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Cripps, Joyce, Pre Nup & Will IOW Co., VA

Records contributed & transcribed by Carey Bracewell

Joyce (mark) England of the Upper Parish of Isle of Wight Co., widdow, appoints "my trusty friend William Evans to be my Lawfull Attorney for me and in my name, to Acknowledge A deed of Joynture wherein George Cripps my selfe & Robt fflake are concerned."

Dated: Aprill 8, 1678 Recorded: April 9, 1678

Witnesses: George Cripps, Robt (mark) fflake.


George Cripps
, of the first part, Joyce (mark) England, widdow & Relict of ffrancis England of the second part, & Robt (mark) fflake of the third part.

Whereas there is an agreement & conclusion made between the said George Cripps & Joyce England for A marriage shortly to be hand & solemnized between them And Whereas the aforesd ffrancis England deced by his last Will & Testamt bearing date the 13th day of May in ye year 1677 did thereby devise will & bequeath unto the sd Joyce England his then wife after his debts & Legacies & funerall expenses discharged, All & singular his worldly Estate wtsoever & wheresoever both reall & personall to be fully enjoyed by her dureing her naturall life, and to be discoped of forever as she should think fitt to her discretion.

NOW THIS INDENTURE Witnesseth that it is hereby testified concluded declaired and agreed by & between all & every of the sd parties to these prsents And the said George Cripps doth hereby testifie & declaire that before the sd Joyce England did agree or consent to the sd intended marriage & before any conclusion thereof was made the sd George Cripps did consent & agree it was & is soe meant intended & agreed between him the sd George Cripps & her the sd Joyce England And the sd George Cripps for himselfe his Exrs & Adm & for every of them doth Convent grant & agree to & wth the sd Robt fflake his Exrs & Admrs & wth every of them these prsents, That all & singular the Lands & Tenemt & Hereditamts given and bequeathed by the sd ffrancis England by his last Will & Testamt unto the sd Joyce England & all & singular the goods & Chattells on the back side of these prsents indorsed should shall & may (notwithstanding the sd intended marriage take effect) be taken & accounted A separate & distinct Estate from the estate of the said George Cripps & shall be ordered designed & imployed to such person & psons & to & for such used & uses intent & purposes & in such manner & forme as is hereafter conteyned & declaired that is to say the same still remaine & continue in their Joint custodys & possessions dureing the lives of ye sd George Cripps & Joyce England soe long as they shall live together in love & amity but if it should otherwise happen or any separation or difference shall hereafter arise or be between them, Then & from that tyme all & singular the afforesd Lands before in these prsents nominated & expressed & all & singular the goods & Chattells on the backside of these prsents indorsed shall continue remains & be to the onely use & behoofe of the sd Joyce England except one plantation the wch shee shall nominate & appoint, the wch sdiplantation shall be & remaine in the tenure Custody and possession of sd George Cripps dureing his naturall life sd George Cripps further grants & agrees to & wth the sd Robt fflake, that all & singular the sd Lands in the will of the sd ffrancis England bequeathed & wherewth the sd Joyce England is now possessed and all & singular the goods & chattells on the backside of these prsents indorsed & any of them & every pte & parcell of ym shall & may from tyme to tyme and att all tymes after the death of the sd Joyce England be had taken possessed reced & enjoyed by such person & persons to whome the sd Joyce England shall att any tyme or times dureing her life limitt give, bequeath, devise, order, appoint dispose of the same or any pte or partes thereof Either by her last Will & Testamt in writeing or by any writeing intending to be her last Will & Testamt or by any writeing signed wth her hand or to wch she shall putt her marke in ye prsence of two or more witnesses thereunto.

Dated: April 1, 1678 Recorded: April 9, 1678

Witnesses: - - - Acknowledged by George Cripps, Robert Flake & Mr Wm Evans on behalfe of Mrs Joyce England in court.


On the backside of wch deed of Jointure was written ye following Memdn: that ye goods & chattells mentioned to be indorsed upon the backside of this Indenture of Joynture are hereunder written.


One ffeather bed wth furniture that is to say wth Bolsters pillowes pillow Cases, Sheets Blanketts Ruggs Curtaines vallence & Bedsted
One Brass Kettle conteining about thirty gall
Two Iron potts the one Conteining about Eight Gall ye other about four gall
Three gould Rings wth all her wearing apparell both Wollen & Lynon
A Silver saltseller & Six silver Spoones, Six pewter dishes & A dozen of pewter spoones
One large Chest One Trunk One Table wch she shall make Choice of
One pr Tongues fireshovell & potracks
One Servt either Man or Maid that hath four yeares to serve
One Horse called Jack of about Eight yeares Ould, & Side Saddle wth furniture
ffour Cowes between the Age of five & Seaven to continue upon ye plantation togeather with their increase
Six breeding Sowes.



In the Name of God Amen the 18th: Day of aprill 1679 I Joyce the wife of George Cripps being Sick of Body but of good and perfect memory do make and Ordaine this my Last Will and Testament in manner and forme following first I Comend my Soule to the hands of god my maker hopeing assuredly through the only merrits of Jesus Christ my Saviour, to be made partaker of life Everlasting and I Comend my body to the Earth whereof it is made, as for all and Singuler the Lands and Tentmts: that were given unto me by my former husband Francis England to be at my disposing and Such goods and Cattles that I did reserve unto my owne disposall before Marriage with my now husband, I do give bequeath and dispose of as followeth first I do give and bequeath unto my Loving husband George Cripps the house and plantation whereon we do now live together with all and Singuler the Land lying betweene a Branch Called and knowne by the name of Davises Branch and a line of Trees knowne by the name of Henry Kings line to be and remain to him and his heires for Ever, as for all the rest and residue of my Land, I do give and bequeath unto my Brothers Son of my former husband Englands that shall Come into this Country and make Claime to the Same within Seven Yeares after my decease to be and remayn to him and his heires Males for Ever, and if non Such doth within the Seven Yeares make Claime to the aforesd lands then it is my will that my now husband shall have the Same to him and his heires for Ever, and it is my will that my husband shall possess all the Land Untill Such Brothers Sonn of my husband Englands doth with the time above limitted Come to Claime the same I do give and bequeath unto my Sister Skinner one Thousand pounds of Tobacco or other things of that Valley as my husband and she Can agree to be paid within One Yeare after my decease, I do likewise give Unto my Sister Skinner fifty Acres of Land that doth joyne Unto that Plantation whereon she doth now live during her Naturall life. It is my will after my decease Nicholas Davis shall I may that Plantation whereon he now liveth during his naturall life without paying of Rent only a Capon a Yeare for an Acknowledgemt. I do give unto Sarah Lupo a feather bed and Bolster One Rugge Blanket and Bedsted halfe a dozen of leather Chayres and a Round Table . I do give Unto Mr. George Branches Three Childres (Vizt) Francis John and Ann Each of them a Cow of about 4 yeares old. It is my will that that Orphant boy that now liveth with me by name of Anthony Lewis do live with my husband Untill he attains to the age of One and Twenty Yeares if my husband and he shall live So long that my husband give him two Suites of Apparell Three Barrells of Corne One heifer with Calve One Couch bed a Small iron Pot One Pewter dish One Tray and One Spoone if it shall Soe happen my husband should die before the boy doth attaine to the age of One and Twenty Yeares that it is my will that the above named things shall bee delivered to the sd Anthony Lewis, I do give Unto Margaret the wife of Peter Vasser a Suite of my wearing apparell and my Wedding Ring I do give Unto SHUSAN BRASWELL my Sisters Daughter One Shilling of English money I do give Unto my three God Daughters (Viz) Elizabeth hayes Joyce Butler and Joyce Wombell Each of them One Ell of holland of about Sixty pr. Ell I do give Unto my 3 God Sonns Vizt: James Bond Nicholas Davis and William Phillips Each of them a Cow Calfe that is weaneable I do give Unto My Mother Flake a gold Ring with a Blew Stone in it I do Constitute nominate and appoint my wel beloved husband Execr: of this My Last Will and Testament In Witness hereof I have herunto put my hand and Seale the Day and Year above.

Joyce (her marke) Cripps
Signed Sealed and Published and
declared to be the Last Will
and Testament of Joyce Cripps
in presence of

John (his mark) Gutridge
Rebecka (her marke) Davis
Will: Evans

Proved in open Cort held for the Isle of Wight County the 9th Day of June 1679 by the Oathes of Mr: John Gutridge Senr. Rebecka Davis and Mr: William Evens to be the Last Will and Testamt. of Mrs Joyce Cripps decd: and ordered to be Recorded.

Test: Jno. Bromfield Clr: Cur.
A COPY TESTE: Ruth E. Holland, CLERK
BY: signature ? , D.C.


George Cripps Will: leg. servant man Henry Luter, land adjoining George Hardy and Francis Rayner; Edward the son of George Bechinoe and his wife Mary; Elizabeth Gutridge the daughter of Capt. John Gutridge and Anne his wife, reversion to her two sisters, Honor and Constance. Wife Mary Extx. Suit to dropped against George Moore. Overseers: Capt. John Gutridge and William Evans. D. August 31, 1687. R. October 10, 1687. Wit: Francis Taylor, Edmond Palmer, James Y-----, Anne Miles, Anne Palmer, Will Evans. (IOW Co., VA W&D Bk 2 Pg 281)


John Gutridge: Appraised by William Sellers, Oliver Woodward, Thomas Carter. R. July 26, 1731 (IOW Co., VA WB III Pg. 282)