Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nicholas Tilford Braswell 1822-1893

NICHOLAS TILFORD BRASWELL, deceased, was a native of Smith county, Tennessee, born in 1822, and died in Eddyville, Kentucky, in 1893. He came to his place about 1844, and for nearly a half century was conspicuous among men of affairs in western Kentucky. When he arrived in Eddyville he engaged in the manufacture of furniture, and later became a general trader and trafficker, while subsequently he was owner of a wharfboat at Eddyville and proprietor of the old Brasswell Hotel which still stands in Eddyville, on the bank of the Cumberland, one of the old landmarks of the town. He entered into general merchandising, and for many years did a flourishing business, accumulating a large estate and establishing a high mercantile credit and rating, being known for many years as "the merchant prince of western Kentucky." His sagacity in business affairs was remarkable, his judgement sound and his integrity above question. Mr. Braswell married Miss Annapola Cresap, a lady of superior accomplishments, who was indeed a worthy helpmate and companion to him. In Mr. Braswell his fellow townsmen imposed implicit confidence. His life was a career of usefulness, and he will long be held in affectionate remembrance by those who knew him. With limited means he began his business career, yet he applied himself diligently to his work, and his energy and enterprise were unsurpassed, while his generosity, his integrity and prudence, winning him success in life, should serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement to others. (#6967: Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Lewis Publishing Company, 1904,pp 715 [Lyon])

NOTE: Nicholas Tilford Braswell is the son of Archibald G[riffin?] Braswell, who was the son of Dempsey Braswell & Elizabeth Griffin (daughter of Hardy Griffin & sister of Archibald Griffin).