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Britain Brazeal, Jackson Co. GA 1822

Jackson County
Know all men by these presents that I Rolley Bowen of the state & County aforesaid for divers good causes to me shewn by my beloved daughter Sally Bowen of the same state and County do confess myself moved with compassion to wards her for good will to wards me in my helpless situation I do give to her my beloved daughter Sally the following property that is to say one feather Bed and furniture & two Cows and calves both of the Cows Brindled colour & six puter plates & a puter dish & 2 Basons & two pots and one baker all of this I do covenant & agree to & give to my beloved daughter Sally for her good will and affection to ward me free from me and entirely clear from my heirs Executors administrators or assigns to the only proper use and benefit of Sally Bowen her heirs and assigns and again I do certify that the above named articles to wit, one feather bed and furniture and two cows and calves both of the Cows brindled colour and six puter plates & one puter dish & 2 Basans & two pots & one baker I do relinquish my entire right & sole power of the same to my best friend and daughter Sally for her own use and benefit free from me my heirs Executors administrators & from all and Singular all and every person or persons whatsoever claiming or any wise to claim in testimony of the lawfulness of this gift I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this fourth day of November 1821
Rolley B. (his mark) Bowen (LS)

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of
Isaac Burson Jun
Britain Brazeal
Robert Watkins J.P.

N.B. It is to be understood that the named property is not to be taken from me as long as my self or my wife lives after that it belongs to my beloved daughter Sally Bowen Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of -

Recorded the 6th day of November 1822
Edward Adams Clk"

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Britain Braswell Chatham Co., NC 1785

Deed Book C, page 400

January 3, 1785. "James Parham of Chatham County and State of North Carolina of the one part and Drury Parham of the County and State aforesaid of the other part." -- "for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred & twenty pounds Lawfull money"----"one certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in Chatham County on the south side of Cape Fear River beginning at a white oak at Thomas Partridge's corner on the said river runing up said river and out to said James Parham's back line for the compliment of one hundred and twenty five acres of land"----- (signed) James Parham. Witnesses: John Bargin Nier, Benjamin Yarbrough, Britain Brazil, Wm. Ragland. "Febry Sessions Chatham County 1785. Certified that the within deed was duly proved in open court by the oath of Britain Braswell and ordered to be registered. test. John Ramsey CC"

Britain Brazeal, Jackson Co. GA 1813

, Book F, page 69

"Georgia Jackson County
This Indenture made this second day of April in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred & thirteen between William Lyles of Prince Georges County & State of Maryland by his Attorney in fact George N. Lyles of the County & State first aforesaid of the one part & Britain Brazael of the County & State first aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said William Lyles by his Attorney in fact George N. Lyles for & in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars to him in hand paid at or before the sealing & delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained & sold & by these presents doth grant bargain & sell unto the said Britain Brazeal his heirs & assigns forever in fee simple the following piece or parcel of Land being part of a tract of land granted to Col Leonard Marbury the eighth day of November seventeen hundred & eighty six for eleven hundred & fifty acres & conveyed from said Marbury by his Attorney in fact Dailo? William Baker to Thomas Hanson & by said Hanson to the said William Lyles all of which said several deeds & power of Attorney is recorded amongst the records of Jackson County a reference thereto will more fully appear Beginning on said Marbury's line on a pine runing south forty five degrees west forty chains to a hickory thence North forty five degrees west twenty five Chains to a white oak on Ignatius Fews line thence north forty five degrees East forty Chains to a Peach tree & Rock on said Fews line thence south forty five degrees East twenty five Chains to the beginning containing & now laid out for one hundred Acres of Land more or less To have & to hold the aforesaid piece or parcel of land with all of the improvements thereon unto the said Britain Brazeal his heirs & assigns forever And the said William Lyles by his Attorney George N. Lyles doth warrant & forever defend the aforesaid piece of land unto the said Britain Braziel against the claim or claims of all & every person or persons whatsoever In Witness whereof the said William Lyles by his Attorney in fact George N. Lyles hath hereunto set his hand & Seal the day & year first aforesaid
Signed Sealed & acknowledged in presence of
Test Geo Pentecost
Richard Pentecost J.P.

(on right side)
William Lyles
by his Attorney in fact
Geo N. Lyles (seal)

(in middle)
(In the thirteenth line from the beginning the words "his heirs & assigns for ever in fee Simple" being first interlined)

Recorded the 4th day of March 1814
Edward Adams Clk"

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Jefferson Co. Marriage Records 1803 - 1880

Elizabeth Brassel & Canty Poston 10 Dec 1867

Elizabeth Brassell & Canty Postin 10 Dec 1867

Elizabeth Brassel & Joseph Thompson 4 Mar 1847

Elizabeth Brassell & James N. Hadden 28 Jan 1851

Isaac Bracewell & Lizzie Jackson 22 Dec 1878

John Brassell & Judy Thompson 23 Dec 1852

John W. Brassell & Delaney V. Irby 20 Oct 1864

Larkin Brassell & Nancy Coleman 12 Dec 1852

M. E. Brassell & Daniel Gliver 28 Apr 1867

Mary Brassell & Lawson Williams 5 Dec 1833 *

Martha E. Brassell & Daniel Glover 28 Apr 1867

Martha E. Brassell & Ransom Henderson 22 Mar 1866

Nancy Brassell & Wiley Hutchens 13 Dec 1867

Nathan E. Brassell & Martha E. Williams 17 Feb 1863

Sarah Brassell & John A. Irby 13 Sep 1865

Sarah E. Brassel & R. B. Faglie 21 Dec 1871

Sarah M. Brassel & R. B. Faglie 21 Dec 1871

William A. Brassel & Rebecca Chawker 22 Aug 1872

* Mary or Polly Brassell or Brazil

Familysearch Extracted Marriage Records Batch No. M713141

Laurens Co. Marriages 1853 - 1886

Alley C. Bracewell & A. B. Holliday 5 Jul 1874

Celia Brazael & Joseph Coates 12 Mar 1881

Elvinia F. E. Bracewell & Charles R. Winham 11 Aug 1872

F. M. Bracewell & Jennie Branch 24 May 1877

Georga Ann Bracewell & Leander Haroon 31 May 1866

James D. Bracewell & Martha J. Bryant 14 Jan 1862

James J. R. Bracewell & Susan Branch 28 Sep 1875

James T. Braswell & Kitty B. Coleman 10 Mar 1878

Jessee Bracewell & Tabitha E. Hester 27 Sep 1866

John K. Braswell & Nancy W. Bryant 10 Feb 1876

Louisa Jane Bracewell & John Wyatt 1 Apr 1868

Mary J. Bracewell & W.S. Bryan 3 Oct 1862

Osie M. L. Bracewell & William S. Brantley 3 Feb 1872

P. C. Bracewell & L. A. Harden 26 Dec 1877

Ridley Amelia Bracewell & Henry Harden 18 Sep 1873

Robert S. Braswell & Margaret C. Warren 27 Jan 1876

Rutha Braswell & John N. Darsey 19 Dec 1865

S. T. Bracewell & Eugenia Harden 15 Dec 1872

Sarah A. Bracewell & J. L. Bennett 23 Dec 1880

Sarah E. Bracewell & Thomas F. Lock 23 Dec 1868

W. D. Bracewell & Columbia Cooper 23 Jan 1879

William A. Bracewell & Sarah Ann E. Williams 5 Mar 1857

W. W. Bracewell & H. J. Cooper 23 Jan 1879

Familysearch Extracted Marriage Records Batch No. M713173

Walton Co. Marriages 1857 - 1884

Ephraim Braswell & Mary E. Brewer 24 Dec 1872

Fannie E. Braswell & G.W.M. Chandler 4 Feb 1875

George A. Braswell & Mary S. Weatherford 4 Oct 1857

Isaac A. Braswell & Georgia A. Robertson 2 Dec 1875

James Z. Braswell & Emma J. Robertson 3 Dec 1872

Letty Braswell & J.M. Brantley 19 Oct 1865

Lewis E. Braswell & Nancy Emley Miller 12 Jan 1860

Louisa Braswell & Hartwell Odum 19 Feb 1871

Lucinda Braswell & Samuel Mc Guire 10 Feb 1881

Marion Braswell & Ann Brown 23 Jan 1879

Martha A. Braswell & W.V. Brand 4 Jan 1866

Mary L. Braswell & Rufus H. Parker 9 Oct 1873

Matilda Braswell & James R. Whitley 28 Feb 1872

Nancy Braswell & Sam Daniel 9 Jan 1879

Selina C. Braswell & Robert H. Moore 7 Oct 1870

William W. Braswell & Eliza A. Harper 2 Jul 1871

Familysearch Extracted Marriage Records Batch No. M713902

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Wilmington District Superior Court Minutes

Oct. 1760 - Nov 1783

June 1, 1768

The Honble. Harton Howard Esquire Chief Justice, associate justices The Honble Manrow Moore Esq and "The Honble Richd Henderson, Esq.

On this day Richard Seymore and Noel Williams alias Noel Brasswell were tried on an unspecified felony and both found guilty. Prosecution witnesses, the "Evidences sworn", were James & Susannah Kennedy, and Joseph Kirkland, who had brought these boys back from South Carolina to where they had fled. The Seamores were neighbors of the Bracewells in Orange County.. The jury contained 12 men from the Wilmington area with no apparent connection with the defendants. Court adjourned.

On Thursday, June 2, The court tried Noel Williams alias Noel Braswell, Thomas Seamore & Richard Seamore' on charges of Horse stealing. Defendants pled not guilty, and the "Jury fined the Defendt Guilty & that he had no land &c in each case. Wm Hooper Council for the deft. moved for an Arrest of Judgment. Motion overruled--" page 136 "The Prisoner Noel Williams being arraign'd pleaded not guilty whereupon a Jury was impanneld & Sworn who upon their oath say that the said Prisoner Noel Williams otherwise called Noel Bracewell is guilty of the Felony whereof he stands charged in the Indictment and that the said Prisoner had no Lands or tenements Goods or Chattels at the time of the Commiting the Felony or at any time since to their Knowledge upon which the Prisoner being again brought to the bar the Court Proceeded to pass Sentence upon the Prisoner in manner following. To Wit that he shall be taken from the Bar to the place from whence he came & from thence to the place of Execution there to be hanged by the Neck until he should be dead and that the Sherriff should do Execution of the said Sentence on Friday the Tenth day of this Instant June between the hours of Eleven and Two". In exactly the same words, the death sentence was passed on to Thomas and Richard Swamore.

The Virginia Gazette May 12, 1768
An excerpt of a letter from Wilmington in North Carolina, dated the 6th ???
"I am sorry to find, by the last accounts from home, that we have no prospect of obtaining leave of a new esission of paper currency, as unless some medium is fallen on to answer the end of a circulating currency in trade, no business can be carried on in this province: Our exports being bad, we receive very little specie ); and, if my information is right, the currency now circulating, does not exceed five Shillings each person. Our public tax this year is 7 s., 6d per poll and there is already laid on 8s ?? for the next; exclusive of this, we have a duty on spiritous liquors of 6 d. per gallon, besides county, parish and other internal taxes. The people, however, far from grumbing, knowing these taxes to be necessary for the support of government, would cheerfully pay them, if it was in their power; it is not, and what will be the consequence, I cannot tell; I am afraid there will be much consufion. Persons of property will not accept the sherriff's office in several counties, because, if they do, they are obliged to collect the taxes; individuals suft consequently suffer for want of an executive officer to serve precepts and make execution: This in a short time must put a stop to al credit, and of course occasion a stegnation of all benefits.___I have the pleasure to inform you, that one Captain Kirkland, from the back part of your province, about 10 days ago, brought down to this town, three of the most notorious robbers and horse-stealers that have lately infested the bordrs of the two Carolinas; Two of the Seymour's; and Noel Williams. It is suppofed they were concerned in robbing Mr. M'Dougal, of Kingftos?, on the Waccamas: Since the commitment of the above, two others have been taken and committed. They must remain in jail til the 7 of May next, when the court will fit, and by which time I hope more of them will be catched: As one of them has turned King's evidence, he will probably give information of many more of that desperate gang. The Governor has ordered a party of militia to guard the jail till the court, left they should escape; this will prevent it."--

The Virginia Gazette July, 28, 1768
"By Captain Ward from N Carolina we learn that three of the principals concerned in horsestealing, and other outrages committed some time since on the frontiers of that province, were lately tried, comdemned, and hanged at Wilmington; and that the militia who had done duty in guarding the goal for some months past were discharged from that service.
We further learn from North Carolina that the destressed situation of that province, occasioned by the restrictions of trade, and the arbitrary conduct of some, who were intrusted with liberties of their country, had caused great commotions; that great numbers of the inhabitants in the back parts had assembled together in order to get their aggrievances redressed, and that they had sent an express to the Governour, who is gone to inquire into the cause of their complaint."

The Virginia Gazette Sept. 8, 1768
"August 16. Laft Friday Mr. Ifaac Waldron, ? one of our pilots, arrived here in his pilot boat from Cape Fear, who informs us that a few days before he left Brunswick, express arrived there from Orange County, in that province, where brought an account of about 300 of the back inhabitants having assembled together and come down to the town of Salisbury in order to free a few notorious horsestealers, & c. who were committed to goal there; that in open violation of the laws they broke open the said goal and took those criminals out, after which they sat fire to it, which in a short time was entirely consumed to ashes, and then marched off in triumph with their refuted friends, not meeting with any interruption all the while, as the people were not able to oppose them."

Chatham History Website

Georgia Newspaper Clippings

Laurens County Extracts (1810 - 1892) By Tad Evans

Tuesday, November 3, 1818
Georgia, Laurens County,-- Whereas James Bracewell applies for letters of administration on the estate of Richard Bracewell, deceased... Given under my hand at office this 29th day of October,1818. (Signed) AMOS Love, C.C.O.

Tuesday, November 23, 1819
Notice,--All persons indebted to the estate of Richard Bracewell, deceased, are hereby requested to meet the administrator at the court-house of Laurens County, on the 1st Monday in January next, and make payment...(signed) James Bracewell, Adm.

Tuesday, December 16, 1821
Georgia, Laurens County: will be sold before the Court house door in said county on the first Tuesday in April, next, between the legal hours of sale, all of the property belonging to the estate of Richard Bracewell, late of said county, deceased. Sold for the benifit of the heirs and creditors of said estate. (Signed) James Bracewell

Friday, November 20, 1891
D.G.Smith Murders W.D.Bracewell in Laurens County Last Monday Afternoon, So say's the Coroner's Jury-- $150 Reward.

There was murder most foul committed at McRae's mill, in the lower edge of Laurens County, last Monday afternoon. Daniel W. Smith is the murderer, and Wm. D. Bracewell was the victim. It appears that Smith and Bracewell met at the mill, and going off perhaps fifty feet from the place, appeared to be engaged in ordinary conversation. Finally Bracewell turned to walk off, when Smith, without one word of warning, struck him just above the right ear with a heavy stick, inflicting an ugly wound, from which the unfortunate man died in about three hours. Smith at once escaped, and has not been apprehended. There is a reward of $150 offered for his arrest. The coroner's jury returned a verdict to the effect that Smith is guilty of murder in the first

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Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774

His Majesty's Ship Norfolk Muster Book:
A List of Soldiers belonging to the American Regiment borne by order of Sir Chaloner Ogle, dated 14 March 1740 through October 1741

90...Soldier..............Brazwell, Jn:o (1) D, 6 Apr 1741

Muster Roll of Edgecombe County Militia, North Carolina, [1750's]

Captain Aqueler Suggs Company

28...Soldier.............Brasswell, Joseph
80...Soldier.............Brasswell, William

Captain Jacob Whitehead's Company

59...Soldier.............Brasswell, Jacob
63...Soldier.............Brasswell, William
97...Soldier.............Brasswell, Athur

Captain Solomon Alston's Company

8....Corporal..........Brasswell, Benjamin
14..Soldier.............Brasswell, Benjamin
62...Soldier............Brasswell, Simond

Captain Benjamin Lane's Company
38...Soldier...........Brasswell, William

Captain Elisha Williams' Company
8...Corporal..........Brasswell, James


Muster Roll of Captain Charles Matthews' Company:
19...Private..........Brasswell, Vallintine
20...Private..........Brasswell, Henry
61...Private..........Brasswell, Joseph
63...Private..........Brasswell, Benjamin

Muster Roll of Captain Elisha Cain's Company, 1772:
2......Lieutenant.....Williams, Braswell
10....Private...........Braswell, Vallentine, Jun.


List of colonel John Chevillette's Battalion
of South Carolina Militia in the 1759 Cherokee
Expedition, Reported on June 6, 1760

Pay Roll of Captain Alexander Shaw's Company, under the command of Colonel John Chevillette

379...Private.............Brasswell, Kindred

Also listed:
William Brappel 1742
Tho:s Brassell 1740

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Thompson, Samuel, Surry, 1720

Wills and Administrations of Surry County, Virginia 1671-1750

THOMPSON, Samuel: Leg.- The land at Cypress Swamp to my brother, Wm. Thompson, not to be sold, but to any shild (sic) of his. To my nephew, Samuel Thompson my entry at Three Creeks, and land at the head of Crouches' Creek, that I lately escheated, 200 acres, not to be possessed by him until the death of my wife, Mary, and the death of his father, Wm. Thompson. To my brother, Wm. Thompson, my land at Meherrin that I bought of Wm. Braswell, at the death of my wife, Mary. To cousin, Wm. Mosely, land upon Nottoway River between the forks of Atamoosack, it being 200 acres, provided he will come to it and live on it himself; if not, the land to go to my brother, Wm. Thompson, and cousin, Samuel Thompson, after his father's death. To brother William Thompson, the land where Thos. Higgs lives. My wife to enjoy the profits of all my lands, my brother and cousins to live on them, then at her death, all the rest of the land not mentioned in this will to my brother William; where I live to cousin, Samuel Thompson; if he die, his share to cousins, Katherine Thompson, William Thompson, John Thompson, Wm. Mosely and Mary Mosely, equally divided. To my "Necey", Elizabeth Thompson, a gold ring that was given me by my father - Posey, being prepared to follow me, W. T. To Wm. Marriott a seal ring that was my wife's father's ring. To cousin, Robert Payne, a gold buttons and shirt buckle. To cousin, Samuel Thompson, all my Doctor's books, Prayer Books, and Divinity Books, and makes brother, William Thompson, Exer. Made: 20 Sept., 1720. Prob: 17 May, 1721. Wit: Wm. Foster, Samuel Alsobrooke. Bk. 7, p. 334.

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NOTE: William Braswell is the son of Richard Braswell the 1st, proved by the probate record of Susannah Burgess Braswell.

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Mary Taylor, Richland, 1788

Will of Mary Taylor

In the Name of God Amen I Mary Taylor of the State So' Carolina Richland County do this 5th day July 1788 make and ordain this my Last will and Testament in Manner and form following--In the first place I Commend my Soul to god through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ my only Savior and my body I Commit to to the Earth to be Buried at the Descretion of my Executor hereafter Mentioned and as Touching Such Worldly Estate as it hath pleased god to bless me withall I give and Desire in manner following, that is to Say my Will is my Funeral Charges and all my just debts to be duly paid - Item I give and Desire my wearing apperal and Peuter to be Equally Divided between my three Cousins, Elizabeth Brazell Mary Howell and Ann Strouman, and my Chairs be Given to Elizabeth Brazell -- Item I Give unto Undice Brazell the Bed and Furniture where on I Now Lay - Then I give and Bequeath unto Mary Howell Daughter of Arthur Howell and Mary Howell his wife, one feather Bed and furniture - Item I give unto Sarah Howell my Clothes Chest - Item I give annd Bequeath unto my friend John Bostick my three Negroe Woman Viz - Fann Crease & Grace to him and his heirs for ever and all the rest of my estate be it of whatever nature it will, as not before mentioned in the Said will finally I do appoint my True and Trusty friend John Bostick Nathan Williams and Thomas Williams Jun. to be the only and Sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament
Mary (her X Mark) Taylor
Signed Sealed and Declared to be the Last will and Testament of
the testator In the presence of us
William Graves
W.M. Paulling
P. Chambless

Richland County
August Term 1790
The within last Will and Testament of Mary Taylor Deceased was produced in Open Court and duly proved upon the Evidence of William Paulling, and Ordered to be Recorded.
Phil. Pearson C.C.
Richland County Recorded in Book B folio 136 the 15 Sept. 1790. Recorded in Will Book B Page 136 Box 30 Package 737.

South Carolina Archives

Nicholas Tilford Braswell 1822-1893

NICHOLAS TILFORD BRASWELL, deceased, was a native of Smith county, Tennessee, born in 1822, and died in Eddyville, Kentucky, in 1893. He came to his place about 1844, and for nearly a half century was conspicuous among men of affairs in western Kentucky. When he arrived in Eddyville he engaged in the manufacture of furniture, and later became a general trader and trafficker, while subsequently he was owner of a wharfboat at Eddyville and proprietor of the old Brasswell Hotel which still stands in Eddyville, on the bank of the Cumberland, one of the old landmarks of the town. He entered into general merchandising, and for many years did a flourishing business, accumulating a large estate and establishing a high mercantile credit and rating, being known for many years as "the merchant prince of western Kentucky." His sagacity in business affairs was remarkable, his judgement sound and his integrity above question. Mr. Braswell married Miss Annapola Cresap, a lady of superior accomplishments, who was indeed a worthy helpmate and companion to him. In Mr. Braswell his fellow townsmen imposed implicit confidence. His life was a career of usefulness, and he will long be held in affectionate remembrance by those who knew him. With limited means he began his business career, yet he applied himself diligently to his work, and his energy and enterprise were unsurpassed, while his generosity, his integrity and prudence, winning him success in life, should serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement to others. (#6967: Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Lewis Publishing Company, 1904,pp 715 [Lyon])

NOTE: Nicholas Tilford Braswell is the son of Archibald G[riffin?] Braswell, who was the son of Dempsey Braswell & Elizabeth Griffin (daughter of Hardy Griffin & sister of Archibald Griffin).

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Cherrey, Jacob, Kershaw Dist, 1823

South Carolina Kershaw District

In the name of God Amen I Jacob Cherry being sick and weak in body, but of sound mind memory and understanding praised be God for it and considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty the time thereof and to the end I may be better prepared to leave this world when ever it shall please God to call me hence doe therefore make and declare this my last will and testament in manner following First and principally I recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God my Creator and as to my estate First I give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Sarah Cherrey the hole of my estate boath real and personal during her natural life time and after her death I give and bequeath all my land to My sons Jacob Cherry & David Cherrey boath to share and share alike - My Personlally estate to be equally divided between Jacob Cherrey David Cherrey and the ares of my daughter Elizabeth Cherrey (and marey Cherrey who left three heirs which will be entitled to one share viz that is to say the one fourth of my Personally estate) I further give to my grand children Penelipy Terry John Pearce Mary Pearce Weley Pearce Charles Pearce Elizabeth Pearce One hundred dollars each to be paid out of my two sons Jacob Cherry & David Cherry propotion. And I do hereby constitute and appoint my two sons Jacob Cherrey & David Cherrey executors to this my last will and testament I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 25 day of November in the year of our lord one thousand eighteen hundred & twenty three
Jacob Che
Thos Duggans test
Francis Bracewell
James English
Recorded in Will Book K, Page 4,
Recorded December 15, 1823
Ord. David Schrock
Apt. 15, Pkg. 482

South Carolina Archives

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Joseph Brazel, SC 1785

Box: 115B
Item: 0007A
ignore: 000
Date: 1785
Document type: JUDGMENT-ROLL

South Carolina Archives

Hannah Brazell, Richland Co., SC 1796



I Hannah Braswell being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory and knowing that it is Appointed for all people once to died, Do make and ordain this to be my last will and Testament, and first of all I give & Recommend my soul to Almighty God that gave it, and my Body I Recommend to the Earth to be buried at a Decent Christian burial at the Descretion of my Executors hereafter mentioned and as Touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased god to bless me within this life, I give Demise & dispose of the same in the manner & form following Item it is my will and desire that all my just debts & funeral charges be first paid, Item I give and bequeath all my Real and personal Estate to be Equally divided between John Holliday and Harriot Holliday, son & Daughter of William and Mary Holliday to them & the heirs of their body forever, but if either of them should Die before they have an heir it is my desire that the other should have the whole of the Estate, and if they both should die without Issue it is my desire that it shall be Equally Divided between Daniel Holliday's Eldest Daughter Sarah Holliday, and James Terry's Eldest Daughter Mary Terry and lastly I do hereby appoint my beloved friends Daniel Holliday & Ethel Heath my lawful Exort to Execute this my last will and testament. Ratifying & Confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament in Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 12th Day of April Anno Domini 1796 signed sealed published pronounced & Declared in presence Of------

John Hopkins.................Hannah (her X mark) Braswell

James Terry

Mary (her X mark) Philips

Recorded in Will Book C. Page 140- Box 3 Package -54

Proved in Open court Oct 5th 1796

South Carolina Archives

Everett, William, Winton/Barnwell, 1788


In the Name of God Amen - September the 4 1788. I W Wm..Everett of the County of Winton & State of South Carolina, being Sick & weak in Body, but of sound & perfect Sence & memory, thanks be to God for it. Do make & ordaine this my Last Will & Testament in manner & form following. Item I recomend my Soul into the Hands of Almighty God, & my Body to the Earth, to be buried in a decent Christian Manner at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter named--Item I give and bequeath to my Son John M Evoritt one Negro Boy by the Name of Will, after my Wifes widowhood, also four hundred Acres of Land lying & being, the upperside of the Horse Peen, to be possest with at the Age of Twenty one Years to him & his Heirs for Ever--Item I give and bequeath to my Son Thoms. Evoritt one Negro Boy by the name of Amos, after my Wifes Widowhood, Also my Plantation & Land whereon I now Live, after the Death of my Wife & the marriage of all my Daughters, Viz Polly, Luckey, Nancy, Sally & Tempe to his & his Heirs for Ever--Item I give & bequeath to my Son in Law William Dyess, one hundred Acres of land, lying betwixt Chandlers Land, & the upper Edge of the Little Gapey Pond, & my Line near the new Road, aforesaid, Dyess's Line, to him & his heirs for Ever. Item I lend to my Loveing Wife Nancey Evoritt, my Plantation & Land thereto belonging, indureing her Natural Life, Also I lend her all the rest of my personal Estate indureing her Widowhood, and after her Widowhood, my Will is that all my Estate but what I have already given to my Sons, should be equally divided between my Six Daughters. Viz Elizabeth Dyess, Polly Evoritt, Lukey Evoritt, Nancy Evoritt, Sally Evoritt, & Tempe Evoritt, to them & their Heirs for Ever-Item I constitute & make & ordaine my Son Willm Dyess, & my loveing Wife Nancy Evoritt Joint Executors of this my last Will & Testament, Revoking & disanulling all ther former Wills, ratifying & con -irming this my last Will & Testament As Witness my Hand & Seal the Day of the Date first Written--
Signed, Seald & Deliverd........William Evoritt {SEAL}
in the presence of
Jacob Braziel
Jacob Knight
Thoms (his X mark) Mark
Recorded in Will Book "1" Page 37
Recorded July 15th, 1789
Thom. Wyld DyC.W-
Original Will not in Probate Judge's Files

South Carolina Archives