Thursday, April 29, 2010

John & Mary Braswell

1784 – April 7, John Brasil, Certificate Col. E. Clark. Entitled to a bounty. Appoints George Matthews of Wilkes Co., attorney to receive same. Prays for same in Washington Co.,

1784 – July 22, John Braswell. 287 ½ acres Washington Co. bounded N & W vacant, E – Williamson’s Swamp Creek, S – Woodruff survey 55. p. 30 (Georgia’s Roser of the Revolution by Lucian Lamar Knight)

1785 - Remnant Tax Digest -Capt. Elsberry’s Dist. Rec’d by Michael Elsberry (page 67, Breazeal Notes March 1967 by Diane Deputy & Early Records of Wilkes Co. on USGenWeb)

38 Frederick Brassell 1 poll
121 John Brazell 1 poll, 200 acres, Wilkes Co., GA

1785John Braswell, 287 ½ acres in Washington County (Book GGG, page 276) pp 225, 251, 260, 265 bounded N – Ralph Kilgore, E – Gray, S – Fred Braswell, W – vacant, survey 11, June 11, 1784. Warrant 2635, p. 4 (Georgia’s Roster of the Revolution by Lucian Lamar Knight)

1785 – June 13, Wm. Parrott of Washington County to William Lawson of Greene for 5 pds sterling 287 ½ acres in Greene County, formerly Washington, granted to the said William Perrett 20 January 1785. Signed William (X) Perret, Elizabeth (X) Perrett. Witnesses: Jared Treven, A. J., John Braswell, William Trevin. Registered 20 January 1792 (Greene Co., GA DB B Pg 728)

1786 - Frederick Braswell 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co., GA (Book LLL, page 2) Col. E. Clark 4-1-1784 Enlisted in Batt. Minuteman - not a GA resident at the time. Entitled to bounty in Washington Co. Bounded N – Jno Braswell, E - Elijah Anderson, S&W - vacant. Cut by Clarke’s Creek, survey 12, 6-11-1784, Warrant 2307, p. 4 (“Georgia’s Roster of the Revolution” by Lucian Lamar Knight)

1787 – Tax Record for Capt. Bailey’s District, Wilkes County, Georgia

#019 – John Brazzel borders John Munk & Robert Horne & George Hamilton

#027 – Frederick Brazzel borders George Smith & Mark Ragan

1787 – November 1, James Sutton and wife, Cate, his wife, to John Brazzel all of Wilkes County, for 40 pounds, 200 acres on a branch of Falling Creek, adjacent John Fergus (Ferguson??), signed James Sutton, Cate (X) Sutton. Witness: James Marks, J.P. Regd 6 May 1789 (Wilkes County GA DB EE Pg 31 1788-1790)

1792 – November 17, Thomas Pinion and wife Ann to William Black and William Rogers, jointly, 200 acres original grant 1787 to John Mobley this being north tract of said tract divided by agreement adjacent John Brasel, John Gill and John Ferguson November 17, 1792. James Bell J.P., Francis Cook J.P. Test. (Georgia DAR Historical Collection Folio 66)

1794 – May 26, John Brazdal, dec’d – John Gill applied for letter of administration

1794 – June 2, Caveat filed – Mary Brazdal vs John Gill

(Returns of Administrators & Guardians. Book Called Book 1791-1803 Mixed Records consisting of Books A, B & C bound together.)

1798 – December 12, Arthur Jones & Charity, his wife, to Nelson Barnett, all of Elbert County, for $560, on Falling Creek waters in said County 250 acres adjacent Saml Sewel, crossing branch, Jno. Brayel (Brazel), John Gill, Harbin to & down branch, in fee simple.
(signed) Arther (X) Jones, Charity (X) Jones. Wit: Wm. Barnett J.P., Nathaniel Barnett. Reg. 23 Oct. 1800 (Pg 178)

1799 Benjamin Hubbard to Jno Brazille land in Capt. Welborne’s Dist. That joins Drury Stovall on Long Creek.

1808John Brazil, dec’d. James Glover, Admr. ordered to make clear title to Benjamin Hubbard. Wit: Joseph Glover, Ann Wilson Dougherty March Term 1808. (Administrators & Guardians Papers, Book L-F 1804-09, p. 141)

1809 - May 8, James Glover, administrator of the estate of John Brazeal, to Benjamin Hubbard. John Brazeal in his lifetime, 20 January 1794, made bond to execute titles to Benjamin Hubbard for tract in Wilkes County on Long Creek, 200 acres. John Brazeal departed this life without executing titles to the tract or making provision by will. Benjamin petitioned the Court of Ordinary of Elbert County & obtained rule compelling James Glover, administrator, to make titles to Benjamin Hubbard agreeable to bond. James Glover, administrator, sold tract to Benjamin Hubbard. Signed: James (X) Glover. Wit: Peter Wyche, David Clark, Thos. Burton. Elbert Co., GA. Proved by Thomas Burton 13 October, 1809. Recorded: 20 June 1811. Thomas Cook, J.P. (Oglethorpe Co., GA DB G 1810-1812 Pg 107)

NOTE: John is most likely Frederick's uncle or brother. Frederick is the son of Sampson Braswell & Christian Williams. Sampson is the son of John & Alice Braswell who moved back to Bertie Co., NC after John's mother, Sarah, widow of Richard, died.