

1785John Braswell, 287 ½ acres in Washington County (Book GGG, page 276) pp 225, 251, 260, 265 bounded N – Ralph Kilgore, E – Gray, S – Fred Braswell, W – vacant, survey 11, June 11, 1784. Warrant 2635, p. 4 (Georgia’s Roster of the Revolution by Lucian Lamar Knight)

1785 – June 13, Wm. Parrott of Washington County to William Lawson of Greene for 5 pds sterling 287 ½ acres in Greene County, formerly Washington, granted to the said William Perrett 20 January 1785. Signed William (X) Perret, Elizabeth (X) Perrett. Witnesses: Jared Treven, A. J., John Braswell, William Trevin. Registered 20 January 1792 (Greene Co., GA DB B Pg 728)

1786 - Frederick Braswell 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co., GA (Book LLL, page 2) Col. E. Clark 4-1-1784 Enlisted in Batt. Minuteman - not a GA resident at the time. Entitled to bounty in Washington Co. Bounded N – Jno Braswell, E - Elijah Anderson, S&W - vacant. Cut by Clarke’s Creek, survey 12, 6-11-1784, Warrant 2307, p. 4 (“Georgia’s Roster of the Revolution” by Lucian Lamar Knight)

1787 – Tax Record for Capt. Bailey’s District, Wilkes County, Georgia

#019 – John Brazzel borders John Munk & Robert Horne & George Hamilton

#027 – Frederick Brazzel borders George Smith & Mark Ragan

1787 – November 1, James Sutton and wife, Cate, his wife, to John Brazzel all of Wilkes County, for 40 pounds, 200 acres on a branch of Falling Creek, adjacent John Fergus (Ferguson??), signed James Sutton, Cate (X) Sutton. Witness: James Marks, J.P. Regd 6 May 1789 (Wilkes County GA DB EE Pg 31 1788-1790)

1792 – November 17, Thomas Pinion and wife Ann to William Black and William Rogers, jointly, 200 acres original grant 1787 to John Mobley this being north tract of said tract divided by agreement adjacent John Brasel, John Gill and John Ferguson November 17, 1792. James Bell J.P., Francis Cook J.P. Test. (Georgia DAR Historical Collection Folio 66)

1794 – May 26, John Brazdal, dec’d – John Gill applied for letter of administration

1794 – June 2, Caveat filed – Mary Brazdal vs John Gill

(Returns of Administrators & Guardians. Book Called Book 1791-1803 Mixed Records consisting of Books A, B & C bound together.)

1798 – December 12, Arthur Jones & Charity, his wife, to Nelson Barnett, all of Elbert County, for $560, on Falling Creek waters in said County 250 acres adjacent Saml Sewel, crossing branch, Jno. Brayel (Brazel), John Gill, Harbin to & down branch, in fee simple.
(signed) Arther (X) Jones, Charity (X) Jones. Wit: Wm. Barnett J.P., Nathaniel Barnett. Reg. 23 Oct. 1800 (Pg 178)

1799 Benjamin Hubbard to Jno Brazille land in Capt. Welborne’s Dist. That joins Drury Stovall on Long Creek.

1808John Brazil, dec’d. James Glover, Admr. ordered to make clear title to Benjamin Hubbard. Wit: Joseph Glover, Ann Wilson Dougherty March Term 1808. (Administrators & Guardians Papers, Book L-F 1804-09, p. 141)

1809 - May 8, James Glover, administrator of the estate of John Brazeal, to Benjamin Hubbard. John Brazeal in his lifetime, 20 January 1794, made bond to execute titles to Benjamin Hubbard for tract in Wilkes County on Long Creek, 200 acres. John Brazeal departed this life without executing titles to the tract or making provision by will. Benjamin petitioned the Court of Ordinary of Elbert County & obtained rule compelling James Glover, administrator, to make titles to Benjamin Hubbard agreeable to bond. James Glover, administrator, sold tract to Benjamin Hubbard. Signed: James (X) Glover. Wit: Peter Wyche, David Clark, Thos. Burton. Elbert Co., GA. Proved by Thomas Burton 13 October, 1809. Recorded: 20 June 1811. Thomas Cook, J.P. (Oglethorpe Co., GA DB G 1810-1812 Pg 107)

NOTE: John is most likely Frederick's uncle or brother. Frederick is the son of Sampson Braswell & Christian Williams. Sampson is the son of John & Alice Braswell who moved back to Bertie Co., NC after John's mother, Sarah, widow of Richard, died.

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Richard Braswell of Camden District South Carolina

Richard is believed to be a son of old Jacob Braswell of Fredericksburgh, South Carolina

1776 – May 21, Richard Bracewell enlisted in the First Regiment N.A. 853 (Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution,

1781Richard Brazeel served in the 2nd Dragoons under Capt. Francis Moore, Charles Myddleton and General Sumter during 1781. Salley Doc. P. 82, (Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution,

1775-1783 – Index to Revolutionary War Service Records

Richard Bracewell, 1st South Carolina Regiment (from Carey Bracewell)

'Men of General Sumter’s Brigade, SC,' Col. Charles Myddleton’s Regiment of State Troops, Capt. Francis Moore included Richard Brazzeel (South Carolinians in the Revolution

1782 – April 18, Pay Roll in slaves of Captain Francis Moores Troop in the 2nd Regiment of State Troops commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Myddleton (copy; for oversize original, see Box 5, Folder 19) (2 pages; printed, SALLEY, DOCUMENTS… DURING THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR, P. 81) Locations: Camden District (SC Archives)

1786 – March 8, South Carolina

I have caused to be admeasured and laid out unto Mary Reed a Tract of Land Containing Two Hundred and Fifty five acres Situate in the District of Camden on the head Branches of Black River named Laws Branch and hath such form, marks, buttings and boundings as the above Plat Represents --- Fredk. Bell, Dep. Survr. Certified for the 8th March 1786 Ephraim Mitchell S.G.

The plat shows Richd. Brazels land on one side, next to William Barbers land and on the other side of Richard Brazel is Isaac Hursh's land. On the other side of Isaac Hursh is Robert Law's land and then on the other side of Robert Law is Tabitha Williams' land. Between Tabitha Williams and William Barber is Galloway's land. (from SC Archives)

1787 - William Nettles was security on the administrator's bond for Averilla when her husband Jacob Braswell died. (Camden District, SC Wills & Administrtions 1781-1787)

1824 - February 14, John Law, Executor of Robert Law VS William Nettles. (SCA)

South Carolina Timeline

With special attention given to Jacob Braswell and his neighbors and associates. He first appears in the records in Fredericksburgh South Carolina in 1765. It is believed that he may be Valentine Jacob Braswell, son of Richard & Joyce Braswell of Orange County, North Carolina.

1752 - CANE CREEK MONTHLY MEETING: Orange County, North Carolina: Eleazer Hunt and Catherine Cox were married 1752, 12, 4. Among the witnesse were Thomas Hunt, Zebulon Gaunt, John Wright, Charles Davis, Henry Mayner, William Piggott, Mary Jackson, Mary Matthews, Hannah Davis, Mary Wright, and Rachel Mayner. (Excerpt from ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN QUAKER GENEALOGY by William Wade Hinshaw Volume I)

- April 17, Deed: Charles Kimbell to George Roberts proved by Henery Caster. Suit: Richd. Brasil vs. Benj. Kimbell - Verdict for plaintiff, 40s. with 6d. cost. (Orange Co., NC Court Minutes?)

1761 - May 6, Benjamin Kimball, Memorial for 150 acres on Lynches Creek in Craven County part of a 300 acres tract to William Cattell on February 13, 1753. Other name indexed: James Smart. (South Carolina Archives, hereafter SCA)

1764 - November 19, Richard Burnet 200 acres on South Fork, Lynches Creek, an unrecorded plat for land not granted. Other names indexed: Benjamin Kimbal, David Mires, John Wade. (SCA)

1765 - October 1, Jacob Brazwell 200 acres on Waterees bounded on all sides by vacant land known by the name of Devil's Woodyard in Fredericksburg Township. Certified November 27, 1765 by Jno Belton, D.S. (SCA)

1767 - September 2, Richard Burnet 200 acres on south fork of Lynches Creek called Little Lynches Creek in Craven County bounded by Benjamin Kimball, David Mires and vacant land. Certified December 23, 1767 by John Wade D.S. (SCA)

1767 - February 17, Jacob Bragwell 200 acre land grant in Fredericksburgh Township. (SCA)

1769 - March 7, Robert English 500 acres in Fredericksburgh Township on Swift Creek the waters of Wateree bounded by Mary McKinny, Joshua English, orphans of Elizabeth Gore, Wm. Kelly, James McGowen, Alexander Rattrey, Jacob Brazel. Certified April 12, 1769 by Jno Belton. (SCA)

1770 - December 4, John Spyve 200 acres in Fredericksburg Township in Craven County bounded by English, Joseph Payne, Thomas Lenore, Jacob Braswell. Certified May 21, 1771 by Joshua Wombwell. (SCA)

1770 - December 13, Zebulon Gaunt 50 acres on Spears Creek, Wateree River in Craven County. Surveyed by John Alison. Other names indexed: Nebo Gaunt, Isaac Pidgeon. (SCA)

1772 - William Bracewell dec'd estate papers in Kershaw District, Camden Co., SC. Widow Elizabeth. Appraisers: William Kelly, Gresham Kelly, John Grosset. Also mentioned: William Thompson & William Tucker.

1773 - February 3, Jacob Braswell 150 acres on Swift Creek in Fredericksburgh Township bounded by Aaron Ferguson, James Adkisson, Joseph Payne, Robert English. Certified June 24, 1773 by Jno Belton. (SCA)

1774 - October 18, Jacob Braswell 100 acres in Fredericksburgh Township. (SCA)

1775 - April 20, John Braswell Memorial for 150 acres on Swift Creek in Fredericksburgh Township. Other names indexed: James Atkinson, Robert English, Aaron Ferguson, Joseph Payne. (SCA) NOTE: The name John is believed to be a indexing error at the SC Archives online and believe it should read JACOB.

1776 - Rev War data, need to add.

1781 - April 18, Benjamin Kimball Will: Sons Charles, John, Fred K., Benjamin. Daughters Mary Roberson, Lucy Burnet, Elizabeth Obannon, Janny Roberson. Extrs. Fred K. Kimball & William McDonald. Wit: Jas. Kennedy, Thos. Thompson. Rec: Feb 4, 1786. Henry Hampton Ord. (Camden District, SC WB A1 Pg 58 Apt.38 Pkg. 1366)

1782 - March 12-17, Private David Davenport (30.) 6 days pay received by Private John English (31.). (Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War, Vol. 1 Camden, South Carolina Militia Pay Abstract Nr. 99, Colonel Robert English's Regiment, First Camden Militia, Soldiers Certification, 120 days, 16 Apr 1782, Charleston, SC 13 Nov 1781 - 12 Mar 1782. NOTE: David Davenport is the brother or uncle of Elizabeth Davenport, wife of Valentine Braswell of Newberry SC, Madison & Walton GA.

1784 - August 10, Jacob Braswell 150 acres on Speers Creek in Camden District. Surveyed by Alexander Johnston. Other name name mentioned: Gantor. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1784 - October 5, Jacob Cherry 200 acres on Gum Swamp in Camden District. Surveyed by James Bredin. Other names indexed: Jacob Brasil, Joseph Kershaw, Isaac Ross. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1785 - April 16, William Brasill 100 acres, an unrecorded plat for land not granted on Lynches Creek near Fork Creek in Cheraw District. Surveyed by William Powe. Other name indexed: Leving Hainsworth. (SCA)

1785 - December 8, John Dennis 50 acre unrecorded plat for land not granted on Spears Creek in Camden District. Surveyed by John Belton. Other names indexed: Jacob Braswell, Col. Kershaw. (SCA)

1786 - January 17, Nebo Gaunt 300 acres on Hagues Branch and Spears Creek in Camden District. Surveyed by John Belton. Other names indexed: Jacob Branwell Jr. Mrs. Brown, Hilton, Isaac Pidgeon. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1786 - March 8, Mary Reed 255 acres on Laws Branch in Camden District. Surveyed by Frederick Bell. Other names indexed: William Barber, Richard Brazel, Galloway, Isaac Hurst, Robert Law, Tabitha Williams. Also mentioned: Black River. (SCA)

1786 - October 26, James Rogers 400 acres on Beaver Dam Branch in Camden District. Surveyed by Josiah Cantey for William Bathany. Other names indexed: Jacob Bracewell, Joseph Kershaw. Also mentioned: Spears Creek. (SCA)

1787 - February 19, Averilla Brazell, relict, applied for Administration on the estate of Jacob Brazell. Citation read March 5, 1787 by Lewis Collins. Application for same applied for by William Brazell begun but left incomplete. Dedimus to Arthur Brown Ross to administer oath of Averilla Brazell May 22, 1787. Appraisers: Josiah Scott, Jacob Cherry, Paul Powers. Bond: Averilla Brazell, Administrator. Securities: William Nettles & Jacob Mack Kinny May 18, 1787. Inventory July 19, 1787. (Camden District, SC Wills & Administrtions 1781-1787 (1770-1796_ abstracted by Brent H. Holcomb, G.R.S. and Elmer O. Parker, from Bob Delahunt)

1788- July 5, Mary Taylor mentions her three cousins Elizabeth Brazell, Mary Howell & Ann Strouman in her will. Also mentioned are Undice Brazell, Arthur & Mary Howell, Sarah Howell, friend John Bostick, Nathan Williams & Thomas Williams Jr Extrs, witnessed by William Graves, W.M. Paulling, P. Chambless. (Richland Co., SC WB B Pg 136 Box 30 Pkg. 737)

1788 - June 6, Benjamin Pearson of Bush River Will: Wife: Margaret. Six sons William, Abel, Samuel, Robert,Joseph & John 300 acres part of 400 acres "whereon I now live"...also another tract on Beaver-dams adjoining Caleb Gilberts...son Enoch Pearson...deceased brother William Pearson's heirs...daughters Rosanna Russel & Marjory Buffington...wife Extrx and cousin William Pearson & son Enoch Pearson Extrs. Wit: Zebulon Gaunt, John Wilkesen, Sam Kelly. Proved June 6, 1788. Test: W. Malone C.C. (Newberry Co., SC WB A Pg 25.)

1793 - August 31, John Halliday 140 acres between Black River and Camp Branch in Camden District. Surveyed by Frederick Bell for Jacob Brown on June 5, 1786. Other names indexed: William Barber, Isaac Hurst, Mary Reed. Also mentioned: Camp Creek. (SCA)

1793 - October 3, Hannah Brasil 500 acres on Colonels Creek in Camden District. Surveyed by Alexander Kennedy. Other name indexed: Killingsworth. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1794 - August 2, John Halliday 1000 acres on Hoxes Mill Branch and other branches of Swift Creek in Camden District. Surveyed by David Reynolds for Thomas Sumter February 16, 1787. Other names indexed: John Boykin, Jacob Brassell, Robert Hadlock, William Hox, Thomas Lenoir, Edward Pigg. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1796 - April 12, Hannah Braswell Will: John Holliday & Harriot Holliday, son & daughter of William & Mary Holliday, if they die without issue then to Daniel Holliday's eldest daughter Sarah Holliday, and James Terry's eldest daughter Mary Terry. Extrs: Daniel Holliday & Ethel Heath. Wit: John Hopkins, James Terry, Mary Philips. Proved October 5, 1796. (Richland Co., SC WB C Pg 140, Box 3 Pkg 54)

1800 - February 26, Diary entry of Arthur Brown Ross: "Henry Braswell wanted to sue ------- to a settlement,". (A Record of the Descendants of Isaac Ross and Jean Brown by Annie Julia Mims) NOTE: A. B. Ross "was a resident of South Carolina. His home was near Camden and also near the Wateree River. He operated a ferry on the Wateree".

1804 - December 11, Committee report on the petition of James English, asking compensation for the property of his father sold under the confiscation act. Other name indexed: Robert English. (SCA)

1808 - January 4, Jesse Killingsworth Sr. 800 acres on Colonels Creek in Richland District. Surveyed by Benjamin Lawrence. Other names indexed: Hannah Brazell, Edward Griffin, Canute Paterson. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1820 - May 1, Zachariah Nettles Will: Wife: Levice. Sons: John H. Nettles & Zachariah H. Nettles lawful heirs to execute will. Wit: Osborne V. Jeffers, Leroy Ford (proved), William Brassell. Jno Buchanan Ord. (Fairfield Co., SC Bk 8 Pg 63, Apt. 26 File 385)

1823 - November 25, Jacob Cherry Will: Wife: Sarah. Sons: Jacob Cherrey & David Cherrey. Daughters Elizabeth Cherry and Marey Cherrey who left three heirs and entitled to one share or one fourth. Grandchildren Penelipe Terry, John Pearce, Mary Pearce, Weley Pearce, Charles Pearce, Elizabeth Pearce. Wit: Thos Duggans, Frances Bracewell, James English. Recorded December 15, 1823. (Kershaw District, SC WB K Pg 4, Apt. 15, Pkg. 482)

1824 - February 14, John Law, Executor of Robert Law VS William Nettles. (SCA)

1826 - January 13, James English Will: Wife: Anne P. English...a tract of land on Spears Creek known by the name of Beaswells land. Daughter Sarah A. English...a tract on the Wateree River...100 acres granted to Isaac Pidgeon...another track 400 acres granted to Nebo Gaunt on south side of WatereeRiver, Spears Creek, binding Pidgeon tract. Son Alfred English the rest of real estate...wife Anne P English Extrx and son Alfred English & John C. Carter Extrs. Wit: W C Carlops, Sarah English, Thomas Wallace. Recorded June 8, 1826. David Schrock Ord. (Kershaw Co., SC WB L Pg 92, Apt. 23 Pkg 816)

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William Braswell, son of John & Alice

Who is this WILLIAM BRASWELL who is so closely connected to SAMPSON BRASWELL'S father in law RICHARD WILLIAMS? Could it be SAMPSON'S brother WILLIAM BRASWELL? He was born at LEAST by 1734 in order to buy this land from CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS' uncle, adjacent to CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS' father. In fact, every person in this deed is related to CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS.

Edge. Co. (Halifax) Db 6, page 141, deed date 10 Dec 1755, recorded Feb Ct 1757, John Harrell, Bertie Co to William Braswell, Edge. Co for 25 pds VA a tract on the north side of Tar River being formerly granted to the aforesaid Harrell dated 25 Mar 1749, beginning at a Spanish oak on the river then north 80 poles to a pine in Richard Williams line then east 214 poles to a black oak then south 116 poles to a hickory on the river bank then up the various courses of the river to the first station, containing 140 acres, John Harrell, (Jr), wit Richd Williams, George Harrell, Thos Williams. Abstracted 4-30-06, NCA film C.047.40002, CTC.

The Granville District of North Carolina Vol 4 Abstract number 2200, Miscellaneous Land Office Papers – NC State Archives, Lord Granville to Richard Williams ENTRY dated 10 November 1760 200 acres in Edgecombe County on the North Side of Tar River, Joing Williams' own line and William Braswell. Signed Richard Williams; Wit: James Hall

The Granville District of North Carolina Vol 4 Abstract number 2201, Miscellaneous Land Office Papers – NC State Archives, Lord Granville to Richard Williams WARRANT dated 10 Nov 1760 to William Haywood to survey 200 acres in Edgecombe County on the North Side of Tar River, joing Williams' own line and William Braswell. Signed James Hall. Back of document reads: "202 acres granted 3 November 1761

The Granville District of North Carolina Vol 4 Abstract number 1034, Miscellaneous Land Office Papers – NC State Archives, Lord Granville to William Bracwell ENTRY dated 10 January 1761 700 acres in Edgecombe County, joining Richard Williams and Jacob Carter. Signed William Bracewell. Signed Jos Montfort

The Granville District of North Carolina Vol 4 Abstract number 2202, Miscellaneous Land Office Papers – NC State Archives, Lord Granville to Richard Williams dated 28 May 1761 202 acres in Edgecombe County, joining Williams' own line and William Braswell. Sworn Chain Carriers: William Braswell, Adam Taply. William Haywood, Surveyor

The Granville District of North Carolina Vol 1 Abstract number 1283, Patent Book 11, pg 303 Lord Granville to Richard Williams 3 November 1761 202 acres in Edgecombe County, joing Williams line and William Braswell. Signed: Simon Williams with notation "Heir at Law to the within named Richard Williams". Wit: Edward Hall, surveyed 28 May 1761, Sworn Chain Carriers: William Braswell, Adam Taply; Wm Haywood, Surveyor NOTE: CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS had a brother named SIMON WILLIAMS.

The Granville District of North Carolina Vol 1 Abstract number 533, Patent Book 11, pg 126 Lord Granville to William Braswell 1 April 1763 700 Acres in Edgecombe County, joining Richard Williams, the Cypress Creek, Lod Alfords corner and Benjamin Arnol. Wit: Edward Hall surveyed 15 Sep 1762, Sworn Chain Carriers: Richard Raborn, Hilry Wilder, W Haywood , Surveyor

From Bill Fields to Carey Bracewell, to Pal Spencer to me: (same deed as above)

April 1, 1763. To WILLIAM BRASWELL of Edgecombe, 700 acres beginning at a White Oak RICHARD WILLIAMS corner then by his line W 46 poles to the Cypress Creek then up sd Creek No. 40 W 40 to LOD ALFRODs corner then by his line N 36 poles to his other corner then by his other line W 60 poles to a Hickory then N 80 poles to a Pine then E 140 poles to BENJA ARNOLs line then by sd line S 74 poles to his corner then by his other line E 196 poles to his other corner then S 380 poles then to & along his own line to the first station. Wit: EDWARD HALL WILLIAM BRACEWELL Surveyed September 15, 1762, by WM HAYWOOD Chain Bearers: RICHARD RABON, HILRY WILDER (SS-LG-12 C)

("See Edge DB C, 197 -- WILLIAM BRASWELL and wife MILLIA sold 300 acres of this grant to JOHN TANNER on 30 Jan. 1764 . . . .See Warren DB 6, 183 -- Sold other 400 acres to ANDREW TANNER, 20 June 1777." William C Fields III) Thanks Bill!

- Edge. Co Db C, page 197, deed date 30 Jan 1764, recorded Apr Ct 1764, William Brassel, Edge. Co, planter to John Tanner, same county for 20 pds proc money, a tract of land that said Braswell obtained a deed for from the office of Earl of Granville dated 1764, being on the north side of Tar River and on the east side of the (cypres) beginning on Simon Williams' line running west to (Ledwick Alford's) line then north then east then south, containing 300 acres, signed William Braswell, Willa Braswell (III) (her mark), wit (Richard Ribon), (?? Dixon)(X). NOTE: FILM HARD TO READ. Abstracted 8-23-05, NCA film C.037.40002, CTC.

1777, May 15, A Deed from WILLIAM BRACEWELL to Andrew TANNER was proved by the oath of Joshua STEPHENS a witness thereto and on Motion the same is Ordered to be registered. (Bute County, North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1767-1779)


From Nash County Deed Books:
DB 7, page 187
Nov 14, 1803
Toppin Hill (wife of Richard Hill) and Cortney Hill (wife of Isaac Hill) were
daughters of William Braswell, deceased. (Sally's Place)

Braswells of Nash Co, NC 1777-1859
162 William (BRACEWELL) BRASWELL, inventory by Benjamin MANNING, exr., Feb. 17, 1796 included 907 acres of land and three Negroes. Pg. 162 William BRASWELL sale by Solomon BATCHELOR, exr., no date. Account current, Feb. Term 1805. (Nona)


JOHN TANNER of Franklin Co., NC to BENJAMIN WILLIAMS of Nash Co., NC, 9 May 1794, for 1 pound current money of this State, one certain track or parcel of laying lying in Nash County on the North side of Tar River, the said land to contain 1 acre, be the same more or less, which track of land is part of the land that was granted to Wm BRACEWELL by deed bearing date 1763; Beginning at a White Oak his own corner, thence West his line to the Sring [sic] Branch to a White Oak, thence up the said Branch to a Pine in the pattern [sic] line, thence to the first station. JOHN TANNER. Wit: SIMON WILLIAMS, WILLIAM BRASWELL, DANIEL TOUNZEN. Nash County May Term 1794. The within Deed was in open Court duly proved by the oath of WILLIAM BRASWELL and ordered to be recorded.

13 May 1794 WILLIAM BRASWELL Sen' of Nash Co, NC to ORREN BRASWELL, son of BENJAMIN BRASWELL, "for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he hath and beareth unto the said ORREN BRASWELL, son of the said BENJAMIN BRASWELL",

It would appear that this is the same WILLIAM, and isn't out of the age range to have been named in the 1733/34 will of (his grandmother) SARAH BRASWELL, and if so, Feb 1744 would be an estimated date of death for his father JOHN, husband of ALICE.

1744 - Feb. WILLIAM BRASWELL listed as an orphan, 14 years old, committed to the care of RICHARD WILLIAMS. (Bertie Court Records, NC Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. II, page 625) (Bill Fields)

The following entry demonstrates that John, brother of Richard, Robert, William, Jacob & Valentine was in North Carolina with his brothers:

Old Albemarle tithables in Capt Patterson Co. from Meherin Cr to Mehering River on both sides: Willm Braswell. Richd Braswell, John Braswell. Robt Braswell. April 1720. (BC)

Mar 20, 1733 Sarah Braswell wrote her will in IOW Co., VA

Nov 20, 1734 John & Alice sold the rest of their IOW Co., VA land

Apr 1735 a John Braswell appears in Bertie DB D in the following record:

pg. 247. Robert EVANS to Nicholas FAIRLESS. April 1735. 60 pds. for 640 a. Adj. William MAUL on KILLAM SWAMP at Treddle KEEFE's corner adj. James BONs. Granted to John CHERRYHOLME on April 6, 1722 now due Robert EVANS by an order of council. Wit: John Brasswell, Christopher ZEHN. February Court 1735. John WYNNS D.C/C. (Nona)

In searching for KILLAM SWAMP and I bump into RICHARD WILLIAMS' father GEORGE:

Thomas Man. Sons: John (my plantation and 640 acres of land), Thomas. Cousin: William Crawman (land on KILLAM SWAMP). Daughter: Mary. Grandson: GEORGE WILLIAMS. Wife: Bridgette. Executors: GEORGE WILLIAMS SR. and Thomas Busby. Witnesses: Charles Horne, GEORGE WILLIAMS, JUNR. CC John Wynns. Bertie County. Sep 30, 1735. Nov Court, 1735.

Which brings us back to RICHARD WILLIAMS, father in law of SAMPSON BRASWELL who married a Bertie County North Carolina girl.

It appears that WILLIAM who married MILLEY, was the son of JOHN & ALICE, and brother of SAMPSON who married CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS. We have been unable to connect him to any of the Nash County Braswells of the William & Margaret lineages.

Updated April 17, 2010

Documented Corrections Welcome

* William Braswell Nash Co., NC 1794

In The Name of God Amen, I WILLIAM BRASSELL senr. of Nash County and state of North Carolina Being well in health and of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to the almighty God. Calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for man once to die do make and ordain this my Last will and testament, that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hand of almighty God and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a desent christian like manner at the Descretion of my executors nothing Doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly Estate where with it hath pleased God to bless me with in this live I give and bequeath in the manner and form following----

Item – I give and bequeath unto my son BENJAMIN Thirty pounds Virginia money to be raised out of my estate to him and his heirs forever ---

Item -- I give and bequeath unto my son WILLIAM all my land on the south side Tar river to him and his heirs forever ---

Item – I give and bequeath unto my son JOHN two hundred and eighty six Acres of land lying on the north side Tar river begining at a hickory and maple on the said river Thence No 48 degrees Wt to TANNER’S line Including all my Land below the said line to him and his heirs forever –

Item – I lend unto my loving wife MILLEY the plantation whereon I now live and all the land belonging thereto that I have not Desposed of and one negro man named JACK and one negro by named POMPY and one negro girl named GRIZY and all the rest of my movable estate to her During her natural life.

Item – After the decease of my wife I give and bequeath unto my Daughter COURTNEY one negro boy named POMPY and one half of the Land that I lent to my wife to her and her heirs forever ---

Item – after the decease of my wife I give and bequeath unto my Daughter TOPPEN one negro girl named GRIZY and the other half of my land that I lent to my wife to her and her heirs forever ---

Item – after the Desease of my wife I give and bequeath unto my sons WILLIAM and JOHN and my Daughters SARAH PHEREBY MILLEY ELIZABETH PENELEPTY RODAH CLOE LEAH PIETY and BERSHEBY one negro man named JACK, one still and all the rest of my movable estate that I have not allready given away to them and their heirs forever. To be sold amongst them selves and the money equally Divided amongst them all ---

Lastly I Constitue make and ordain my worthy friends BENJAMIN MANNEN, SOLOMON BATCHELOR and BENAMIN WILLIAMS Exrs. to this my Last will and testament and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannull all other former wills legacies and Exrs. and bequests by me befor named willed or bequeath ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my Last will and testament In witness where I have hereunto set my hand and seal this secon day of April 1794. Signed Sealed published and Declared by said WILLIAM BRASSELL as his Last Will and Testament. (signed) WILLIAM BRASSEL (seal)



JUDAH (her mark X) MOORE

Nash County } May Court 1796

The foregoing Will was duly proven in open Court by the Oath of JAMES MOORE a subscribing Witness thereto & on Motion ordered to be recorded. Attest WM. HALLIELE

Said is Registered in obedience to the above order. Attest WM. HALLIELE

WM. BRASWELL Will Recorded Aug. Court 1796.


This abstract omits daughters Courtney and Toppen:

May Ct. 1796 (Abstracts of WB I Nash Co., NC 1778-1868 by Ruth Smith Williams and Margarette Glenn Griffin)

William (BRACEWELL) BRASWELL, inventory by Benjamin MANNING, exr., Feb. 17, 1796 included 907 acres of land and three Negroes. (Abstracts of Early Records of Nash Co., NC 1777-1859 by Joseph W. Watson 1975)

William BRASWELL sale by Solomon BATCHELOR, exr., no date. Account current, Feb. Term 1805. (Abstracts of Early Records of Nash Co., NC 1777-1859 by Joseph W. Watson 1975)

From Sally's Place:

From Nash County Deed Books:

DB 7, page 187
Nov 14, 1803
Toppin Hill (wife of Richard Hill) and Cortney Hill (wife of Isaac Hill) were
daughters of William Braswell, deceased.

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Welcome to the Braswell DNA Website!

Genetic genealogy is the most important new tool for genealogists to come along since the Internet. It provides evidence of human relationships when surviving paper evidence cannot. And it can validate a paper pedigree with solid scientific proof. Since its start in 2003, the Braswell Family DNA Project has discovered
  • The specific genetic signature ('haplotype') of English Bracewells, including American family founder Rev. Robert Bracewell (1611-1668) of Isle of Wight County, Virginia
  • Two genetic marker values exclusive to descendants of Reverend Bracewell's grandson, William Braswell (c.1707-1785)
  • Two other Braswell haplogroups--S/H and K/L--named for their first two identified members
  • A half-dozen other unique Braswell haplotypes
  • The genetic signatures of the Breazeale family of Brittany and the Irish Brassils from County Kerry
The original Braswell project was created by Carey Bracewell, unpaid volunteer administrator of the Braswell Family Project at FamilyTreeDNA, Houston, the company that does 90% of genetic genealogy testing. Originally, our program was set up by and for descendants of Reverend Robert Bracewell. But because our American founder's surname has morphed into at least 56 different spellings over the years since his arrival in 1650, the project is also open to anyone whose surname begins with Brac-, Bras-, or Braz- and was originally pronounced to rhyme with 'dazzle'. That includes Irish Brazils and Brassils as well as Breazeales who are included because they are often confused with Braswells in historical records.
The ideal candidate for DNA testing is an older rural male. "Older" because he's closer in time to the family founder and therefore has less chance of having a recent mutation in his genetic makeup. And "rural" because country people often live near their ancestral homes whereas city dwellers may come from anywhere. .
Although test subjects in these Y-DNA studies must always be male, women are encouraged to participate by using a male relative--father, brother, or cousin--as their proxy. In addition, women can test their own female mtDNA ( for $89 or $129 group rate) or other women relatives' mtDNA to settle any 'daughters'-daughters'-daughters'.... questions that might come up.
To find out more about this exciting new science, go to the easy-to-follow tutorial at the Dorsey surname web page at Other useful testing information can be found at
Data are arranged by individual participants sorted into family groups and followed by their scores on each of the tested genetic markers. Vertical columns display genetic markers by their designated nomenclature (DYS number). Braswells in the first or "Haplotype" group have been shown to carry the genetic signature of founder Rev. Bracewell, a Cavalier emigrant from London. His DNA signature is expressed by the number string:
13-24-14-10-11-14-12-12-12-13-13-29, 17-9-10-11-11-25-15-19-30-15-15-16-17,
11-11-19-23-16-14-17-18-36-40-12-12, 12-10-15-16-8-10-10-8-10-10-12-16-23-16-23-16-10-12-12-
which corresponds with four FamilyTreeDNA panels of 12, 13,12, and 30 markers--67 in all. Red marker boxes show scores that deviate slightly from this Braswell Haplotype. .Marker numbers at the top of each column colored red are more 'volatile' or given to mutation than other markers. You will see that about half the Braswells in this database having scores for panels two and three show at least one red box in their last two panels. These help identify particular family branches.
In 2006 a fourth panel of an additional 29 markers was offered by FamilyTreeDNA, making it now possible to test any male participant for up to 66 markers.
Remaining Braswell genetic groups include S/H (Steve/Henry) and K/L (Keith/Lolan) --named for their first two members-- plus the Braswell-Riggs and Emory Braswell haplogroups. Those in the 'UNIQUE' group are still waiting for their first match.
Pedigrees and Documentation
Available pedigrees are arranged by family in the order they appear on the datasheet, oldest branches first. Needed supporting documentation for some lineages can be seen on the Documentation page. Conventional reference shorthand is used there, as "Edge DB1-295" in place of "Edgecombe County Deed Book 1, Page 295."
Sign-up Information leads the field in genetic testing because they offer the best value, including group discount rates. Which test one should order depends on one's research objective. The basic 12-marker test ("Y-DNA12", $99) submitted by a male with one of the above surnames will tell only whether he is in fact a member of that genetic group. To possibly determine which branch of a particular family one belongs to, it is necessary to order the 25-marker test ("Y-DNAPlus", $169), or better yet, the full 37-markers ("Y-DNA37", $229) which has already proven its value in identifying some specific branches. For example, the descendants of WILLIAM BRASWELL, JR (c1707-1785) have been shown to carry unique scores at Markers 27 and 33--GATA H-4 and DYS 570. All four panels totaling 66 markers presently cost $269 at the group rate.
Current participants have the option of upgrading later to more markers, still using their original sample. No retesting required. Fees range from $49 to upgrade from 12 to 25 markers ('Y-DNA Refine12to25'), $99 to upgrade from 12 to 37 ('Y-DNA Refine 12to37') $49 to upgrade from 25 to 37 markers ('Y-DNA Refine 25to37'), and $99 to upgrade from 37 to 66 markers ("Y-Refine37to66").
Genetic testing at FamilyTreeDNA requires only a simple, private and painless cheek swab, everything handled by mail. You can sign up for any of these tests online at the above discount rates at
All contributions to the Braswell General Fund are very much appreciated. This fund is maintained by FamilyTreeDNA and can be used only for Braswell genetic testing. Please make your donation to and let the Administrator know if you prefer that your gift remain anonymous.

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Robert & May Brazeel, 1799

1799 Jefferson County Tax Digest
Captain Terry's District No. 81

Thomas Whitehead, 287 1/2 acres in Montgomery County on Ohoopee River adjoining Lott, grantee: Robert Brazeel.

Thomas Whitehead, 359 1/2 acres in Washington County on Williamson Swamp adjoining William Walker. Grantees: May & Robert Brazeel.

Source: Office of Probate Court, Jefferson County Courthouse, Louisville, Georgia, 30434