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Henry Braswell's Children

Compiled by Edward Craig

The first census 1790 records Henry residing in Georgetown District Prince Georges Parish South Carolina as head of the family with 1 male over 16, 3 males under 16 and 3 females. He was registered in Marion District, South Carolina thereafter until his death September 22, 1840. Henry Braswell's pension application was attested by Thomas Harllee and Newell Hargrove from Marion District, South Carolina. (Transcribed from Pension Application for services in the Revolutionary War dated October 10, 1832, by Henry Braswell from War Department Records. Pension File S17851)

The research on Richard, Elizabeth and Margaret Braswell, children of Henry Braswell indicate that they never married and their heirs were brothers and sisters rather than personal children. Elizabeth is recorded living in Marion District, South Carolina as head of family in 1800 census. Other documents record that Richard and Margaret's property was divided between brothers and sisters since they died intestate.

Tax returns in Marion District in 1824 show that Henry owned 590 acres valued at $118 with a taxable amount. 43 cents with 1 negro, $75 with taxable amount of 75 cents and total taxes of $1.18. ( Tax Returns of Marion District 1824 on microfilm, S.C. Dept. of Archives and History,

Henry Braswell's land was situated on the North Carolina line in Marion District, South Carolina, near Robeson County, North Carolina (Marion County, S.C. Deed Book 1, p. 415.)

A deed was recorded 29 September 1823 from Henry Braswell to Gideon Yelverton (his son in law) for 200 acres on Hayes Swamp. The deed was signed by Henry Braswell and Richard Braswell and was attested by James Braswell. (Marion County, S.C. Deeds Vol. K, p. 182-183.)

A deed was recorded 2 May 1823 from John Yelverton to Elizabeth Braswell (Henry Braswell's daughter) for 200 acres situated on the East side of Little Pee Dee River on Hayes Swamp. The deed was signed by Gideon Yelverton (son in law of Henry Braswell) instead of John Yelverton as the deed was written. John Yelverton was probably the father of Gideon Yelverton, although the records do not record this. (Marion County, S.C. Deeds Vol. X, p. 380-381.)

Henry Braswell died September 22, 1840 intestate and his estate was administered by Herrod Stackhouse. Martha Braswell his wife was 86 years old when Henry died according to a note in estate papers they having married in Virginia at the commencement of the war in Virginia, during the Revolution rendered in South Carolina. Martha sued the heirs of her
husbands in the Court of Equity in order to properly divide the real estate for her to receive her 1/3 share of the estate. The property was inventoried and sold, and her dower was received. This is the last reference we could find of her since the Census records do not record her
residing in South Carolina after Henry's death. There is listed a Martha Braswell in Nash County, North Carolina Census but no connection was established.

Cemetery records were searched in both North Carolina and South Carolina to determine where Henry Braswell was buried. No reference was found.

The children of Henry and Martha Braswell were: Richard, William, Gadi, Tobias, Milly, Mary, Nancy, Margaret, and Elizabeth Braswell who were legatees when Henry Braswell's estate was settled in February 1841. (Estate papers on file Marion County Court House, Marion, South Carolina
Roll No. 56)

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NOTE: Edward Craig accurately presented his client's lineage thusly:

1. Rev Robert Bracewell (& unknown)
2. Richard Braswell (& Sarah)
3. William Braswell (& Mary)
4. William Braswell (& Margaret)
5. Arthur Braswell (& unknown)
6. Henry Braswell (& Martha)