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John & Alice Braswell

1720 - April, Old Albemarle tithables in Capt Patterson Co. from Meherin Cr to Mehering River on both sides: Willm Braswell. Richd Braswell, John Braswell. Robt Braswell.

- July 28, Richard Braswell Sr. writes his will naming wife Sarah, sons Richard, Robert, Valentine, Jacob & John. Daughters Martha Murfy, Ann Strickland & Jane Williams, & grandaughter Susanah. (Son William was not mentioned because he died in 1721 in Chowan Co., NC) Witnesses were Edward Powers Sr & Edward Powers. (IOW Co., VA County Record #2, THE GREAT BOOK, Pg 174)

1727 - October 13, John Braswell granted 345 acres on the south side of Nottaway River beginning on the north side of Doctor's Branch in Isle of Wight Co. VA

1730 - April 20, John Braswell and wife, Alice Braswell, to James Turner...100 acres adjoining Doctors Branch and Joseph West. Wit: Oliver Woodward, Roger Woodward and Nicholas (X) Gurley. Rec: 28 Sep 1730 John (X) Braswell, Alice (X) Braswell (IOW Co. VA DB 4 Pg 40)

1730 - July 18, John Braswell and wife, Alice Braswell, to Roger Woodward....245 acres adjoining Doctors Branch. Wit: James Turner, Oliver Woodward and Nicholas (X) Gurley. Rec: 28 Sep 1730 John (X) Braswell, Alice (X) Braswell. (IOW Co. VA DB 4 Pg 43)

NOTE that Susannah Burgess Braswell's son Richard received 150 acres from Richard Washington and his wife Elizabeth Jordan on October 4, 1717 which he sold to Oliver Woodard on September 26, 1720.

1732 - September 28, John Braswell granted 395 acres on the south side of Nottaway River beginning on the south side of the Beaver Dam Swamp just below the mouth of a small branch, in Isle of Wight Co. (Virginia State Library)

1733/34 - February 18, Joseph West and wife, Ann West, to Thomas Cranshaw...150 acres on the north side of Arthur's Swamp and bounded by the south side of the Meherrin River and Co. John Allen. Wit: J. Turner, John (X) Braswell. Rec. 23 Sep 1734. Joseph (X) West, Ann (X) West. (IOW Co., VA DB 4 1728-1736 Pg 366)

1733 - July 14, John Braswell to William Wood...195 acres on the south side of Nottoway River and bounded by Beaver Dam Swamp, the School House Branch, Nicholas Gurley, "along the said Line to the meadow that Sarah Braswell now lives upon" and James Forrester. Wit: John Turner, James (X) Forrester and Ann (X) Forrester. Rec: 23 Dec 1734 John (X) Braswell, Alice (X) Braswell (IOW Co., VA DB 4 Pg 385)

1733/34 - March 20, Sarah Braswell wrote her will naming her son John Braswell & grandson John Braswell Jr. her executors, her daughter Jane, & "the other of my said Son John's Children namely Mary Benjamin William & Sampson Braswell". Witnessed by Richard Blow Jr., Samuel (X) Smith, Samuel Willis. (IOW Co., VA WB 4 Pg 64)

1734 - November 20, John Braswell and wife, Alice Braswell to Joseph Cobb Jr....200 acres adjoining said Braswell's other land (being land granted John Braswell on 28 Sep 1732) "along the said Braswell's line to a small pine in a Meadow" Wit: Thomas Jarrell, William (X) Newsum, Samuel (X) Bozeman. Rec: 24 Nov 1734. John (X) Braswell, Alice (X) Braswell. (IOW Co., VA DB 4 Pg 379)

1735 - April, Robert Evans to Nicholas Fairless, 60 pounds for 640 acres Adjacent William Maul on Killam Swamp at Treddle Keefe's corner adjacent James Bons. Granted to John Cherryholme on April 6, 1722 now due Robert Evans by an order of council. Wit: John Brasswell, Christopher Zehn. February Court 1735. John Wynns D.C/C. (Bertie Co. NC DB D Pg 237. Nona Williams)

1735 - September 30, Thomas Man: Sons: John (my plantation and 640 acres of land), Thomas. Cousin: William Crawman (land on Killam Swamp). Daughter: Mary. Grandson George Williams. Wife: Bridgette. Executors: George Williams Sr. and Thomas Busby. Wit: Charles Horne, George Williams, Junr. CC John Wynns. (Bertie County. Nov Court, 1735)

1735 - October 5, George Williams. Wife Margaret, daughter Mary Williams not yet 16 years old, Father George Williams and brother Richard Williams executors. Wit: Charles Horne, Thos Brown, Tho Andrews. (Bertie Co. NC)

1744 - Feb. William Braswell listed as an orphan, 14 years old, committed to the care of Richard Williams. (Bertie Court Records, NC Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. II, page 625) (Bill Fields)

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