Wednesday, November 21, 2007

DNA Project Update

From: "Carey Bracewell"

Jan Dipley, a leading Breazeale researcher, has ordered a single-marker
test, DYS462. The Breazeales are in genetic group "I", or "Viking".
Jan's results will show whether her Breazeales are "Ultra Norse" or
pure Viking origin or from older, more widely distributed Scandinavian
stock. Given that their ancestral home in Brittany is known, I'm
predicting an Ultra Norse result. But as we've already seen, 'It ain't over until
the lab results come in.'

And speaking of lab results, the slump in Braswell test orders that
began this summer still lingers on. What gives, cousins? There is still
so much to be learned, such as the identity of the founder of Chuck and Mark
Braswell's distinctive DYS448 branch. And we still need more participants
(along with a better papertrail) to confirm that distinctive marker CDYb
branch from SAMPSON BRASWELL that
turned up in Laurens County, Georgia and in the Southwest.

Still confused about the uses and value of this important new
scientific tool? Go to for the unmanipulated facts.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving,

Cousin Carey