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* Lambert, John, Jackson Co., GA 1826

Will dated June 6, 1826, probated July 4, 1826, recorded pp. 91-93. "I give and bequeath to my Dearly Beloved wife Sarah Lambert four negroes namely Sary & her child, Mary Ann, Carey a negro man & Grigg & all the Personal Property that is in her possession at this time such as household & kitchen furniture together with the crop on the Premises whereon she now resides. The Said Personal Property to belong to the said Sarah Lambert During her life time & at her death If any left to be Eaqually Divided Amongst my children hereafter mentioned except the negroes above mentioned which negroes is to be had at her own disposal."

Son Alexander Brazeal, alias Lambert, a negro girl Judy & two negro boys Harrison & Bailey. To son Washington Brazeal, alias Lambert, a negro boy Bob & two girls Malissa & Sara Ann. To dau. Lucy Brazeal, alias Lambert, a negro girl Aggy & her child & a negro woman Fanny. To dau. Mary Brazeal, alias Lambert, three negro girls Nice, Peggy, & Theney. To son John Brazeal, alias Lambert, three negroes Mariah, Charles & a boy Hill.

To son Edwin Lambert all the residue of his negroes, together with all personal property that he is in possesion of at this time & 1/2 the tract of land he now resides on at this time, the balance to Alexander, Lucy, Washington, Mary & John.

If son John Lambert should draw in the land lottery, being entitled to two draws, if there should be any land drawing in his name, it is to be divided among three sons Washington, Alexander & John.

Executrix: Sarah Lambert, wife, &
Executors: Edwin Lambert, Washington Brazeal, alias Lambert, & John Flanigan.
Witnesses: John Watterson, Ric'd Pentecost, Matthew M. Pentecost, Wm. Brazeal.

Jackson Co., GA Will Abstracts WB A 1803-1860 A-66

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* Mims, Williamson, Houston Co., GA 1863

In the name of God. Amen. I Williamson Mims of the State of Georgia and County of Houston - being in feeble health but of sound and disposing mind and memory taking into consideration the frailty of human nature and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do hereby make, ordain, promulgate and establish this my last will and testament.

Item 1 - My body, I commit to the dust hoping that my family and friends will give it a decent burial, and my soul I commit to God who gave it trusting in the merits of Christ for happiness and bliss in the world to come.

Item 2 - As soon after my death as possible I wish my executors hereinafter named to pay all the just debts I may owe at the time of my death.

Item 3- I give and bequeath to beloved wife Synthia Mims the place and plantation on which I live in Houston County including my mills on Mossy Creek, amounting to some 1500 acres through which plantation the South Western Rail Road runs, except that part of said plantation which lies between Fort Valley in said county and a certain hollow between my residence and Fort Valley and across which hollow or low ground there is a bridge on the road not far from the end my lane on the road to Fort Valley, and all my household and kitchen furniture - all my farming utensils, horses, mules, hogs, cattle and sheep, corn, meat and everything else on said plantation and attached thereto used and kept thereon, also my man Carter (a miller) and his wife Biddy and their children Rilbin - Georgia Ann and Ted - my negro woman Caroline and her four children Laura - Conso - Anna - Victoria - my man John (a carpenter) my negro woman Harriet (called Harriet Hall) my man Alexander (my Sawyer) my boy Arnold - my boy Anthony - my man Jack (stock haller) my man Big Ben and his wife Roda and their children George and Audisson - and my Negro woman Martha (Jack's wife) - and my old negroes to be taken care of by my wife. Tom, Violet and Creasy. And also my old negro woman Susan (a cook) and my boy Billy (workman John's son) old Lila - Hardy - Louisa Ann (weaver) Big Dave (Peavy) little Alexander - little Ann Handy - Harry - John - (Anderson) - Clem - little Patsie and Hines.

Item 4 - I give to my beloved daughter Epsey Brown for and during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided among her children that may survive her the following property to wit Lucinday - Mary - their children that they may hereafter have, the two negroes Lucinday and Mary and Mary's children she now has being already in the possession of my said daughter Epsey - and also little Jim, girl Melissa and my girl Adaline - (Munroe) John.

Item 5 - I give and bequeath to my grandson Derry Peavy my negro woman Jordina and her only child an infant yet without a name - and my negro boy Charley, having already given to my grand sons Charles Peavy and William Peavy eight hundred dollars each - I now give to Charles Peavy my Negro girl Hannah and to Wm Peavy my girl big Adaline - and I give to my grandson Micajah Peavy my negro girl Matilda my negro boy Hiram - and to my grand daughter Synthia Ann Pearce to whom I have before given a Negro girl - I give and bequeath my negro woman Yellow Martha and her child Missoura and to my four last mentioned grand children I give my man Addison.

Item 6 - I have heretofore given to my son Robert L. Mims a considerable portion of property - and I therefore now give to his child Mira L. Mims one hundred dollars in cash only and my girl Catharine.

Item 7- I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Ann Braswell for and during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided between her children that may survive her the following property to wit - that portion of the land and plantation on which I now live and not herein before given to my wife and which lies and is situated between Fort Valley and a hollow or low grounds on the road from my house to Fort Valley not far from the end of the lane and where there is a bridge across said hollow or low grounds - and which contains some three hundred acres of land more or less and on which, my said daughter now lives - and also my negro woman Julia and her children Catharine - Edmund - Bruce and Susan - already in her possession - and also my negroes Simon Burrel and Allen - to the last three negroes I have heretofore made her a total which I now again hereby ratify and confirm. I also give her my negro woman Harriet (Thiveat) and man Augustus.

Item 8 - I have heretofore given to my son James E. T. Mims a considerable portion of my property and I now give to his four children that survive him the following property only - to wit my negro woman Lotty and her child Louisa (Ivee) and Binah - and man Riddick.

Item 9 - I have heretofore given to my daughter Elizabeth Matildey Bryan and secure it to her by a deed of trust to Dr Austin a considerable portion of my estate and I therefore make no further provs. for her in this my last will and testament except to express the wish that the said provision for my said daughter should be well taken care of for her and her use.

Item 10 - I give and bequeath to my son Wm H. Mims my boy Henry, my woman Amanda and her two children Catharine and Emma already in his possession and little Bob and one half of my lands and mills in Dooly County, the other half of said mills and lands in Dooly County I give and bequeath to my son Seaborn S. Mims to be equally and equitably divided between my said two sons - and I also give to my son Wm. H. Mims one thousand dollars in cash or my negro man big Bill whichever he may prefer, he to make his election as to the thousand dollars or said negro Bill soon as this my will is proven and admitted to record after my death and also I give him my woman Joannah and my negro John (Lochett) and little Sam.

Item 11 - I give and bequeath to my son Seaborn S. Mims my negro Dave (Johnson) Wesly, Young Susan already in his possession and having heretofore given him three thousand dollars in cash and in this will half my Dooly lands and mills I make no further provision for him in this item of my will except I give him little Ben, and big Jim - negro woman Emily.

Item 12 - I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Frances Hightower for and during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided between her children that may survive her the following property - to wit my Negro woman Martha and her three children Hardy - Calvin and Catharine and my negro woman Sally - her child Amanda girl Melinda already in her possession and the land - some three hundred acres on which she and her husband now lives - this land to include the place on which John J. Bryan recently lived - my man Sampson and my negro woman Vicey & my boy Oran - my boy Green.
Item 13 - I wish my Executors to pay in cash as soon after, my death as possible to Dr Austin turn over to him as trustee of my daughter Elizabeth Matildy Bryan the property and money in which he already has a trust deed - or to turn it over to whoever may be her trustee at the time of my death or thereafter appointed.

Item 14 - All the money I may have on hand at the time of my death and all the money that may be due and owing to me at that time - after paying the legacies herein before provided and given together with all the Negroes and other property and effects that I have not herein disposed of and which I may have or own at the time of my death together with all my rail road and other stock - I give and bequeath to my beloved wife - out of this money and these notes I wish all my just debts to be paid.

Item 15 - If either of my daughters should depart this life leaving no child or children surviving them then the property herein given to them I wish to be equally divided between their brothers and sisters other children -surviving them and my grand children of my deceased children each family of grand children representing their deceased parents.

Item 16 - I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my trusty friends Miles L. Green & Peter W. Gray the Executors of my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and my seal this 24 April 1863. Williamson ( me ) Mims (Seal)

The following will of Williamson Mims signed by him freely voluntarily and of his own accord and when he was of sound mind and memory - and in the presence of each of us and we and each of us subscribed the same as witness at his instance and request and in his presence and in the presence of each other - 24 April 1863. Eli Warren, John Jackson, Josia A.Wright.

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Edgecombe Co., NC Marriages

Alexander Braswell & Tempy Simpson 29 Jun 1833
Archelus Braswell & Margaret A. Cutchins 24 Feb 1848
Arretta Braswell & James H. Draughan 11 Mar 1858 *
Baker W. Braswell & Elizabeth Harper 12 Jan 1860
Benjamin G. Braswell & Mary Hargroves 25 Jan 1851
Bennet Braswell & Patsey Haney 17 Apr 1839
Bennett Braswell & Mary Ann M. E. Nolley 27 Nov 1832
Bolen Braswell & Barbara Drew 19 Nov 1831
Bythal Braswell & Eliza Gay 23 Feb 1841
Bythel Brasswell & Elizabeth Griffin 1 Sep 1836
Cally S. Braswell & Martha Trevathan 5 Jun 1855
Ceman Braswell & Winney Braswell 29 Dec 1866
Cynthanetta Braswell & Robert Lancaster 6 Feb 1847
David Braswell & Nancy Ratterford 14 Sep 1762
David Braswell & Elizabeth Taylor 29 Jan 1827
Deliah Braswell & Frank Braswell 13 Nov 1866
Dilla Braswell & Will Johnson 10 Nov 1840
Elijah Braswell & Dicey Bradley 13 Jun 1866
Elizabeth Braswell & John Lloyd 8 Jan 1825
Elizabeth Braswell & William J. Armstrong 3 Jan 1832
Elizabeth Braswell & Jeremiah Jackson 17 May 1843
Frances Braswell & Joseph Powell 3 Feb 1859
Frank Braswell & Deliah Braswell 13 Nov 1866
Frederica A. Braswell & William Odom 23 May 1855
George Braswell & Ann Bryan 1 Jan 1867
Hardy Braswell & Indiana Hart 28 Jun 1866
Harriet Braswell & James Whitehead 22 Sep 1827
Howell Braswell & Martha A. Vaughn 23 Aug 1836
Isaac Braswell & Betsey Hiott 8 Sep 1834
Isaac Braswell & Elizabeth Moore 3 May 1861
Jacky D. Braswell & John L. Peel 8 Aug 1835
James Braswell & Lucinda Proctor 7 Jun 1844
Joel D. Braswell & Lousana Robbins 29 Dec 1846
John Braswell & Roebecca Clark 16 Dec 1835
Julia F. Braswell & Noah Wiggins 23 Apr 1845
Lavina Braswell & Willie Admon 2 Jul 1840
Lewelling Braswell & Penny Moore 9 Sep 1844
Louisa Braswell & Willie Adams 19 Aug 1842
Louisa H. Braswell & John W. Robbins 17 Feb 1846
Lousiana Braswell & Duncan Beland 22 Jun 1866
Mahala F. Braswell & Birt Bailey 27 Dec 1848
Margaret Braswell & Leaster S. Cobb 19 Jun 1847
Maria Braswell & Henry Dilliard 8 Jul 1834
Martha Braswell & David Lancaster 3 Mar 1847
Martha Braswell & Robert S. Braswell 11 Mar 1858 *
Martha E. Braswell & Lewis Rountree 8 Jun 1858
Mary Braswell & Owen Cahoon 24 Mar 1827
Mary E. Braswell & William Daughtry 16 Jul 1853
Nancy Braswell & Benjamin Daws 18 Dec 1827
Nancy Braswell & William Price 31 Dec 1857
Peninah Braswell & Benjamin H. Weaver 17 Nov 1835
Phenetta Braswell & Charles Proctor 13 Dec 1866
Rebecca A. Braswell & Francis W. Taylor 5 Feb 1850
Rhoda Braswell & William Hayles 12 May 1836
Rhoda Bracewell & William Hyles 16 May 1836 *
Richard Brasswell & Tabitha Alsobrook 8 May 1832
Robert Braswell & Martha Lancester 12 Mar 1850
Robert R. Braswell & Ansey Wilkinson 4 Dec 1823
Robert S. Braswell & Martha Hargrove 1 Apr 1858
Sampson Braswell & Miss Moore 31 May 1762
Samuel Braswell & Mary Williams 30 Nov 1762
Sarah Braswell & William Thomas 1 Mar 1825
Sarah Braswell & John Williams 21 Feb 1833
Sarah Braswell & Philip Lupo 24 Jan 1856
Serena Braswell & Thomas Thornell 18 Dec 1835
Simon Braswell & Mary Turner 25 Feb 1764
Solomon Braswell & Rachel Bird 24 Dec 1765
Sophy Braswell & Willie Dautridge 3 Nov 1847
Susan (Mrs.) Braswell & Hansel Cross 10 Jan 1839 *
Temperance Braswell & Redmond Lodge 4 Jan 1830
Temperance Braswell & William Hyatt 10 Dec 1857
Thomas J. Braswell & Elizabeth Robbins 19 Jan 1846
Thomas P. Braswell & Emily Stalings 11 Dec 1860
Wilie Braswell & Bytha Perry 31 Jul 1839
William H. Braswell & Emeliza Knight 20 Dec 1856
William T. Braswell & Elizabeth Cutchen 31 May 1855
Willie Braswell & Mary Bullock 13 Jul 1829
Willie Braswell & Lucey Baily 30 Nov 1836
Willie C. Braswell & Mary Moonham 3 Jun 1856
Winney Braswell & Ceman Braswell 29 Dec 1866
Zadoc Braswell & Sally Howell 27 Jan 1800
Zadock R. Brasewell & Evalina Gardner 14 Mar 1854
Zany Braswell & Aaron Walton 13 May 1866
Zany Braswell & Aron 10 May 1866
Zilpha Braswell & James, Jr. Ellinor 18 Dec 1823

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Jinsey Braziel & Amos Brooks

War of 1812
Numbers: W.O. 4195, W.C. 2788
Bounty Land: 4476-80-50, 4258-80-55
Service: Pvt., Cat. Wilson McKinney's Co., GA Mil.
Enlisted: August 25, 1813
Discharged: March 4, 1814
Remarks: Discharge certificate is in brief
Residence of Soldier: 1850, 1855, Gwinnett Co., GA
Residence of Widow: 1871, 1874, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co., GA
Maiden Name of Widow: JINSEY BRAZIEL
Marriage of Soldier and Widow: Aug. 18, 1813 (Beach Creek) Jackson Co., GA
Death of Soldier: July 18, 1863, Lawrenceville, GA
Death of Widow: blank

NOTE: Jinsey AKA Jane is the daughter of Britain Braswell & Letitia, lived next door to them in 1840 in Gwinnett County Georgia and named a daughter Letitia.

Record from

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* The Ann Carver - Richard Braswell II Family

Contributed by Walter S. & Maxine C. Gabennesch

The Ann Carver – Richard II Braswell Family-----By William C. Fields III

The Cumberland County Carvers are somewhat more complicated. They all are descended from brothers, Robert and William (Braswell) Carver. Both of who died very early in 1767 and left wills.

Robert and William were the sons of Ann Carver and Richard II Braswell. No one knows whether Ann and Richard were ever married. A deed of Isham Carver, son of Robert, refers to land conveyed to Robert Carver by “Richard II Braswell and wife Ann”. However, when David, brother to William and Robert, died his estate was the object of a legal contest with Richard III Braswell, son of Richard II and half-brother to the Carvers. This court action took place in 1758-59 and the result was that David was declared an illegitimate son of Richard II Braswell.

Ann Carver, mother of Robert and William, was daughter and probably only child of William Carver of Isle of Wight County, Virginia. William Carver married Jane Moore, daughter of John Moore, of Isle of Wight in about 1690. Between 1692 and 1710 William and Jane sold land that she has inherited from her father John Moore a shoemaker. At some time before January 1714/15 William and his daughter Ann moved to Chowan County, North Carolina. We know this because the Chowan County Court minutes show, as of that date, she qualified as administratrix of her father’s estate. Presumably Jane had died because, if alive, she would have been named as administratrix. Ann would necessarily have attained her majority in order to qualify for that duty as it may be conjectured that she was born in the very early 1690’s.

The Carvers and Braswells had been neighbors in the Isle of Wight and may had very well know each other before moving to North Carolina. In any case Richard II Braswell was named as one of the creditors of William Carver’s estate and the association between him and Ann may have begun at that time. Richard’s wife, Eleanor, by whom he had the son Richard III, was still alive so marriage with Ann was out of the question. Whether they married later, after Eleanor’s death, is unknown and very doubtful as shown in the court action of 1758-59.

Richard II Braswell and Ann Carver had four children: Robert, William, David and Sarah, (we refer to them as the Braswell-Carver generation) identified by deeds and gifts to them in 1747, Halifax Co. NC. It is clear from the wording of these deeds that Richard II not only acknowledged the children as his but also wanted them to use the surname Braswell and for the most part they did so until his death. In all known records of David he is identified as David Bracewell. Robert and William, on the other hand, sometimes appear as Carver and sometimes as Braswell. However after the legal battle with their half-brother Richard III over the estates of Richard II Sr. and David, which must have been rather acrimonious, they ceased using the name Braswell altogether.

The family moved from Edgecombe County in about 1750 to what was then Bladen, later Cumberland, County. There David, who evidently was unmarried and without issue, and their father Richard II died in late 1758. Nothing more is known to this day of Sarah. The two surviving Braswell-Carver sons, Robert and William, were the progenitors of the Cumberland County Carvers.

Robert and William the two eldest children were certainly born after 1716 and probably about the middle of the 1720’s. They had seven and eight children respectively by their deaths in very early 1767. Robert’s son Isham was born about 1748. William’s eldest son Sampson was born in about 1752 his next son William was born in April of 1753.

Robert Braswell-Carver named no wife in his will so she evidently predeceased him. She was named Mary according to a deed of 25 Feb. 1765 in which Robert and his wife Mary sold land to Ann Nesfield. Robert Braswell-Carver named in his will of 1766 the following children:

  1. Isham (Isom) Carver---married Elizabeth Baldwin.
  2. Ann Carver
  3. Milley (Amelia) Carver
  4. Susannah Carver-------married Theophilus Evans
  5. Elizabeth Carver
  6. Mary Carver------------married David Evans
  7. Marget (Margaret, Peggy) Carver

  1. Isham Carver (son of Robert), born abt. 1748 died 1789, married Elizabeth Baldwin she names in her will the following children:

    1. Robert Carver, born abt. 1780

2. William Carver, born abt. 1782, died 1848

    3. Isham Carver, born 1784, died 13 August 1863 (tombstone)

    4. Mary Carver, married ---- Baldwin

    5. Sidney Carver (female) never married, died 1860

    6. Julia Carver married William Rutledge Carman, marriage bond dated 15 April 1828, she died 19 January 1844,

according to the inscription on the tombstone.

The date of Isham Carver’s death was established as 1789 by court dockets. His death occurred during a lawsuit he was engaged in and was noted in the docket. His birth date is the result of shrewd guesswork. The Elizabeth Carver in the 1790 census was his widow. She died in 1837 and left a will. The date on her tombstone is 5 Feb. 1837. The daughter, Sidney Carver, died unmarried in 1860 (year her will was probated) and in this will she names brother-in-law William R. Carman, brother William Carver, the child of brother Robert Carver and children of sister Mary Baldwin. The will was made 13 Dec. 1852.

Robert Carver, son of Isham, had one son, John Mullington Carver.

Isham Carver, son of Isham, married Lucy Ann Winslow Evans Watts, daughter of George Washington Evans by his first wife, Margaret Elwell, and widow of Thomas D. Watts; marriage bond dated 16 May 1844. If he was married before there is no record of it. They had one son, John Isham Carver, who died in infancy (13 April 1848, aged 2 years, 3 months, according to the tombstone).

William Carver, son of Isham, is, I believe, the William R. (Red) Carver who married his cousin, Clarissa Carver, daughter of William, the Revolutionary soldier. William R. Carver is sometimes referred to as William Jr. in the census records.

  1. Ann Carver, daughter of Robert Braswell-Carver, is supposed to have married John Elwell. Her tombstone gives her dates as 15 Dec. 1787, aged 38 years (therefore born 1749). John Elwell died 8 Jan. 1835, aged 91 years. This marriage is “Family History” in my family, who always claimed kin with the Elwell descendants on this basis.
  2. Amelia (Milley) Carver, daughter of Robert Braswell-Carver, probably married Charles Baldwin after 1771. In the estate records of her father there is one item concerning her: Account of Mill Amelia Carver with Robert Rowan, including hire of two Negroes, July 1771.
  3. Susannah Carver, daughter of Robert Braswell-Carver, married Theophilus Evans, born 10 Nov. 1746 (according to the Evans Family Bible), died 16 March 1822 (as reported in the Raleigh Register of 29 March 1822. They were the parents of 13 children, born between 1774 and 1799, including George Washington Evan’s. These dates suggest that Susannah be born in the 1750’s, probably about 1755. There is no mention of her in his will, made 19 August 1821, probated April 1822.
  4. Elizabeth Carver, daughter of Robert Braswell-Carver, born 24 October 1759, married 16 January 1780 John Estes of Hillsboro, N. C., who was born 24 December 1745, died 11 September 1799. Eliza Estes died 16 April 1845. These dates are from John Estes’ Prayer Book (except for Eliza’s death date). The Prayer Book is included in the Revolutionary Pension Records of John Estes and Eliza’s death date is also in these records.
  5. Mary Carver, daughter of Robert Braswell-Carver, married Thomas Sewell. She is mentioned in the will of her sister, Eliza Estes, made 26 October 1841, probated May 1845, in Orange County, North Carolina.
  6. Margaret Carver, daughter of Robert Braswell-Carver, married first John Kinchen (Orange Co. marriage bond dated 24 September 1788), second William Nash (Orange Co. marriage bond dated 1 September 1795). Margaret was also mentioned in her sister Eliza Estes’ will.

According to the actual dates we have I believe that Robert Braswell-Carver named his children by order of birth in his will. This is one of the means by which I arrived at approximate dates for the others.

William Braswell-Carver named in his will wife Mary and the following children:

  1. Sampson Carver
  2. William Carver
  3. Robert Carver
  4. Samuel Carver
  5. Jesse Carver
  6. James Carver
  7. John Carver
  8. Mary Carver

  1. Sampson Carver was born about 1752 and appears in the 1790 Cumberland Co. census with 3 males under 16 and 3 females no age designation. There is no record in the State of North Carolina that I know of that gives the names of his wife or any of his children. The census record suggests that he had three sons and at least two daughters born before 1790. There are numerous deeds on record here showing that he sold land all through the 1790’s, his signature alone appears on these deeds. He disappears from all records here by mid 1798. He is undoubtedly the Sampson Carver who lived later in Georgia, although I am yet to find any documentary evidence of this move. It is possible that one or more of his children remained behind in North Carolina but I don’t believe they did; or if they did they evidently went on to Georgia later. For one thing they can not be identified as appearing in the census records. A Sampson Carver appears in the 1810 census of Cumberland Co. age 26-45 (i. e. born between 1765 and 1784), one female same age (wife, no doubt), two males under 10 and three females under 10 years. There is no other record of him here as far as I know. He may have been Sampson’s son who returned here briefly for whatever reason.
  2. William Carver, born April 1753, died 29 March 1836. These dates and the list of his children are from his Pension Records, Revolutionary War. He was one of the three Carver brothers who signed the Cumberland County Resolutions, June 1775 (the other two brothers were Robert and Samuel). The name of his wife is unknown. She died before 1830, per census records. The following were his children:

  1. David Carver
  2. Brasel (Brazil) Carver (corruption of Braswell)
  3. Clarissa Carver (Clary, Clara)
  4. Elizabeth Carver (Lizy)
  5. Peggy Carver
  6. John Carver
  7. James Carver
  8. Nelly Carver

The pension record states, in 1837, that three of these children: David, Brasil and Clary, wife of William R. Carver, all of lawful age, now reside in this county (Cumberland), and five: Lisy, Peggy, John, James, and Nelly “removed many years ago to the Western Country, parts unknown”.

David Carver, son of William (2.), born abt. 1783, per census of 1850, made his will 16 January 1852, naming nephew William Henry Carver and Sister Clara Carver. What progeny he had, if any, is not known.

Brazil Carver, son of William (2.), born abt. 1785 per 1850 census, married Betsy Reeves (marriage bond dated 24 January 1809). They had a number of children.

Clarissa Carver, daughter of William (2.), born abt. 1787, per 1860 census, married her cousin, William R. Carver (marriage bond dated 23 October 1809). He was, I am sure, the son of Isham and Elizabeth Carver. She names a son William in her will of 1832-37 and there was no other William Carver on record here for many years except of course William Sr. his father-in-law. He appears in the census first in 1810 and continued there through 1840, known as William Carver, Jr., as long as his father-in-law was alive. He died in 1848. (Division of Estates, 1808-1860, states that Mrs. Clarissa Carver was awarded her dower and third in land of William Carver, dec’d, 1 September 1848.) They had a number of children.

  1. Robert Carver, son of William Braswell-Carver, married Elizabeth Newberry. He died in 1797 and left a will naming his children. All of the children remained here in Cumberland County. The records of Robert Carver’s estate are remarkably complete and all the daughters had married by the time the estate was settled so we have the names of all their husbands. The son, Marshal Carver, appears in only one census, that of 1820, so if he left this county it was after that year. Robert was also one of the signers of the Cumberland Resolutions.
  2. Samuel Carver, son of William Braswell-Carver, the third of these brothers to sign the Cumberland Resolutions, had died before 1790, that I am convinced. He does not appear in the 1790 census and his brother Robert, refers in his will to disposing of the property of his brother Samuel’s. A case in the Superior Court Minutes of October 1791 involved Samuel Hollingsworth vs. Administrator of Samuel Carver. I think he died unmarried, else there would have been a reference to his widow and children, if any, in the court minutes, which I have studied thoroughly.
  3. Jesse Carver son of William Braswell-Carver married twice. By his first wife, name unknown, he had two daughters: Susannah, who married Cornelius Thames (marriage bond dated 8 July 1805) and Elizabeth, who married George Washington Evans as his second wife (marriage bond has date obliterated). Jesse Carver had, by his second wife Mary Kirkpatrick, daughters Sarah, Maria, Rebecca, Mary and one son William E. Carver. Maria married Jonathan Evans Jr. and they were my great great grandparents. This Jonathan Evans was a son of Josiah Evans II and grandson of Josiah Evans and Sarah Carver Evans – see data on Bladen Carvers.
  4. And - -7. James and John are the unknowns in this family. Court Minutes show that they had guardians as late as 1785 indicating that the youngest child was born in 1764. The Court Minutes for April 1785 show that Sampson Carver was appointed Guardian to John on that date so he may have been born even a year later; the father’s will is dated 10 December 1766. In the will he leaves no land to James and John. He leaves them only slaves and other personal property to be held in trust for them by Sampson and William until they were of age. I believe William Braswell-Carver in his will, as in the case of Robert Braswell-Carver, named his children in order of age. The exception perhaps would be the daughter Mary. She was probably born about 1760. There are no records, that I’ve found, that indicate anything about the fate of James or John. I feel it is likely that they moved away or died very young. They inherited no land by their father’s will so either event could have taken place without creating much stir. There were a John and James Carver, of Cumberland Co., who bought land in Bladen from Jesse Newberry and wife Deborah, of Bladen Co., in 1771(Bladen Co. Deed Bk. 23, p. 296). However, by the above line of reasoning as to their ages it seems to me out of the question that they were sons of William Braswell-Carver. I have no idea to there identity. And, except for a lawsuit in July 1774, Alexander McPherson vs. John Carver, no other references to this earlier John and James has turned up in the records to give us a clue. Samuel Carver, who may have been the son of William Braswell-Carver, witnessed the deed of 1771. I doubt that, even he was not old enough at that time. This Samuel was more likely the son of Samuel Carver of Bladen Co., will 1758. At any rate there are these miscellaneous, as yet unidentified Carvers who may be responsible for some of the later generations that migrated south, or may themselves be the migrants.
  5. Mary Carver, daughter of William Braswell-Carver, married David Evans, brother to Josiah, Ann and Theophilus previously mentioned. According to the Evan’s Family Bible David was born 23 December 1753, died 2 October 1812. They had three children, only one of who lived to maturity, a son Jonathan (1784-1859), which was another great-great grandfather of mine. He was a first cousin once removed to Jonathan Evans, Jr., who married Maria Carver, daughter of Jesse. My maternal grandparents were cousins through three Carver-Evans intermarriages, which is the reason for this confusion – and my keen interest in these two families.


Information concerning the parents of Ann Carver found by later research was added to the above letter by W.S.G.

Following footnote: by W.S.G.

The original letter was written in 1965, as a response to Sibyl Rousseau Christie’s letter in which she was searching for a lost grandmother with the first name Mary whom she believed was a Carver. Mrs. Christie had strongly suspected that her grandmother was in the household of William Carver born in 1782, the son of Sampson Carver, on the Georgia Appling Co. census of 1820. She was trying to prove that Mary was the daughter of William Carver. The Rousseau family had been searching diligently for many years prior to the original date of this letter. Their lost grandmother was found in May of 1999 when a Florida cousin discovered pages copied from the Family Bible of William Carver. Mary was, in reality, Mary Clements daughter of Anny Wilson Clements Carver who was a widow and married William Carver in 1807.

The fact remains that there are two males that appear consistently on the census in North Carolina of William Carver in 1790, 1800 and 1810. We can account for by name and age all of the other children of William. There is a possibility that these two males were Sampson, who appears on the 1810 Cumberland Co. census, and Samuel who married Easter McNeil in 1805. This Samuel appears again in the 1812 Cumberland Co. Court Minutes as being detailed for road work along with two of his mill hands Bill and Dark. Samuel also appears on the 1815 Cumberland County tax list, one poll; no slaves and no real property. The census causes me to make the assumption that they were the children of William Carver. If this should be the case then it would be necessary to assume that both families perished in their entirety sometime after 1812 and before 1820. But here is a problem if Samuel was the son of William and married then by 1815 he should have been given property. Here is also another intriguing fact there is a Samuel Carver who appears on the 1806 Tattnall Co. GA property tax list, Sampson Carver acting as agent. Sampson had a son named Samuel but he would have been only somewhere around the age of 3/6 in 1803.

We found James and John Carver, the ones list above as #6 & #7, in 2003 on government land bounty records. They had joined the U. S. Army in 1814 and were posted to Fort Osage, Missouri. After being discharged from the army they remained out West.

* Bladen Co. NC Quaker Carvers

Contributed by Walter S. & Maxine C. Gabennesch

This is a revision and update of the facts contained in a letter written by William C, Fields on April 6, 1965 to a Mrs. W. J. Christie of Dunedin, Florida regarding the Genealogy of the Carver Families of Bladen and Cumberland County, North Carolina. The date of this revision is August 1, 1999.


Here is the Carver material I promised to send you. First I shall take up the Bladen Carvers. The wills Mr. Campbell sent you and a few deeds and land grants comprise the total record we have on this family. James, will 1738, was evidently the first of this family in North Carolina. He is supposed to come from Pennsylvania but there is no proof of this (documentary, that is). As his will shows he had four children: Samuel, James, Mary and Ann.

  1. Samuel Carver made a will in 1758, naming wife Arcadia and four children: James, Samuel, Mary and Sarah.

  1. James Carver made a will in 1753 naming wife Elizabeth and two children: Job and Elizabeth.

  1. Mary Carver married Charles Benbow and there are numerous descendants of these two, none of whom seem to know any more about these Carvers than we know.

  1. Ann Carver married William Maultsby, named as brother in the will of Samuel, 1758; he was actually brother-in-law. One of their sons William Maultsby II married Ann Evans.

James Carver, son of Samuel, will 1758, evidently died unmarried. His will, 1778, names various friends but Josiah Evans and Sarah Nixon are not referred to in the will as friends, as Mrs. Campbell’s abstract indicates. What he actually says is that if those various friends died without issue the property was to go to “Josiah Evans and his heirs the son of Sarah Nixon”. Sarah Nixon was his sister, Sarah Carver, who had married first Josiah Evans, brother of Ann Evans who married William Maultsby II, and second John Nixon. By Josiah Evans, Sarah had four children, one of whom was Josiah Evans II, born 1767, died 1841. It was he who was named in James Carver’s will. He was my (William C. Fields) great-great-great- grandfather.

This takes care of James and Sarah. Of the other two children of Samuel, will 1758: Samuel and Mary, nothing more is known. There are no Carvers in the Bladen Census of 1790 so it must be assumed that Samuel had either died or moved away. In the Bladen tax list of 1763 the only Carver is William, almost certainly he is William Carver-Braswell of the 1767 will. At that date Samuel was quite possibly too young to be listed. Samuel does show up the one and only time on the Bladen Co. tax list of 1770. He quite possibly could died or moved away after 1770. The only other Carver to show up on the Bladen Co. tax records besides William was his son Sampson Carver who paid tax on himself and three slaves, two males and one female, in the year 1774. In the Bladen tax list for Francis Lucas lists 1784 James Carver’s taxes, who was one of the executors of his estate. Jesse and Sampson Carver are on this list but they are obvious the Cumberland Co. Carvers (sons of William Braswell-Carver), as we know, they both owned property in Bladen as well.

Job and Elizabeth Carver, children of James, will 1753, moved to Pasquotank County. He appears there in the census of 1790. I have the records from his family Bible, which shows that he was born October 1st 1749, died 30th January 1799. He had several sons and two daughters, born between 1775 and 1792. The daughters were Elizabeth, born 29 July 1785, and Polly, born 23 June 1788. I don’t know what became of these two; they would have been of marriageable age in the early 1800’s.

The sources of the above information, aside from the wills, and tax lists noted, are the Evans family Bible and Cumberland County Court minutes. Those of Oct. 1778 stated that Sarah Evans, administratrix of Josiah Evans, had married John Nixon.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

* Britain Braswell of Nash Co., NC

- February 10, JACOB BRASWELL of Nash Co. to his son, BRITAIN BRASWELL, of same, for paternal love and affection a tract of 350 acres in Nash Co. Wit: JOHN H. DRAKE. (Nash Co., DB 4-277)

1798 - February 12, NATHAN BRASWELL of Robeson Co, NC to BRITTAIN BRASWELL of Nash Co., NC, for $200, a certain tract or parcel of land containing 250 acres; Beginning at a Pine, thence North 162 p to a stake, thence South 162 p to a Post Oak, thence East along Morris & Powell's line 251 p to a stake, thence South 162 p to a stake, thence West 251 p to the beginning. NATHAN (x) BRASWELL. Wit: SION BECKWITH. Nash County Feby Term 1798. The within Deed was in open Court duly acknowledged & ordered to be Registered. Wm Hall CC. And is registered. W.S. Mearns Reg. [Nash Co., NC DB 6 331-(295,296)]

1798 - February 13, BRITAIN BRASSWELL of Nash Co., NC to JESSE BRASSWELL of aforesaid, for $100, a certain tract or parcel of land containing 100 acres; Beginning at a stake, thence East 99 p to a White Oak in WILLIAM BRASSWELL'S line, thence WILLIAM BRASSWELL and JACOB BRASSWELL'S line South 162 poles to a stake in JACOB BRASSWELL'S line, thence West along his own line99 pole to a Pine, thence North 162 pole to the first station. BRITTAIN BRASSWELL. Wit: SION BECKWITH. Nash County Feby Term 1798. The within Deed was in open Court duly acknowledged & ordered to be Registered. Wm Hall CC. And is registered. W.S. Mearns Reg. [Ibid 333-(297)]

1800 - BRITAIN BRASWELL Nash Co. 0 0 0 2 0 - 1 0 0 1 0

1810 - BRITAIN BRASWELL Nash Co. 2 0 0 1 0 - 1 0 0 1 0

1815 - August 22, JACOB BRASWELL Will: "I give and bequeath to my son BRITTAIN BRASWELL one negro man named Stephen one negro girl named Olive and all her increase to be held and enjoyed by him and his heirs forever" (Nash Co., NC) NOTE: See bibb Co., GA estate for Stephen & Olive.

1820 - BRITAIN BRASWELL Nash Co. 1 2 0 0 0 1 - 1 0 0 0 1

1821 - September 24, BRITTAIN BRASWELL of Nash Co., NC to MOLLY VICK, daughter of NATHAN VICK. $450 for 400 acres on the north side of Pigbasket Creek adjacent to DEMPSEY MORRIS, BENJAMIN DENSON, SION BECKWITH, DEMPSEY BRASWELL, WILLIAM BRASWELL, JESSE BRASWELL & WOODARD. Witnessed by L.F. ELLEN. Registered Feby Term 1853. (Nash Co., NC DB 20 Pg 514)

1823 - August, The will of JACOB BRASWELL was exhibited in open court by GEORGE BODDIE one of the executors therein named. (Nash Co., NC)


1825 - February, BRITAIN BRASWELL purchased land from JAMES OSBORN in Bibb Co. GA. See that deed here: Britain Braswell 1825

According to the records, Britain Braswell is the 2nd great grandson of Richard Braswell the 1st & Sarah his wife of Isle of Wight Co., Virginia.


Updated April 27, 2011

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John & Alice Braswell

1720 - April, Old Albemarle tithables in Capt Patterson Co. from Meherin Cr to Mehering River on both sides: Willm Braswell. Richd Braswell, John Braswell. Robt Braswell.

- July 28, Richard Braswell Sr. writes his will naming wife Sarah, sons Richard, Robert, Valentine, Jacob & John. Daughters Martha Murfy, Ann Strickland & Jane Williams, & grandaughter Susanah. (Son William was not mentioned because he died in 1721 in Chowan Co., NC) Witnesses were Edward Powers Sr & Edward Powers. (IOW Co., VA County Record #2, THE GREAT BOOK, Pg 174)

1727 - October 13, John Braswell granted 345 acres on the south side of Nottaway River beginning on the north side of Doctor's Branch in Isle of Wight Co. VA

1730 - April 20, John Braswell and wife, Alice Braswell, to James Turner...100 acres adjoining Doctors Branch and Joseph West. Wit: Oliver Woodward, Roger Woodward and Nicholas (X) Gurley. Rec: 28 Sep 1730 John (X) Braswell, Alice (X) Braswell (IOW Co. VA DB 4 Pg 40)

1730 - July 18, John Braswell and wife, Alice Braswell, to Roger Woodward....245 acres adjoining Doctors Branch. Wit: James Turner, Oliver Woodward and Nicholas (X) Gurley. Rec: 28 Sep 1730 John (X) Braswell, Alice (X) Braswell. (IOW Co. VA DB 4 Pg 43)

NOTE that Susannah Burgess Braswell's son Richard received 150 acres from Richard Washington and his wife Elizabeth Jordan on October 4, 1717 which he sold to Oliver Woodard on September 26, 1720.

1732 - September 28, John Braswell granted 395 acres on the south side of Nottaway River beginning on the south side of the Beaver Dam Swamp just below the mouth of a small branch, in Isle of Wight Co. (Virginia State Library)

1733/34 - February 18, Joseph West and wife, Ann West, to Thomas Cranshaw...150 acres on the north side of Arthur's Swamp and bounded by the south side of the Meherrin River and Co. John Allen. Wit: J. Turner, John (X) Braswell. Rec. 23 Sep 1734. Joseph (X) West, Ann (X) West. (IOW Co., VA DB 4 1728-1736 Pg 366)

1733 - July 14, John Braswell to William Wood...195 acres on the south side of Nottoway River and bounded by Beaver Dam Swamp, the School House Branch, Nicholas Gurley, "along the said Line to the meadow that Sarah Braswell now lives upon" and James Forrester. Wit: John Turner, James (X) Forrester and Ann (X) Forrester. Rec: 23 Dec 1734 John (X) Braswell, Alice (X) Braswell (IOW Co., VA DB 4 Pg 385)

1733/34 - March 20, Sarah Braswell wrote her will naming her son John Braswell & grandson John Braswell Jr. her executors, her daughter Jane, & "the other of my said Son John's Children namely Mary Benjamin William & Sampson Braswell". Witnessed by Richard Blow Jr., Samuel (X) Smith, Samuel Willis. (IOW Co., VA WB 4 Pg 64)

1734 - November 20, John Braswell and wife, Alice Braswell to Joseph Cobb Jr....200 acres adjoining said Braswell's other land (being land granted John Braswell on 28 Sep 1732) "along the said Braswell's line to a small pine in a Meadow" Wit: Thomas Jarrell, William (X) Newsum, Samuel (X) Bozeman. Rec: 24 Nov 1734. John (X) Braswell, Alice (X) Braswell. (IOW Co., VA DB 4 Pg 379)

1735 - April, Robert Evans to Nicholas Fairless, 60 pounds for 640 acres Adjacent William Maul on Killam Swamp at Treddle Keefe's corner adjacent James Bons. Granted to John Cherryholme on April 6, 1722 now due Robert Evans by an order of council. Wit: John Brasswell, Christopher Zehn. February Court 1735. John Wynns D.C/C. (Bertie Co. NC DB D Pg 237. Nona Williams)

1735 - September 30, Thomas Man: Sons: John (my plantation and 640 acres of land), Thomas. Cousin: William Crawman (land on Killam Swamp). Daughter: Mary. Grandson George Williams. Wife: Bridgette. Executors: George Williams Sr. and Thomas Busby. Wit: Charles Horne, George Williams, Junr. CC John Wynns. (Bertie County. Nov Court, 1735)

1735 - October 5, George Williams. Wife Margaret, daughter Mary Williams not yet 16 years old, Father George Williams and brother Richard Williams executors. Wit: Charles Horne, Thos Brown, Tho Andrews. (Bertie Co. NC)

1744 - Feb. William Braswell listed as an orphan, 14 years old, committed to the care of Richard Williams. (Bertie Court Records, NC Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. II, page 625) (Bill Fields)

Updated May 27, 2010

John Braswell & Hannah

1762 – August 12, I, John Brassell…of the County of Granville & Province of North Carolina doe promise to pay unto Thomas Persson of the County & Province aforesd or to his Assigns the Sum of Ninety one Pounds Six Shillings & three Pence Proc. Money it being for Value Recd. Of him to which payment well & duly to be made to the sd Person his Heirs Exctr or Assigns I bind myself my Heirs Extr or Admrs & Assigns in the penal Sum of one Hundred & Eighty two pounds Thirteen Shillins & three pence proc..........………signed John Braswell in the presence of B. ____son, Francis Hutchins. (Edenton District Superior Court Records, 1763, copied by Carey Bracewell)

1763John Bazwell permitted to keep an ordinary at Thomas Mutter's old store (from Gayle Ellison – from Granville County, NC, Court Minutes 1746-1789)

1763 – May Term, Edenton Superior Court, Thomas Person complains of John Braswell of the County of Granville Planter in custody of the Sheriff …..of a plea that he render to him one hundred and eighty two pounds thirteen shillings and three pence proclamation money which to him he owes and unjustly detains for this to wit that whereas the said John on the twelfth Day of August in the Year one thousand seven hundred and sixty two at Chowan County………the said Thomas in fact saith that the said John did not pay to the said Thomas the side ninety one pounds……..which he ought to have paid to him according to the form and effect of the said bill, here by an action has accrued to the said Thomas to demand and have of the said John the said one hundred….. nevertheless the said John although often enquired &C hat not yet paid the said one hundred……(Edenton District Superior Court Records 1763-1764)

1763 – New Actions to May Sup. Court 1763. Case #141, Thomas Person vs John Braswell, debt. Judgt confest as above (i.e. by the Bill of Obligatory) for ……..(this case was the fourth of six such suits filed by Person, who was obviously a merchant person, ….. Copied by Carey Bracewell

1764 - January 28, John Braswell to William Bennet, both of Northampton, for 65 pds current money of Virginia, 490 acres beginning at the mouth of a branch bending on George Sellars line to the head line of the patent then bending on sd patent line to the first station. Witnesses: James Cunningham & John Wade. Signed: John Braswell, Jane Braswell the Mother of said John Braswell and Hannah Brasswell the wife of said John Brasswell.

1764 – May Docket includes a note quoting the Sheriff of Northampton County saying “the Defendant moved to Orange before the issuing of this Writ.” The case was still in the courts in 1772 and 1773 by which time they were looking for John in Guilford – from Carey Bracewell quoting Bill Fields.

1770 – Surry County formed from Rowan County and located along the Virginia border beside Guilford County which was formed in 1770 from Rowan and Orange Counties.

1771-1775John Brasell signed a Petition of Inhabitants of Guilford County, requesting the location of the courthouse and public buildings. Undated. (Gayle Ellison from The Petition of the Inhabitants of Guilford County. Transcribed in The Guilford Genealogist, Vol. 18, November 2, 1991, No. 52 from The colonial Records of North Carolina Vol. IX-1771-1775 edited by William L. Saunders, Raleigh 1890, pp 806-809)

1772-1778John Brasel/Brazel was listed on John Tate store accounts. The code given by his name was for bad credit. (Guilford Genealogist, Spring 1992, p.106, from Eunice Young)

1779 - May 12, John Brasel. # 310. Book 41, p.43. 400 acres in Surry, beg. @ David Green's NW corner pine, N across Beaverdam Creek. The Warrant, # 943, for 400a on both sides of Beaverdam Creek, "including his improvements", was issued May 12, 1779, and was surveyed two days later by Henry Speer with chainbearers Wm & Robert Head. The grant was issued April 3, 1780. (Nona Williams)

1780John Brassell in the Allen Settlement on Peach Bottom Branch in the northwest corner on Ironworks Road of Yadkin County Neighbors were Joseph Allen, John Coe. Yadkin County was formed in 1850 from Surry County (Fred Hughes historical map of Yadkin Co., NC. From Nona Williams)

1782 – Surry County Tax List for Captain Cook’s District: John Braswell no land, 3 horses/mules, 2 cattle (Gayle Ellison)

1782 – November 12, John Braswell sold 200 acres to Joseph Allen on oath of John Thomas Logino. Witnesses: John Tho Longino and John Soasbury (B—233) (from Gayle Ellison)

1782 – November 7, John Braswell and wife Hannah to John Coe, 45 pds, 200 acres, Beaver Dam Creek, water of Yadkin River. State grant to Braswell (Surry County Deed Book C, page 60) (from AOL Message Board)

1784John Braswell sold 200 acres to John Coe . Witnesses: John Tho Logino, Job Soasbury and Wm. Robinson. (from Gayle Ellison)

1784 - June 1, John Braswell. # 2320. Book 116, p. 370. 400 acres in Surry on Beaver Dam & Bean Shole Creeks, on the south side of Yadkin River, beg. @ William Fuqua's NE corner of 300 acres "whereon Isiah Coe now lives" was entered in February, 1780. Warrant #1962 for 400a now adjacent Ambrose Hammon's line was issued June 1, 1784. It was surveyed June 10, 1797, by H. Speer with Joshua Speer & Joshua Brown, chain carriers. Grant issued December 9, 1802. (Nona Williams)

1787 – January 22, Joseph Allen, Spartanburg, South Carolina, for love to his son Daniel Allen all his land on Beaver Dam Creek waters Yadkin river, 200 acres part greater tract granted John Brasell by the State of North Carolina (page 10, Surry Co., NC, Deed Books D, E and F, 1779-1797 by Absher, Southern Historical Press. From Gayle Ellison)

1788 – Surry County Tax List, Capt. Krouse’s District: John Braswell 1 poll on list of insolvents (Page 55, Surry County Court Minutes by Absher) (from Gayle Ellison)

NOTE: The paper trail for this John Braswell leads back to Susannah Braswell & Richard Towle.