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Henry Braswell Rev War Pension Application

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Rev War Pension Application Henry Braswell
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Service: SC
Henry Braswell
File # S17581

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South Carolina 23.487
Henry Braswell of Marion in the State of So Car who was a private in the
____ commanded by Captain _______ of the Regiment commanded by AH? in
the So. Car. line for 8 months. /(the lines were left blank)/

Certificate of Pension issued the 5th day of Feby 30 and ---- C. II.
Dabney Marlboro So Car (/dashes indicate that I can not read the writing/)

Arrears to the 4th of Sept 1833
Semi---, allowance ending 4 March 34
Revolutionary Claim Act June 7, 1832
Recorded by Nate Rice Clerk
Book E Vol 6 Page 63
Order to pay Aug 26, 1837
Paid at the Treasury under the act of the 6th April 1828 from 4 March
1837 to 4 March 1838 - Agt notified 4 Jany 1839

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Declaration of Henry Braswell in order to obtain the benefit of the Act
of Congress passed June 7th 1832

South Carolina
Marion District
Fall Term 1832
Court of Common Pleas

On this the tenth day of Oct 1832 personally appeared in open court
before the court of common pleas now sitting, Henry Braswell a resident
of Marion District and State aforesaid aged Seventy Six - appears who
being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the
following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of
Congress passed June 7th 1832. That he was born in Nash Co No.Ca. on
the 2nd day of January 1756. His age was recorded in a book kept by his
father which book is now at the house of David Braswell in Robeson
County No. Ca. He was living in Nash county No. Ca. when he entered the
service. He does not recollect the time when he first entered the
service of the United States but knows that it was at the beginning of
the war. He volunteered under Capt. James Gray of the Militia,
rendesvoued at Tarborough on the Tar River No. Ca. - marched from there
to Wilmington to guard the town against the British who were laying at
Fort Johnson. - he was under the command of Genl. Ashe at that place. -
from there to a place called the Saw Mill in Brunswick County No. Ca.
where he was in sight of the British Masts at Fort Johnson - When the
ships moved off he went into the fort and staid there about a day - from
there went back to

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Saw Mills - thence to Wilmington - stayed there a few days and were
marched to the salt works on the sea shore where they remained about ten
days - marched back to Wilmington and from there to Peacocks Bridge on
the Contenburg? River where the time (3 months) expired - the soldiers
recd their discharges and desponent, went back to Nash County.
Sometime afterwards he volunteered again under Capt Wm Williams for
three months and marched on to Harrisburg No Ca. Warren County as he
understood for the purpose of reinforcing Genl. Greene before the battle at
Guilford Ct House. At Harrisburg, deponents company came under the
direction of Brigd. Genl. Burten - marched on to the High Rock ford on
the Haw River where he joined Genl. Greene. Greene then pushed on after
Cornwallis with whom he had a battle at the place (/written above "the
place" is Guilford Court House)/. Cornwallis maintained his post and
Green ordered a retreat and his men to rondesvous at Troublesome Creek.
When his men got together they all followed after Cornwallis as far as
Ramsay Mills on Deep River Chatham County. Stayed there a few days when
Gen. Green went on down to Charleston So. Ca. - with the main body of
his army but left Genl. Burten with a part of his force to keep the
Torries in Randolph county and there abouts in subjection. He
recollects that one Col. L?inton, in the Battle at Guilford Ct. House
commanded that part of the Army in which desponent was. Stayed at
Ramsay's Mills until his time was nearly out and then marched down to
Abernathy in Wake county where he got his discharge and re-

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turned to Nash County. About the close of the war Govonor Martin (or
Burks) (/written this way with parentheses/)of North Carolina, wishing
to raise a guard called a life guard, proposed that all those who wd
(/wd is clear, apparently an abbreviation of would/) furnish themselves
with a horseman's Crat. Horse --, and serve as a light horse man for two
months should be clear of a 3 month tour. This desponent joined him
under Capt Britain Drake, Genl. Hardy Griffin was there. - rendesvoused
at Tarborough - went from there to Harrisburg where the Governor met
them. Went on with him, Hillsborough - from there to Crop Creeks in
Cumbuland County No. Ca., from there to the Brown Marsh and White Marsh
where Genls. Rutherford and Burten were stationed - stayed there two or
three days - at this place a detachment was sent out into Horry District
and there abouts in So. Ca. in pursuit of the Torries - did not find
them - returned to White and Brown Marshes and shortly afterwards went
back to the Crop Creeks - from there started on to Raleigh and as they
were going on, intelligence reached them that Cornwallis had surrendered
to Washington - continued on to Abernathy where he recd his discharge. -
Making in all eight months of actual service and nine according to the
terms on which entered the service the last time. The discharges he has
lost, not thinking they would ever be of any use to him. He likewise
served as a Lieut in the second tour above mentioned at the close of the
war he threw his commision away not supposing it would ever be of value
to him in any way - He has lived since the Revolutionary War

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four or five years in Robeson County No. Ca. and since then he has lived
in Marion District So Ca. He knows of no other engagements than those
he has already mentioned - nor officers - He has no documentary evidence
of his services but is acquainted with one Nazary Mitchell who can
testify to his services as a Revolutionary soldier. He hereby
relinguishes all claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the
present and declares that his name is not on the pension rolls of the
agency of any state.

Sworn to and Subscribed this day and year aforesaid.

Signed: Henry Braswell

B J Earle presiding Judge of the court of Common Pleas and ? at Marion
Court House we the districts ? of ? in open court.

South Carolina Marion Dist:

Nazary Mitchell - appreared before me and made oath that he knows Henry
Braswell to have been a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Desponent
served with him during the 2nd tour mentioned in Braswell's declaration
and was therefore an eye witness to his services during that time.
Desponent lived in Nash County No Ca., a near neighbor of Braswells, and
knows that he was out in the war as he has stated from his recollection
of having seen him come home when it was said he had been in the war.
He believes the facts stated in Braswells declaration are true.

Sworn to and signed before me the day and year aforesaid.

BJ Earle Presiding Judge in open court

Nazary X Mitchell

NOTE: Henry Braswell is the son of Arthur Braswell.