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Richard Braswell of the S/H DNA Group

Richard Braswell's
will would have been filed in Southampton Co., VA had he lived until 1749 when the boundary lines changed. Evidence of this is the deed filed in 1752 Southampton between Richard Vick & Albridgeton Jones.

1692 - 9ber 5, Richard Towle Will
: Leg: my three youngest children of Susanna Braswell, Richard, William and Elizabeth Braswell. Ex., "loving friend"John Riggs. D. 5th of 9ber 1692. R. Feb 9 1692. Wit: Thomas Moore, Robert Horner, Sarah Wakefield. (IOW Co., VA W & DB 2 P. 323)

[20 Feb 1692/3] Richard Towle estate appraised by Tho:Moore, Tho: Thropp. (IOW Co., VA)

[22 OCT 1714] Susannah Braswell Will: Leg: son Richard, son William, granddaughter Elizabeth Braswell, daughter Ann, grandson John Riggs, son James. Trustee Richard Jones & Richard Jordan. Wit: William Allen, Richd Jones, Richd Jordan. (IOW Co., VA WB 3 P 304)

[4 OCT 1717] Richard Washington & his wife Elizabeth, Surry County, to Richard Braswell, Isle of Wight Co. 150 acres on Nottoway River adjacent to Cpt. Richard Exum’s land, a part of the patent for 850 acres Richard Washington received in 1714. Witnesses: Frances West, Wm. Washington. (IOW Co., VA Great Book P. 132-133)

[11 JAN 1719] Mathew Howell Will: Leg: son Thomas; son Joseph; unborn child; " two thousand pounds of pork yt due to me from John Gent and one thousand pound of pork yt is due to me from Richd Braswell and five pound in cash yt is due to me from Jno Edwards & three pounds yt is due to me in cash from Henry Flowers, Junr. & I do desire this pork & money be put to ye use to purchase a plantation for my wife during her life". Exs., my father Joseph Lane, Sr., Joseph Lane, Jr. and my wife Mary. Wit: Thomas Jarrell, Arnale Pew. (IOW Co., VA WB 2 P. 26) Prove Date: 25 Apr 1720

[21 APR 1720] Mathew Howell estate appraised by Thomas Jarrell, John Edwards, Robert (Newsom?) Signed Joseph Lane. Ordered Apr 21, 1720 R. Sep 25, 1721 (P.103)

[22 AUG 1720] Richard Bracewell to Oliver Woodard 150 acres for 100 pounds Sterling Money of England, north side of Nottoway River part of a patent for 850 acres to Mr. RichardWashington adj Cpt. Richd. Exum. (IOW Co., VA Great Book P. 387)

[11 JUN 1731] Richard Vick, 375 acs. (N.L.), Is. of Wight Co; S. side of Nottoway Riv; adj William Seller & Richard Braswell; 11 Jun 1731, 15 Shill., & Imp of 5 pers: Maren Prater, John Colesell, Wm. Keay, Tho Fisher, Katherine Nickson. (Patent Book 14 Pg 155)

[11 JUN 1731] Richard Vick, 200 acs. (N.L.), Is. of Wight Co; S. side of Nottoway Riv; adj. William Seller; & Richard Blow; 11 June 1731, 20 Shill. (Patent Book 14 Pg 156)

[5 DEC 1731] Richard Braswell, Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County, to Richard Jordan, Senr. Upper Parish, Isle of Wight County, for 1500 weight of tobacco and cask 60 acres "bounded as followeth beginning at a path called Shears Neck running from the Coblers Branch adjuoining to the dividing line of William Braswell coming up to the line of James Sampson, deceased, thence down to the first station. Witnesses: Cannon, Rich. Jordan, Jr., Mary Jordan. (Copy of deed, IOW Co., VA DB 4 P. 201) NOTE: Richard Braswell inherited 60 acres from his Mother, Susannah Braswell in her will dated 1714 and his brother William Braswell inherited 40 acres, "out of 100 acres in all" William sold his 40 acres in 1764

[26 JUN 1732] The last Will & Testament of Susannah Braswell deceased was presented in Court by William Braswell Executor Therein named who made Oath thereto and being likewise proved by the Oaths of William Allen & Richard Jordan. (IOW Co., VA WB 3 P 305)

[15 DEC 1735] Richard Brasswell of the Upper Parrish of the Isle of Wight Co appointed lawfull attorney to acknowledge a deed for 150 acres John and Susannah Penny to Daniel Storey. Wit: John (signed) Brasswell and Wm.(+) Brasswell "land situate & being in upper parrish of the Isle of Wight County joining upon Nottoway River on the north side & being part of a tract of land in a patent granted to Mr. Richard Washington bearing date of sixteenth day of December 1714 and by said Washington….to John Howell who sold it to John Penny (DB 5, 1736-1741, Part 1, page 17-19, from Carey Bracewell)

[2 JUN 1736] Richard Brassell, Isle of Wight Co., from Mosses Faircloth of Isle of Wight Co., for five shillings, 100 acres bounded as followeth Viz Beginning at a Gum stand in Nottoway Swamp at the mouth of Bardens Branch so up the Branch to a pine standing in Thos Craford’s line from then along a line of marked trees to a pine standing by the side of a branch so down that branch to a white oak standing Nottoway Swamp so down the various courses of the run of the swamp to the first station""part of a patent for 475 acres granted June 16, 1714 to Matthew Rufhen and Edward Goodson & by the said Rufhen & Goodson devis’d unto William Faircloth, Senr by deeds of lease and release & released by a power of attorney bearing date the twenty fifth day of March one Thousand Seven Hundred & twenty one and by the said Wm. Faircloth willed to his son Moses Faircloth" . Wit: John (signed) Brassell, Giles Smelly, Wm. (+) Brassell. Release was dated June 23, 1736. The consideration was that Brassell was to pay Faircloth "fifteen hundred poinds of pork". Recorded Sep 27, 1736. (DB 5, 1736-1741, pages 36-39. Copy of deed from Carey Bracewell)

[12 APR 1741] Thomas Allen Will: Leg: Eldest son Arthur; son Thomas; daughter Ann; daughter Honour, her mother's clothes. Exs., Roger Allen & George Bell. Wit: George Whitley, Roger Woodward, Richard Braswell. (IOW Co., VA WB IV P. 333)

[25 MAY 1741] Thomas Allen estate appraised by George Washington, Benjamin Johnston Jr., Thomas Drake Sr. (IOW Co., VA WB IV P. 340)

1742 – May 20, WILLIAM SELLARS granted 235 acres, Isle of Wight Co., on the south side of Nottaway River, adjoining land of DOCTR. SAML. BROWN, OLIVER WOODWARD, etc. Land Office Patents No. 20, 1741-1743, page 311 (Virginia State Library)

[21 APR 1744] Richard Braswell Will: Leg: Son William and son Joseph my Exs., daughter Elizabeth, son John, loving wife. R. Aug 26 1745. Wit: Benjamin Johnson Jr., Joseph Woodward, Arthur Edwards. (IOW Co., VA WB IV P 541)

[27 JAN 1745] Richard Braswell inventory of his estate returned by William & Joseph Braswell. (IOW Co., VA WB 5 P 9)

[27 MAY 1745] George Bell of Edgecombe County in North Carolina to Richard Vick of Isle of Wight. . . . 200 acres on Nottaway Swamp (being land he bought from Thomas Crafford) adjoining said Vick, Bardens Branch, said Bell, Richard Brasswell and Flagg Run Swamp. Signed: George (X) Bell, Sarah (X) Bell. Witnesses: Arthur Washington, Sarah Washington, Richard Vick, Jr. and William (X) Brasswell R. 27 May 1745 (Page 116, IOW DB 7) [NOTE: This is from William Lindsay Hopkins' book of abstracts and he used an "X" as everyone's mark even when they made an initial - William probably used a "W"]

[12 JAN 1746] Richard Vick, 250 acres Isle of Wight County, North side of Nottoway River, of Barden's Branch, corner of Ann Thornton's Line, corner of John Jent's line, Richard Braswell's line (pages 613-614, Land Patent Book 24) (from Virginia Genealogical Quarterly on

[12 MAR 1746] Joseph (mark) Braswell and his wife Sarah and William (W) Braswell and his wife Sarah of Isle of Wight County to Richard Vick for 19 pounds 100 acres "being a part of a patent granted to Edwd Goodson and Matthew Rushin bearing date the sixteenth day of June one thousand seven hundred and fourteen and bounded as followeth Viz Beginning at a Gum standing in Nottoway Swamp at the mouth of a Branch so up the Branch to a pine standing in Thomas Crafford’s line from thence along a line of marked trees to a pine standing by the side of a branch so down the branch to a white oak stand Nottoway Swamp aforesd and down the various courses of the sd swamp to the beginning" Witnesses: John Darden, W. Bridgood, Matthew Griffin. (Copy of Deed pages 445-447, Deed Book 7, Part 2)

[14 May 1747] Henry Vaughan and wife Ann, administrators of Richard Blow, plaintiffs, vs. William Brasswell and Joseph Brasswell, executors of Richard Brasswell, type, in debt, attorney: Robert Jones, defendants, verdict: plaintiff. (page 21) Arthur Washington provided evidence for William and Joseph Brasswell vs Henry Vaughan and wife Ann. John Thomas provided evidence for Henry Vaughan and wife Ann vs William and Joseph Brasswell. Albridgton Jones provided evidence for William and Joseph Brasswell vs Henry Vaughan and wife Ann. (Virginia Genealogical Quarterly. IOW Co., Order Book 1746-1752)

[1749] Southampton County was formed from Isle of Wight County.

[9 NOV 1752] Richard Vick to Albridgton Jones 6 acres adj. sd. Jones' mill and Nottoway Swamp on the north side of the Bridge Road (part of 100 acres sold to sd. Vick by William Braswell and Joseph Braswell), S: Richard (R) Vick, Wit: Robert (signed) Ricks, Jesse (signed) Browne, and Phillip (P) Brantley (Southampton Co., VA DB 1 P. 412-414)