Thursday, November 1, 2007

Virginia, Isle of Wight County Braswells

Research of Marie C. Podlewski from Braswell Branches, Vol. 9, No. 2, Spring 2000

From Virginia Magazine of History, v. 27, page 207:
Robert B. BRASWELL ‑ Roll of Honor ‑ Virginians who died in the war for liberty. Died in accident in Lawrenceville, Virginia.

From R929.2 Dept. of Commerce and Labor ‑ Bureau of Census
page 29 Heads of Families ‑‑1782‑‑ Isle of Wight County Virginia
Heads of Families W
BRASWELL, William 1

From file at Petersburg Public Library; Petersburg. Virginia:
Marriage ‑ Joseph M. BRASWELL North Carolina Mary PARHAM Married Feb. 20, 1874

R975. 56 Wills and Administration of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 49 1647‑1800
TOWLE, Richard Leg. my three youngest children of Susanna BRASWELL Richard, William, and Elizabeth 1692

R975‑56 Marriages of Isle of Wight County, Virginia ‑ 1628‑1800
page 2 BAGNALL, James and BRASWELL, Ann, daughter of Robert BRASWELL 1667 W & D Bk. 2, page 52, W & D Bk. page 311

page 60 BRASWELL, George and Conny COFER Jan. 21, 1791 Surety Frances YOUNG
page 40 ROBERTS, John and BRASWELL, Jane sister of Richard BRASWELL 1680 W & D Bk. 2, page 567

page 92 COPHER, Jacob and BRASWELL, Milly December 26, 1793
page 48 WEST, William and BRASWELL, Rebecca, daughter of Robert BRASWELL 1668 W & D Bk. 2, pages 52 and 55

page 44 STOIKES, Robert and BRASWELL, Jane, daughter of Robert BRASWELL 1667 W & D Bk. 2, pages 52 and 55 (He was hung because of his involvement in Bacon's Rebellion.)

page 73 KELLY, Michael and BRASWELL, Sally March 29, 1791? Surety Frances YOUNG April 3, 1791 ?

From Virginia Tax Payers 1782‑87, by Augusta B. Fothergill, C78
Poll Slaves Cty.
page 15 Jesse BRASWELL 1 Brunswick

Marriage records from Brunswick County, Virginia, courthouse (Lawrenceville, VA)
Isaac Thomas BRASWELL, son of Joseph P. BRASWELL and Nancy E. C. JONES, married Susan L. BAIRD on Jan. 16, 1867.

Lucy G. BRASWELL, daughter of Peterson G. BRASWELL and Rebecca MOORE, married William JUSTICE on May 30.) 1867.