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South Carolina Timeline

With special attention given to Jacob Braswell and his neighbors and associates. He first appears in the records in Fredericksburgh South Carolina in 1765. It is believed that he may be Valentine Jacob Braswell, son of Richard & Joyce Braswell of Orange County, North Carolina.

1752 - CANE CREEK MONTHLY MEETING: Orange County, North Carolina: Eleazer Hunt and Catherine Cox were married 1752, 12, 4. Among the witnesse were Thomas Hunt, Zebulon Gaunt, John Wright, Charles Davis, Henry Mayner, William Piggott, Mary Jackson, Mary Matthews, Hannah Davis, Mary Wright, and Rachel Mayner. (Excerpt from ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN QUAKER GENEALOGY by William Wade Hinshaw Volume I)

- April 17, Deed: Charles Kimbell to George Roberts proved by Henery Caster. Suit: Richd. Brasil vs. Benj. Kimbell - Verdict for plaintiff, 40s. with 6d. cost. (Orange Co., NC Court Minutes?)

1761 - May 6, Benjamin Kimball, Memorial for 150 acres on Lynches Creek in Craven County part of a 300 acres tract to William Cattell on February 13, 1753. Other name indexed: James Smart. (South Carolina Archives, hereafter SCA)

1764 - November 19, Richard Burnet 200 acres on South Fork, Lynches Creek, an unrecorded plat for land not granted. Other names indexed: Benjamin Kimbal, David Mires, John Wade. (SCA)

1765 - October 1, Jacob Brazwell 200 acres on Waterees bounded on all sides by vacant land known by the name of Devil's Woodyard in Fredericksburg Township. Certified November 27, 1765 by Jno Belton, D.S. (SCA)

1767 - September 2, Richard Burnet 200 acres on south fork of Lynches Creek called Little Lynches Creek in Craven County bounded by Benjamin Kimball, David Mires and vacant land. Certified December 23, 1767 by John Wade D.S. (SCA)

1767 - February 17, Jacob Bragwell 200 acre land grant in Fredericksburgh Township. (SCA)

1769 - March 7, Robert English 500 acres in Fredericksburgh Township on Swift Creek the waters of Wateree bounded by Mary McKinny, Joshua English, orphans of Elizabeth Gore, Wm. Kelly, James McGowen, Alexander Rattrey, Jacob Brazel. Certified April 12, 1769 by Jno Belton. (SCA)

1770 - December 4, John Spyve 200 acres in Fredericksburg Township in Craven County bounded by English, Joseph Payne, Thomas Lenore, Jacob Braswell. Certified May 21, 1771 by Joshua Wombwell. (SCA)

1770 - December 13, Zebulon Gaunt 50 acres on Spears Creek, Wateree River in Craven County. Surveyed by John Alison. Other names indexed: Nebo Gaunt, Isaac Pidgeon. (SCA)

1772 - William Bracewell dec'd estate papers in Kershaw District, Camden Co., SC. Widow Elizabeth. Appraisers: William Kelly, Gresham Kelly, John Grosset. Also mentioned: William Thompson & William Tucker.

1773 - February 3, Jacob Braswell 150 acres on Swift Creek in Fredericksburgh Township bounded by Aaron Ferguson, James Adkisson, Joseph Payne, Robert English. Certified June 24, 1773 by Jno Belton. (SCA)

1774 - October 18, Jacob Braswell 100 acres in Fredericksburgh Township. (SCA)

1775 - April 20, John Braswell Memorial for 150 acres on Swift Creek in Fredericksburgh Township. Other names indexed: James Atkinson, Robert English, Aaron Ferguson, Joseph Payne. (SCA) NOTE: The name John is believed to be a indexing error at the SC Archives online and believe it should read JACOB.

1776 - Rev War data, need to add.

1781 - April 18, Benjamin Kimball Will: Sons Charles, John, Fred K., Benjamin. Daughters Mary Roberson, Lucy Burnet, Elizabeth Obannon, Janny Roberson. Extrs. Fred K. Kimball & William McDonald. Wit: Jas. Kennedy, Thos. Thompson. Rec: Feb 4, 1786. Henry Hampton Ord. (Camden District, SC WB A1 Pg 58 Apt.38 Pkg. 1366)

1782 - March 12-17, Private David Davenport (30.) 6 days pay received by Private John English (31.). (Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War, Vol. 1 Camden, South Carolina Militia Pay Abstract Nr. 99, Colonel Robert English's Regiment, First Camden Militia, Soldiers Certification, 120 days, 16 Apr 1782, Charleston, SC 13 Nov 1781 - 12 Mar 1782. NOTE: David Davenport is the brother or uncle of Elizabeth Davenport, wife of Valentine Braswell of Newberry SC, Madison & Walton GA.

1784 - August 10, Jacob Braswell 150 acres on Speers Creek in Camden District. Surveyed by Alexander Johnston. Other name name mentioned: Gantor. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1784 - October 5, Jacob Cherry 200 acres on Gum Swamp in Camden District. Surveyed by James Bredin. Other names indexed: Jacob Brasil, Joseph Kershaw, Isaac Ross. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1785 - April 16, William Brasill 100 acres, an unrecorded plat for land not granted on Lynches Creek near Fork Creek in Cheraw District. Surveyed by William Powe. Other name indexed: Leving Hainsworth. (SCA)

1785 - December 8, John Dennis 50 acre unrecorded plat for land not granted on Spears Creek in Camden District. Surveyed by John Belton. Other names indexed: Jacob Braswell, Col. Kershaw. (SCA)

1786 - January 17, Nebo Gaunt 300 acres on Hagues Branch and Spears Creek in Camden District. Surveyed by John Belton. Other names indexed: Jacob Branwell Jr. Mrs. Brown, Hilton, Isaac Pidgeon. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1786 - March 8, Mary Reed 255 acres on Laws Branch in Camden District. Surveyed by Frederick Bell. Other names indexed: William Barber, Richard Brazel, Galloway, Isaac Hurst, Robert Law, Tabitha Williams. Also mentioned: Black River. (SCA)

1786 - October 26, James Rogers 400 acres on Beaver Dam Branch in Camden District. Surveyed by Josiah Cantey for William Bathany. Other names indexed: Jacob Bracewell, Joseph Kershaw. Also mentioned: Spears Creek. (SCA)

1787 - February 19, Averilla Brazell, relict, applied for Administration on the estate of Jacob Brazell. Citation read March 5, 1787 by Lewis Collins. Application for same applied for by William Brazell begun but left incomplete. Dedimus to Arthur Brown Ross to administer oath of Averilla Brazell May 22, 1787. Appraisers: Josiah Scott, Jacob Cherry, Paul Powers. Bond: Averilla Brazell, Administrator. Securities: William Nettles & Jacob Mack Kinny May 18, 1787. Inventory July 19, 1787. (Camden District, SC Wills & Administrtions 1781-1787 (1770-1796_ abstracted by Brent H. Holcomb, G.R.S. and Elmer O. Parker, from Bob Delahunt)

1788- July 5, Mary Taylor mentions her three cousins Elizabeth Brazell, Mary Howell & Ann Strouman in her will. Also mentioned are Undice Brazell, Arthur & Mary Howell, Sarah Howell, friend John Bostick, Nathan Williams & Thomas Williams Jr Extrs, witnessed by William Graves, W.M. Paulling, P. Chambless. (Richland Co., SC WB B Pg 136 Box 30 Pkg. 737)

1788 - June 6, Benjamin Pearson of Bush River Will: Wife: Margaret. Six sons William, Abel, Samuel, Robert,Joseph & John 300 acres part of 400 acres "whereon I now live"...also another tract on Beaver-dams adjoining Caleb Gilberts...son Enoch Pearson...deceased brother William Pearson's heirs...daughters Rosanna Russel & Marjory Buffington...wife Extrx and cousin William Pearson & son Enoch Pearson Extrs. Wit: Zebulon Gaunt, John Wilkesen, Sam Kelly. Proved June 6, 1788. Test: W. Malone C.C. (Newberry Co., SC WB A Pg 25.)

1793 - August 31, John Halliday 140 acres between Black River and Camp Branch in Camden District. Surveyed by Frederick Bell for Jacob Brown on June 5, 1786. Other names indexed: William Barber, Isaac Hurst, Mary Reed. Also mentioned: Camp Creek. (SCA)

1793 - October 3, Hannah Brasil 500 acres on Colonels Creek in Camden District. Surveyed by Alexander Kennedy. Other name indexed: Killingsworth. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1794 - August 2, John Halliday 1000 acres on Hoxes Mill Branch and other branches of Swift Creek in Camden District. Surveyed by David Reynolds for Thomas Sumter February 16, 1787. Other names indexed: John Boykin, Jacob Brassell, Robert Hadlock, William Hox, Thomas Lenoir, Edward Pigg. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1796 - April 12, Hannah Braswell Will: John Holliday & Harriot Holliday, son & daughter of William & Mary Holliday, if they die without issue then to Daniel Holliday's eldest daughter Sarah Holliday, and James Terry's eldest daughter Mary Terry. Extrs: Daniel Holliday & Ethel Heath. Wit: John Hopkins, James Terry, Mary Philips. Proved October 5, 1796. (Richland Co., SC WB C Pg 140, Box 3 Pkg 54)

1800 - February 26, Diary entry of Arthur Brown Ross: "Henry Braswell wanted to sue ------- to a settlement,". (A Record of the Descendants of Isaac Ross and Jean Brown by Annie Julia Mims) NOTE: A. B. Ross "was a resident of South Carolina. His home was near Camden and also near the Wateree River. He operated a ferry on the Wateree".

1804 - December 11, Committee report on the petition of James English, asking compensation for the property of his father sold under the confiscation act. Other name indexed: Robert English. (SCA)

1808 - January 4, Jesse Killingsworth Sr. 800 acres on Colonels Creek in Richland District. Surveyed by Benjamin Lawrence. Other names indexed: Hannah Brazell, Edward Griffin, Canute Paterson. Also mentioned: Wateree River. (SCA)

1820 - May 1, Zachariah Nettles Will: Wife: Levice. Sons: John H. Nettles & Zachariah H. Nettles lawful heirs to execute will. Wit: Osborne V. Jeffers, Leroy Ford (proved), William Brassell. Jno Buchanan Ord. (Fairfield Co., SC Bk 8 Pg 63, Apt. 26 File 385)

1823 - November 25, Jacob Cherry Will: Wife: Sarah. Sons: Jacob Cherrey & David Cherrey. Daughters Elizabeth Cherry and Marey Cherrey who left three heirs and entitled to one share or one fourth. Grandchildren Penelipe Terry, John Pearce, Mary Pearce, Weley Pearce, Charles Pearce, Elizabeth Pearce. Wit: Thos Duggans, Frances Bracewell, James English. Recorded December 15, 1823. (Kershaw District, SC WB K Pg 4, Apt. 15, Pkg. 482)

1824 - February 14, John Law, Executor of Robert Law VS William Nettles. (SCA)

1826 - January 13, James English Will: Wife: Anne P. English...a tract of land on Spears Creek known by the name of Beaswells land. Daughter Sarah A. English...a tract on the Wateree River...100 acres granted to Isaac Pidgeon...another track 400 acres granted to Nebo Gaunt on south side of WatereeRiver, Spears Creek, binding Pidgeon tract. Son Alfred English the rest of real estate...wife Anne P English Extrx and son Alfred English & John C. Carter Extrs. Wit: W C Carlops, Sarah English, Thomas Wallace. Recorded June 8, 1826. David Schrock Ord. (Kershaw Co., SC WB L Pg 92, Apt. 23 Pkg 816)