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Georgia Newspaper Clippings

Laurens County Extracts (1810 - 1892) By Tad Evans

Tuesday, November 3, 1818
Georgia, Laurens County,-- Whereas James Bracewell applies for letters of administration on the estate of Richard Bracewell, deceased... Given under my hand at office this 29th day of October,1818. (Signed) AMOS Love, C.C.O.

Tuesday, November 23, 1819
Notice,--All persons indebted to the estate of Richard Bracewell, deceased, are hereby requested to meet the administrator at the court-house of Laurens County, on the 1st Monday in January next, and make payment...(signed) James Bracewell, Adm.

Tuesday, December 16, 1821
Georgia, Laurens County: will be sold before the Court house door in said county on the first Tuesday in April, next, between the legal hours of sale, all of the property belonging to the estate of Richard Bracewell, late of said county, deceased. Sold for the benifit of the heirs and creditors of said estate. (Signed) James Bracewell

Friday, November 20, 1891
D.G.Smith Murders W.D.Bracewell in Laurens County Last Monday Afternoon, So say's the Coroner's Jury-- $150 Reward.

There was murder most foul committed at McRae's mill, in the lower edge of Laurens County, last Monday afternoon. Daniel W. Smith is the murderer, and Wm. D. Bracewell was the victim. It appears that Smith and Bracewell met at the mill, and going off perhaps fifty feet from the place, appeared to be engaged in ordinary conversation. Finally Bracewell turned to walk off, when Smith, without one word of warning, struck him just above the right ear with a heavy stick, inflicting an ugly wound, from which the unfortunate man died in about three hours. Smith at once escaped, and has not been apprehended. There is a reward of $150 offered for his arrest. The coroner's jury returned a verdict to the effect that Smith is guilty of murder in the first

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