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Massey, Pettipool, Franklin Co., NC 1794

In the name of God Amen, I, Pettipool Massey of Franklin County in
the State of North Carolina being at present, in reasonable health and sound mind & memory, Thanks be to God for the same, therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following---

I give and bequeth unto my son Eli Massey, to him and his heirs for ever, part of the old plantation that was formerly my father’s and all the lands on the east side of the Great Branch that runs thro the said old plantation so up the branch to the first fork then up small branch to where Noel Massey's house stood and so up the bottom to the upper line for one Hundred and the 200 Hundred acres I had of Fed Smith* and 305 acres I surveyed about the Huckelberry Pond to a corner black jack in Benj. Upchurch's line and square a south course from that corner to other line--- in all 600 [605] acres more or less and one Negro girl named Vilet and her increase after his mother's decease only the first child of the said Vilet to my youngest daughter (Zilpah). Also to Eli one young horse or mare when he comes of age, one cow & calf, 0ne cutlass, one iron pot, one feather bed, one pewter dish, 1 axe and one hand Hoe and the saddle and bridle that was Pettipool’s.

Item. I give and bequeth unto my son, Asa Massey, to him and his heirs forever the plantation whereon I now live and all the land I had of Sampson Brasswell on both sides of the Creek, 390 acres and my Mill my son Nathan to have his truck ground Toul free as long as he will help to keep her in order after his mother's Deces or widowhood. Also to my son, Asa, the rest of my land that was formerly my father's to the said Great Branch that runs thro
the plantation for 140 acres and 45 acres in my First Survey joining Obediah Strickland's to the same corner black jack in Benj. Upchurches line--- in all 575 acres more or less, one Negro girl named Pat and her increase only her first child to my daughter, Lucy. But his mother is to keep all these things in possession as long as she lives my widow without the pleases to give up any part. Also to Asa, one young Horse or mare when he comes to age, one cow & calf, one whipsaw, one iron pot, one pewter d1sh, one sew and pigs, one featherbed.

Item. I give and bequeth unto my son, Warren Massey, to him and his heirs for ever, the last land I surveyed below the Wolf Harbor for 400 acres more or less.

Item- I give and bequeth unte my beloved wife, Selah Massey, the choice of beds and furniture, her choice of horses, bridles and saddles and the rest of my living I lend to my beloved wife to raise my children or as long as she lives my widow and if my wife dies before my young children are grown, I desire my son, Nathan Massey, to have the care of my children and keep them together if possible, nothing to be sold, hired, nor rented. If one girls should marry and there is any to spare, let them have and take an account that there may be an equal division and after my wife’s decease or widowhood, I desire all thats(?) left be divided between my six youngest daughters, Salley, Lidia, Lucy, Selah, Elizabeth, & Zilpah, not sold if possible to help it But divided by three honest men.

And last of all, I do constitute and appoint my wife, Selah Massey, and my son, Nathan Massey, and Simon Williams my executors, to see the same dulyly performed and executed.

In witness, my hand and seal this sixth day of April one thousand seven hundred and ninety four.

Pettipool Massey {seal}


John Norwood Junr

Jno. Williams (jurat)

Obediah Strickland (jurat)

(Franklin Co., NC WB B Pg. 13, --- 1794)

Transcribed by Theron Smith

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Christian Williams had a brother named Simon Williams.

* Frederick Smith