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* Research of William C. Fields III

Contributed by Walter S. & Maxine C. Gabennesch

Research of WILLIAM C. FIELDS III from the original records. Richard Sr & Jr are the son and grandson of Richard the 1st who is the son of the Reverend Robert Bracewell.

RICHARD BRASWELL, SENr, of Isle of Wight, Chowan, Bertie, Edgecombe and Bladen Counties and RICHARD BRASWELL JUNr of Bertie and Edgecombe.

1703 - RICHARD BRACEWELL, JUNr, of Lower Parish of Isle of Wight bought 35 a. on Main Blackwater from WM. & MARTHA BROWNE. (I. of W. DB1, p. 401)

1706 - RICHARD BRACEWELL, JUNr, & wife ELENOR of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight, sold above land to WM. BROWNE. (I. of W. DB 2, p. 69)

1708 - RICHd BRASSWELL of Isle of Wight to Jas. BRYANT, SENr, of same, assignment of patent in Chowan Precinct. (Chowan DB W1, # 386, p. 187). (This may refer either to the father, RICHARD I, will 1724, Isle of Wight, or the son, RICHARD II (RICHARD SENr, in these notes) but in any case is one of the most conclusive bits of evidence we have linking the BRASWELLS of Isle of Wight to North Carolina. WILLIAM C. FIELDS)

1714/15 - ANN CARVER granted letters of administration on estate of her father, WILLIAM CARVER. (Chowan Co. Court Minutes, Jan. 1714/15

RICHARD BRASWELL proved an account against the estate of WILLIAM CARVER dec'd. (Ibid, April 1715)

1720 - RICHd BRASWELL on tax list of Albemarle Co. in Capt Robt. PATTERSON's Company on both sides of the Meherrin River. He was also on several other early tax lists that are unfortunately undated. (Albemarle Co. Papers, Chowan Tax Lists)

1720 - RICHARD II BRASWELL patented 640 a. in Chowan Prct. (Pat Bk 8, p.185)

1721 - RICHARD II BRASWELL patented 365 a. in Chowan Prct. (Pat Bk 3, p. 67)

1721 - RICHARD II BRASWELL patented 280 a. in Chowan Prct. (Pat. Bk. 3, p. 88)

1721 - RICHARD II BRASWELL patented 300 a. in Chowan Prct. (Pat. Bk. 3, p. 89)

1722 - RICHARD II BRASWELL patented 245 a. in Bertie Prct. (Pat. Bk. 3, p. 10)

1723 - RICHARD BRASWELL & wife ELEANOR sold 145 a. to WILLIAM KINCHEN. (Bertie DB A p. 104)

RICHARD BRASSWELL & wife ELEANOR sold 100 a. to WILLIAM BENNETT. (Bertie DB A p. 113)

1724 - RICHARD BRASSWELL sold 200 a. to JOHN HILLIARD. (Bertie DB A p. 257)

RICHARD II BRASSWELL & wife ELINOR sold 180 a. to WILLIAM WILSON. (Bertie BD A p. 363)

RICHARD BRASSWELL appointed to juries to lay out two roads: one from Bridges Creek to the road from Henry Wheeler's mill to Brady's landing on Meherrin River: the other from Simon Jeffries' landing on Roanoke River to the main branch "that begins at Mr. JAMES BRYANTs and goes to Cheshire's landing on Maherin River where the trading Vessells commonly lye". (Bertie Co. Court Minutes, 1724-1743)

Will of RICHARD I BRASWELL, of Isle of Wight, Va., 28 July 1724/25, named sons RICHARD, ROBERT, VALENTINE, JACOB and JOHN. (The Great Book, p. 174)

1725 - RICHARD BRASWELL, JUNr. patented 639 a. in Bertie Prct. ( Pat. Bk. 3 p. 194)

RICHARD BRASWELL Patented 157 A. in Bertie Prct. (Pat. Bk. 3, p. 195 # 184)

RICHARD BRASWELL patented 451 a. in Bertie Prct. (Pat. Bk. 3 p. 195 # 187)

WILLm. BENNETT sold NICLs. BOON 100 a. "which I purchased of RICHd. BRASSWELL by one Deed bearing the date the fourteenth of May Seventeen hundred twenry three". (Bertie DB B p. 2) (Bell, in her abstracts of Colonial Bertie, misread the word "Deed" as Dec'd, creating a potentially dangerous situation. WILLIAM C. FIELDS)

1727 - RICHARD BRACEWELL & wife ELINOR sold 150 a. to OWIN KELLY. (Bertie DB B p. 385)

1728 - Commisioners to divide estate of JOHN COTTON, dec'd: JOHN DEW, SIMON JEFFRIES, JAMES MOORE & Rd. BRASWELL. (Chowan Inventories & Estates)

RICHd BRACEWELL, JUNr. sold 640 a. to "my Father RICHd. BRACEWELL". (Bertie DB C p. 19)

RICHARD BRACEWELL, SENr. sold 640 a. to JONATHAN STANDLEY JUNr. (Bertie DB C, p. 32)

RICHARD BRASWELL SENr. patented 445 a. on Fishing Creek & Crooked Branch in what became Edgecombe Co. (Hal. DB 4, p. 399: ROBERT CARVER "alias BRASWELL" to WILLIAM BRYANT. This is the only known record of this patent. WILLIAM C. FIELDS)

1729 - RICHARD BRACEWELL sold 320 a. to WILLIAM HARRIS. (Bertie DB C. p. 97)

RICHARD BRASWELL & wife ELINOR sold 230 a. to JAs. NORFLEET. (Bertie DB C, p. 194)

1731 - 1732 - Will of THOMAS WIMBERLY witnessed by ELINOR BRASSWELL, proved by her Feb. 1732. (Bertie Wills) THOMAS WIMBERLY was living on Fishing Creek and had he lived a few months longer would have died in Edgecombe. One of his bequests was as follows: 150 a. to daughter SARAH WIMBERLY (along with "two puter dishes and two puter basins") "and my desire is for JACOB BRASWELL & young RICH BRASWELL for to Devide it amongst them". No doubt "young RICH BRASWELL" was RICHARD, JUNr., so called to distinguish him from his father. What, precisely, THOMAS WIMBERLY meant to be done with the 150 acres and the four "puter" articles is a mystery. A lawsuit would have probably revealed the answer but evidently the legatees knew what he intended and settled it amicably. Another mystery is what the connection was between the WIMBERLYs & BRASWELLs. It seems evident that it was a close one but no amount of speculation will reveal the truth and there is no clue in any record I have found thus far. At any rate the bequest to "young RICH" provides evidence that this ELINOR was the wife of RICHARD, SENr. and this is her last appearance in any known record. (WILLIAM C. FIELDS)

1731 - 1734 - Will of JAMES BRYANT, SENr. listed "all my children... JOHN DEW and RICHARD BRASWELL JAMES BRYANT & THOMAS BRYANT & MATHEW TOLAR (TELAR?).

(There was another son, WILLIAM BRYANT, named separately in the will. Whether RICHARD BRASWELL was SENr. or JUNr. I would not guess. More study of the BRYANTs, who are closely interwoven with the BRASWELLs, would be needed
to clear that up. WILLIAM C. FIELDS)

1735 - RICHd BRASWELL sold 187 a. to JAMES BARNS. (Bertie DB D, p. 173)

1736 - RICHARD BRASWELL, JUNr. , of Edgecombe Prct., sold JOHN DAWSON 76 a. in Bertie adjoining "his father's corner tree". (Bertie DB E, p. 124)

1737 - RICHARD BRASSWELL sold 500 a. to JAMES WOOD. (Bertie DB E, p. 114)

1738 - RICHARD BRASWELL patented 100 a. in Edgecombe (Pat. Bk. 8, p. 11)

RICHARD BRASWELL patented 100 a. in Edgecombe (Pat. Bk. 8, p. 25)

1739 - RICHARD BRASWELL patented 500 a. in Craven (Pat. Bk. 8, p. 14)

RICHARD BRASWELL, JUNr. bought 80 a. in Edgecombe. (Hal. DB 1, p. 279)

1740 - RICHd BRASWELL and RICHARD BRASSWELL on Bertie & Edgecombe list of jurymen. (Col. Rec. of N.C. Vol. IV, p. 523)

1741 - RICHARD BRACEWELL, JUNr. bought 175 a. in Edge. (Hal. DB 1, p. 405)

RICHARD BRACEWELL, JUNr. bought 100 a. in Edge. (Hal. DB 1, p. 413)

RICHARD BRASSWELL patented 200 a. in Craven. (Pat. Bk. 5, p. 204)

RICHARD BRASWELL, JUNr. of Edgecombe fined L6 for failing to serve on Grand Jury. (Col. Court Papers, CCR 163, Folder 2)

1742 - RICHARD BRASSWELL bought 200 a. in Edgecombe. (Hal. DB 5, p. 80)

RICHARD BRASWELL SENr. (II) patented land on White Oak Swamp, Edgecombe. (Edge. DB 1, p. 406, Wm. CARVER to AMOS COTTON. Only known record of this patent. WILLIAM C. FIELDS)

1743 - RICHARD BRASWELL sold 100 a. in Edgecombe. (Hal. DB 5, p. 169)

RICHARD BRACEWELL sold 250 a. in Craven. (Craven Co. Court Minutes - 1743 deeds for Craven missing)

1745 - RICHARD BRASWELL sold 200 a. in Craven. (Hal. DB 5, p. 396) Pat Bk says Craven. DB says Edge.

RICHARD BRASWELL, SENr. charged with counterfieting and acquitted. Described variously in the records as "oald Mr RICHARD BRASWELL, RICHARD BRASWELL SENIER and RICHARD BRASWELL of Fishing Creek in the County of Edgecombe". In one deposition mention was made of "MRS BRASWELL" but she was not otherwise identified. (Edge. Court Minutes, P. & Q. S., May 1745; Colonial Court Papers, Criminal Papers, General & Assize Courts, 1745-1749; General Court Papers Dockets, July & October General Sessions, 1745)

1747 - RICHARD BRASWELL, JUNr., bought 50 a. in Edgecombe. (Hal. DB 3, 209)

RICHARD BRASWELL, SENr., deeds of gift to his four children: WILLIAM, "born of the body of ANNE CARVER commonly called by the name of WILLIAM BRASWELL"; ROBERT, commonly called ROBERT BRASWELL" DAVID BRASWELL and SARAH BRASWELL. (Hal. DB 3, pp. 177-180)

1752 - ROBERT CARVER "alias BRASWELL" of Bladen sold to WILLIAM BRYANT 445 a. in Edgecombe, granted to RICHARD BRASWELL 24 Feb. 1728. (This was the land given by RICHARD BRASWELL, SENr., to his son ROBERT "commonly called "ROBERT BRASWELL" in 1747.) (Hal. DB 4, 399)

1753 - RICHARD BRASWELL patented 147 a. in Johnston Co. (Pat. Bk. 14. p. 187)

1755 - RICHARD BRACEWELL sold 118 a. to JAMES BRACEWELL (NC? DB 2, 311)

1758 - RICHARD BRACEWELL of Tar River in Edgecombe sold above 147 a. to JAMES WOOTON. (Johnston DB A-1, p. 5)

1758 - 29 Nov.: Letters of Administration granted to BENJn WILLIS on estate of DAVID BRASWELL revoked. Letters ad colligend to issue to ANN BRASWELL alias CARVER on said estate. Ordered that depositions be taken at next Supreme Court at Enfield touching the legitimacy of said DAVID BRASWELL. Said ANN to give security in the sum of 1000 pds. Ordered that consideration of the caveat entered against letters of administration being issued to RICHd BRASWELL, son of RICHd BRASWELL dec'd, be deferred until said depositions are returned and that letters ad colligend issue to ANN BRASWELL alias CARVER, security 200 pds. (Gov.'s Office, Council Journal, 1755-1764, pp. 130-131; also printed in Col. Rec. of N.C., Vol. V, pp. 994-995)

Bond of ANNE BRASWELL "of Bladen County widow" for 1000 pds. as administratrix of the estate of DAVID BRASWELL dec'd. Securites ROBERT CARVER and WILLIAM CARVER. 2 Dec. 1758

Bond of ANNE BRASWELL "of Bladen County widow" for 200 pds. as administratrix of the estate of RICHARD BRASSWELL dec'd. Securities ROBERT CARVER and WILLIAM CARVER. 2 Dec. 1758 (Sec'y of State, Administrators' Bonds, 1716-1774)

1759 - Suit of BENJa WILLIS Admr. vs RICHd BRACEWELL abated by defendant's death (February Term of Court). Note in margin indicates suit was filed 30 September (1758), Bladen County. (Execution Docket, Wilmington District Court, 1756-1759)

16 May - Personal estate of DAVID CARVER dec'd, an "Illegitimate son of RICHd BRASWELL dec'd" granted to RICHd BRASSWELL, ROBt CARVER & Wm CARVER. (LGO, Pat. Bk. 18, p. 432)

24 July - Inventory of personal estate of DAVID CARVER dec'd, late of Bladen County, filed by RICHd BRASWELL, ROBt CARVER & WILLIAM CARVER, administrators. (Sec'y of State Inventories & Sales of Estates, "C" 1744-1787)

1760 - RICHARD BRACEWELL sold 200 a. to WILLIAM BRASWELL (Edge. DB 00. 98)

RICHARD BRACEWELL SENr sold 119 a. to SAMPSON BRACEWELL (Edge. DB 00, 101)(This is RICHARD JUNr, now designated SENr since the death of his father to distinguish him from his own son RICHARD. WILLIAM C. FIELDS)

1762 - WILLIAM CARVER and wife MARY of Bladen Co. sold to AMOS COTTON 300 a. in Edgecombe on White Oak Swamp, patented by RICHARD BRASWELL 10 May 1742 and conveyed by him to said WILLIAM CARVER 18 Nov. 1747. (Edge. DB 1, p. 406)

1759-1762 - Suit: RICHARD BRACEWELL (BRASWELL) vs WILLIAM HIGGS for default on a note for L8:3:11. Note made 14 July 1759; suit instituted Dec. 1761; verdict for plaintiff Mar. 1762 for L9:3:2 and costs. (Edge. Civil Action papers, 1756-61; Edge. Sup. Ct. Appnce. & Ref. Docket, 1758-1765)

1764 - RICHARD BRASWELL sold 100 a. to ROBERT ROSE. (Edge. DB C, p. 178)

1765 - RICHARD BRASWELL bought 120 a. from EPHRAIM PONDER (PENDER?). (Edge. DB C, p. 379)

1767-1772 - Will of RICHARD BRASWELL of Edgecombe County. Named wife ELIZABETH, sons RICHARD, SAMPSON, SOLOMON, JAMES and WILLIAM and daughters SARAH, MARY and ELIZABETH.

The foregoing comprise all known records in the counties designated that pertain to RICHARD BRASWELLs and it is my belief that they refer to two men, father and son. RICHARD, SENr., (described in the Isle of Wight deeds of 1703 & 1706 as JUNr. to distinguish him from his father) was, unquestionably, son of RICHARD of Isle of Wight, will 1724, and wife SARAH. He was probably born ca. 1680 and moved to N.C. ca. 1710. His wife ELINOR is a valuable clue to his identity as she figures in a number of his deeds between 1706 and 1729.

RICHARD, JUNr., probably was born ca. 1705, perhaps earlier. The earliest reference to him so designated is in the 1725 land grant. He need not have attained his majority in order to patent land but neverthelesss was probably nearly 21, if not older. Deeds indicate that by about 1730 he had moved on into what was to become Edgecombe and it appears that his mother, ELINOR BRASWELL, was with him as she witnessed the will of THOMAS WIMBERLEY, who was living nearby.

RICHARD, SENr., was described as "of Bertie" in a 1735 deed but, according to the deed by which ROBERT CARVER sold his Edgecombe land, had patented that land in 1728. In the 1747 deed of gift RICHARD described it as "the plantation whereon I now dwell", giving the location as west of Fishing Creek and on Crooked Branch, that being the eastern part of the county near the halifax line about 10 or 12 miles above Tarboro. His other land was in the same general area: White Oak and Maple Swamps. RICHARD, JUNr., was in the same area but last lived on S/S of Tar River near Hatcher's Swamp, where most of his sons settled also. This is about 5 miles west of Tarboro.

The CARVER children of RICHARD BRASWELL, SENr., were born in the 1720's at latest. The suit of BENJAMIN WILLIS vs RICHARD BRASWELL indicates that DAVID BRASWELL-CARVER had died before 30 Sept. 1758 and that RICHARD BRASWELL, SENr., died after that date but by 29 Nov. 1758, when the Council granted letters ad colligend on both his and DAVID's estates to ANN. WILLIAM C. FIELDS 15 Nov 1976