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Thompson, Samuel, Surry, 1720

Wills and Administrations of Surry County, Virginia 1671-1750

THOMPSON, Samuel: Leg.- The land at Cypress Swamp to my brother, Wm. Thompson, not to be sold, but to any shild (sic) of his. To my nephew, Samuel Thompson my entry at Three Creeks, and land at the head of Crouches' Creek, that I lately escheated, 200 acres, not to be possessed by him until the death of my wife, Mary, and the death of his father, Wm. Thompson. To my brother, Wm. Thompson, my land at Meherrin that I bought of Wm. Braswell, at the death of my wife, Mary. To cousin, Wm. Mosely, land upon Nottoway River between the forks of Atamoosack, it being 200 acres, provided he will come to it and live on it himself; if not, the land to go to my brother, Wm. Thompson, and cousin, Samuel Thompson, after his father's death. To brother William Thompson, the land where Thos. Higgs lives. My wife to enjoy the profits of all my lands, my brother and cousins to live on them, then at her death, all the rest of the land not mentioned in this will to my brother William; where I live to cousin, Samuel Thompson; if he die, his share to cousins, Katherine Thompson, William Thompson, John Thompson, Wm. Mosely and Mary Mosely, equally divided. To my "Necey", Elizabeth Thompson, a gold ring that was given me by my father - Posey, being prepared to follow me, W. T. To Wm. Marriott a seal ring that was my wife's father's ring. To cousin, Robert Payne, a gold buttons and shirt buckle. To cousin, Samuel Thompson, all my Doctor's books, Prayer Books, and Divinity Books, and makes brother, William Thompson, Exer. Made: 20 Sept., 1720. Prob: 17 May, 1721. Wit: Wm. Foster, Samuel Alsobrooke. Bk. 7, p. 334.

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NOTE: William Braswell is the son of Richard Braswell the 1st, proved by the probate record of Susannah Burgess Braswell.