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Rev. Robert Bracewell's Ancestry by Eunice Young

Research of Eunice H. Young published in The Virginia Genealogist Vol. 43, Number 2 (April-June 1999) on pp. 134-142 under the title, “Notes on the Ancestry of the Rev. Robert Braswell of Isle of Wight County, Virginia" however, the editor of that publication introduced errors when it was published and Eunice sent the corrected copy to me and I published it in Braswell Branches, Vol. 8, No. 4, Fall 1999.

In 1999, Eunice wrote, "I had the good fortune this past week of finding the burials of the parents of Rev. Robert [BRACEWELL] and learning the given name of his mother, which helps a lot! Also, I found another marriage for Rev. Robert’s father and her burial. Needless to say I’m pretty excited about this and have sent for other parishes in London to try to learn more about our BRASWELLs.”

Notes on the Ancestry of the Rev. Robert Braswell of Isle of Wight County, VA
By Mrs. Eunice H. Young of Sandy, Utah

Note: Correspondence with and research conducted by the late James G. W. MacLamroc of Greensboro, N.C., and William C. Fields of Fayetteville, N.C., is acknowledged. A version of this article was published in the The Virginia Genealogist in Volume 43, Number 2, April – June 1999.

Edmund C BRACEWELL, the earliest proved ancestor of the Rev. Robert BRASWELL, was born about 1510 in England. He owned land in Grantham, Lincolnshire, held by freehold and by soccage, of the Queen of England. He died 27 March 1560 at Grantham and his Inquisition Post Mortem was made 14 May 1583, at which time his eldest son Robert was aged “30 and upwards.”

Source note: Chancery Ser. 2, 276:532, Public Record Office, information provided by Conrad Swan, York Herald, College of Arms.

As the Grantham Parish Registers do not begin until 1562, the burial was not found. His widow may have remarried since his children were young when he died; her death is not recorded at Grantham.

His children were:
(Note: The last three children were suggested as possibly his by Conrad Swan.)

1. i. Gulhaem [William], called Senior filius in his father's inquisition post mortem, presumably died before 1583 without issue.

+2. ii.Robert, born by 1550, married Jane

3. iii.(Daughter), married Mr. DOUBLEDAY.

4. iv.(Daughter), married Mr. MARSHALL.

5. v. [?] John, Verger in the Cathedral Church of Lincoln, 20 February 1599/1600.

2. Robert B BRACEWELL, born by 1550, married Jane, who was buried 2 August 1591 at Grantham. Note: Grantham Parish Register, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑Day Saints, Family His Library, film 0094050

He was chosen churchwarden of Grantham, 26 October 1596, 31 October 1597 and 3 November 1598, and co‑Burgess, 1613.

He was buried 23 September 1613 at Grantham and a probate inventory of his estate was taken. Various records relating to him are:

In 1576 (18 Eliz., Easter Term), #66, Final concord (land). Plaintiff (owners), Ric. WOLLAN. John RUSSELL, George COLE and Robt. BRACEWELL; Deforciant, Arthur HALL, esq., and Mary his wife. Location: Granthan. (Note: Lincoln, England, Court Records, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑Day Saints, Family History Library, film 436014.)

1577/8 (19‑20 Eliz. Michaelmas Term), #27, Final concord (land). Plaintiff, Sybil TODKYN; Deforciant, Robt. BRACEWELL and Joan his wife. Location: Grantham. (Note: Ibid., film 436015.)

1602/3 (44‑45 Eliz. Michaelmas Term, Pt. 1, #5, Final concord (land). Plaintiff, Robt. BRACEWELL; Deforciant, Geo. COLE and Anna his wife and John NORTON and Jane his wife. Location: Grantham. (Note: Ibid)

Muster Rolls of Grantham (fragmentary) for 1493‑1581, View of Frankpledge for Grantham taken 18 April 13 Eliz. (1571), and again the next two years, shows Robert BRASWELL. He was a juror at the court in 1571 and then was included among the list of freeholders. (Note: Information provided by Conrad Swan, York Herald.)

The Lay Subsidies for Donteven Division of Lincoln for 33 Hen. VIII. 35, 37, 38 Hen. VIII. 1, 5 Edw. VI, 14, 40 and 42 Eliz. show in 40 Eliz. [1598‑99] Robert BRACEWELL was assessed on his goods at Grantham with the Soke for the value of 3.8 pounds. He was also assessed for the same amount two years later. (Ibid.)

It is possible he is the Robert BRACEWELL who married, 1597 in Nottinghamshire, Catherine PARK. (Note: Boyd's Marriage Index, v. 1. Nottinghamshire adjoins Lincolnshire and the road from Grantham leads to the Edwinstow‑Rufford area, where son Edmund (Edward) died.)

His children were:

6 i. [?] Edmund, died young.

7+ ii. Richard A, born ca. 1576 [the article in The Virginia Genealogist incorrectly printed this date as 1676] at Grantham, Lincolnshire (the baptisms in the Grantham Parish register, January 1571/2, 13 November 1573‑February 1579 are lost), married (1) Jane _, possibly (2) Margaret BEDDAM.

8 iii. Nathaniel, born ca. 1578, buried 23 December 1580 at Grantham.

9 iv. Mary, probably born ca. 1580 [incorrectly reported as 1680 in The Virginia Genealogist], eldest daughter, married, 26 May 1601 at Grantham, Bartholomew CAREW.

10 v. Anne, christened 29 January 1581/2 at Grantham. Possibly married GROSVENOR (?GRAVENDER, GRASVENRIDE) as a person of that name witnessed the will of Richard BRACEWELL in 1640 in London.

11 vi. Robert, christened 1 November 1584 [reported as 1684 in The Virginia Genealogist article] at Grantham, yeoman, married, 23 July 1616 in London, Grace TOLLER, daughter of Edmund TOLLER, Gent.; of St. Martin in the Fields Parish, London. He was apprenticed to Andrew RING, 5 September 1604, and after seven years was made free of the Drapers Company in 1611. In 1641 he was living at Salisbury Court, London, as a cutter. (Note: Rolls of the Drapers Company, London.) He was living in London in 1654. No children have been found.

12 vii. [?] John, born ca 1586, married, 8 June 1615 [incorrectly reported as 8 June 1635 in The Virginia Genealogist article] at Grantham, Mary BURNHAM. His
will, dated 20 January 1654 at Grantham and proved 9 February 1655 named his
sons Robert and Edward, brothers Robert and Edward and cousins William DOUBLEDAY and Mary MARSHALL, made a bequest to the poor of Grantham directed he [be] buried in the churchyard at Grantham, and gave the residue of his estate to his wife Mary, naming her executrix.

Children (Note: Grantham Parish Register, Family History Library, film 0094060.)

i. Robert, christened 20 November 1617 at Grantham, buried there 13 April 1622

ii. Robert, named in his father's will

iii. Mary, christened 10 March 1621/2 at Grantham, buried there 17 August 1631.

iv. Richard, christened 24 May 1625 at Grantham.

v. John, christened 21 June 1629 at Grantham.

vi. Edward.

13 viii. Edmond, christened 15 June 1589 at Grantham, married Parnell ____. He proved the will of his brother Richard in London, 1641. By his own will, dated 2 Oct. 1669, Rufford, Notts., and proved 11 May 1674 as will of Edmund BRACEY (Note: Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 55 Bunce, indexed as Edward BRACEY alias BRACEWELL signed Edward BRACEY.) he gave 5 pounds to the poor of Grantham and 5 pounds to the poor of St. Bartholomew the Great, London, named his son Robert sole executor, and also named grandchild Edmund BRACEY and his wife and their two children Edmund and Benjamin; Jane BRACY, daughter of son Robert; Faith BRACY, Charles BRACY, Dorothy BRACY, Spencer and Anne BRACY, Mary BRACY, Mr. John WHITINGE, Jane BRACEY, and his son Robert's servants. The will was witnessed by John BLYTON and Robert WITT (mark). Probate was granted to Faith BRACEY, daughter of the executor named, Robert BRACEY, he having died. A second probate (note: Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Act. Book, p. 105.) was granted 1 July 1684 to Thomas CHADWICK als. BRACEY als. BRACEWELL, executor of Robert BRACEY als. BRACEWELL, deceased, the executor named in the will of Edward BRACY als. BRACEWELL.

Children (Note: Registers of St. Bartholornew the Great, London, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, film 374430.)

i. Robert, christened 29 Sept. 1616 at St. Bartholomew the Great, London, buried 16 September 1618.

ii. Grace, christened 22 April 1618 at St. Bartholomew the Great.

iii. Robert, christened 12 September 1619 at St. Bartholomew the Great.

iv. Joane, christened 27 April 1623 at St. Bartholomew the Great, as daughter of Edward now BRACEWELL. Died as an infant.

14 ix. [?] William, born ca. 1590, married, 30 January 1617, Elizabeth BOAD.

He resided at High Toynton, Lincoln, where a William BRACEWELL was living in 1603.

7. Richard A BRACEWELL, Gent., born ca. 1576, probably at Grantham (records for the time period are destroyed). He married (1), by 1604, Jane _, and, possibly, (2), 26 Sept. 1627 at St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, London, Margaret BEDDAM, who was buried, as widow “of this Parish,” 13 October 1653 at St. Bartholomew the Great, London.

His nuncupative will was dated 13 November 1640 and probated 13 December 1641 in St. Bartholomew the Great Parish, London. Edward BRACEWELL and Anne GROSVENOR [read variously as GRAVENDER, GRAVERIDE; signed GRAPERR(?)] made oath that Richard BRACEWELL of the Parish of St. Bartholomew the Great of London, sick and weak in body about half a year before his death [also read as near a year], gave his wife a third part of his estate, named his son Robert (stated in the probate to be absent) as executor, gave to his son‑in‑law John STILES 20 pounds which STILES ought [owed] him for and because of his two children, gave the two children of his said son‑in‑law 12[?] pence apiece, and made his brothers Robert and Edward overseers of the will. The will was proved by Robert BRACEWELL, brother of the defunct, and by Robert BRACEWELL, son and heir, residuary legatee. His estate amounted to 328./14.10 pounds (Note:Archdeaconry Court of London, Register 8, 352; Act. Book 7, p. 90, original wills.)

Their children were:

15 i. Jone, christened 4 December 1605 at St. Bride, Fleet St., London. She married 21 May 1624 at St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, London, John STYLES. (A Mr. John STYLES of the Parish of Clerkenwell, who was buried I January 1647/8 at St. Bartholomew the Great, was possibly his father.) He came to Virginia and on 17 November 1642 patented 200 acres in Isle of Wight County adjoining Henry HEARDES. (Patent Bk. 1, P. 855; John Bennett Boddie, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia (Chicago, 1938), p. 668.) His undated will, proved 26 Oct. 1652, named his [second] wife Elizabeth the remainder of his servants and cattle, to son John, to whom he gave his plantation of 200 acres and cattle, godson John
MURRY (one calf), goddaughter Elizabeth JOHNSON (one calf), goddaughter Joane MADDEN (one calf), named friend Humphrey CLARK overseer, and was ed by Thomas JOHNSON witness and James PYLAND. (Isle of Wight Co., Va., Will Bk. A, p. 37; Boddie, op. cit., p. 519.) That son John died without heirs is shown by the escheat patent to John GUDEREG (GUDERIDGE), 15 September 1670, of 200 acres formerly granted to John STILE, deceased. (Patent Bk. 6, P. 207; Boddie, op. cit., p. 690, as Gulderidge.)


i. Jane, christened 12 December 1624 at St. Bartholomew the Great, London; nothing further known.

ii. Elizabeth, christened 13 February 1625/6 at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London; nothing further known.

16 ii. Thomas christened 8 July 1610 at St. Andrew, Holborn, London, possibly died by 1640 as he is not mentioned in his father's will.

+17 iii. (Rev.) Robert,1 christened 13 October 1611 at St. Andrew, Holborn, married ____.

17. Rev. Robert 1 BRACEWELL, christened 13 October 1611 at St. Andrew Holborn, London, matriculated at Hart Hall, Oxford University, 22 February 1627/8, and received his B.A. degree 3 November 1631. (Joseph Foster, Alumni Oxonienses, 1500‑1714, 1 (Oxford and London, 1891), p. 165.)

He came to Virginia before 1651 (It is possible he is the "Mr. Robert BRECKWELL, Minister" who witnessed the will of Joseph HAM, 3 March 1637/8 (York Co., Va., Deeds & Wills 1, p. 50) and in 1653 was chosen a Burgess from Isle of Wight County but, as a clergyman, was suspended because he “is not in a capacitie of serving as a Burgesse, since it is unpresidentiall and may produce bad consequence.” (William Waller Hening, The Statutes at Large... of Virginia, I (New York, 1823), p. 378.)

His will, dated 15 February 1667/8 and proved 1 May 1668 in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, named daughters Jane STOIKES and her children, daughter Rebecca WEST, son Robert, son Richard, servant Elizabeth HALL, and daughter Ann BAGNALL, and named Richard IZARD and George GUILLEN to be guardians to his children. (Isle of Wight Co., Va., Wills & Deeds 2, p.)

The name of his wife is unknown, but it is possible he is the Robert BRACEWELL who married Faith ALLEN, 1 April 1642 at Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire. (This parish is 5 miles from Rufford where Edmund (Edward) BRACEY (BRACEWELL) died and on the road to Grantham. No other marriage of a Robert BRACEWELL (and variants) in the time period has been found in any part of England in the International Genealogical Index.)

His children were:

18 i. Jane 2, born ca. 1643, married (1), by 15 February 1667, Robert STOKES, (2)
Robert ELEY, (Ancestor of President Lyndon B. Johnson and James MacLamroc of Greensboro, North Carolina. It was through the efforts of Mr. MacLamroc, who paid the College of Arms, etc., in London to search out Rev. Robert BRACEWELL’s ancestry, that we know what we do today about his British ancestry. Mr. MacLamroc is a very kind and generous person, and has accomplished more than most people during his lifetime. For a fuller description of his achievements see, Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne’s Descendants, page 29-31.) (3) John ROBERTS. Her will was probated 24 August 1713 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

19 ii. Rebecca 2, born ca. 1645, married (1), by 15 February 1667, (1) William WEST and (2) _ BRINKLEY. She died ca. 1700 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia

20 iii. Ann 2, born ca. 1647, married, by 15 February 1667, James BAGNALL. Will 1734/5 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia? (BAGNALLs in St. Andrew, Holborn.)

21 iv. Richard 2, born ca. 1649, married, 1672, Sarah ___. He left a will dated 28 January 1724/5 [his will was dated 28 July 1725] in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

22 v. Robert 2, born ca. 1651, married Susannah BURGESS. He left Virginia in 1696.

Although the parentage of Edmund C BRACEWELL has not been determined, the records of Lincolnshire reveal others of the name who were resident there in the sixteenth century and are undoubtedly related. A John de BRACEWELL is mentioned in Lincolnshire as early as 1273. Others of the name are mentioned in the records of Yorkshire, where the parish of Bracewell is located in the West Riding, nine miles west of Skipton.

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