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Sampson Braswell Rev War Pension Statement

Pension application of Sampson Braswell W3930

State of North Carolina, Anson County

On this 15th day of January 1838 personally appeared Before me William Hamilton a Justice of the peace Lucresa Braswell a resident of Anson County State of North Carolina aged 74 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4th, 1837. That she is the widow of Sampson Braswell, decd [deceased], a Soldier of the Revolution. That he entered the Service of the United States in the year 1777 or '78 as well as recollected in the militia Service a private foot soldier marched under Captain John Shepperd in Colonel Caswell's Regiment to Moore's Creek there had a Battle in which the Americans were victorious, a volunteer Served two months and was discharged, he was a volunteer again for three months, and marched under Captain Shepperd to Wilmington. Served three months & discharged the year not recollected. In the winter Before Charleston was taken by the British he served on a three months tour was marched down into the low country and to Charleston Served three months and was discharged a little before the town was taken by the British, as I have heard him say these three tours were done before we were married, as I have heard him Speak of them Before and after we were married, we were married December 21st, 1780 and in the Spring of the year after we were married '81 he was drafted into the Service for three months and marched under Captain Stringer Machelwane or Captain Shepperd marched down the country in
pursuit of British and Tories Served a three months, was discharged and came home, at the time he done this Service I went to Stay with my father and his father & other friends of mine until my husband returned home – at the time last Service was rendered we lived in Wane [sic, Wayne] County North Carolina a neighbor to each other before we were married. She further declares that she was married to her husband Sampson Braswell on the 21st day of December 1780 and that her husband the aforesaid Sampson Braswell died on the 11th day of September 1831 and that she has remained a widow ever since that point as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed. She further declares, she is not able to travel to the court house by reason of Bodily infirmity it being Sixteen or seventeen miles, not having been more than four miles from home in five years past.

Sworn to and subscribed the day & year aforesaid Before me.

S/ W. Hamilton, JP S/ Lucresa Braswell, X her mark

Affidavit of Richard Braswell a pensioner of the United States, aged 83 years

I Richard Braswell of Anson County North Carolina do certify that I and Sampson Braswell as above Stated are Brothers, and lived in Wayne County in the time of the War, we Both were in Service together – called out by the authority of the State of North Carolina at the Battle of Moore's Creek under Captain John Shepperd, we were volunteers for three months but were discharged at the end of two months, we returned home, in the year 1777 or 78 as well as recollected & in a Short time after Brother Sampson Braswell was a volunteer and Served a three month tour under Shepperd went to Wilmington as I heard him Say & he Served a three months tour under Captain Shepperd the year that Charleston was taken by the British. I heard him Say after he returned home that he was discharged a little before the British took the town. Brother Sampson Braswell and Lucresa Waide [sic, Lucretia Wade] was lawfully married on the 21st day of December 1780 and I was at the wedding, after they were married Brother Sampson was drafted into service and marched down the country in pursuit of British and Tories. Served three months & returned home. I think he was under Captain McElhaney in
or Shepherd in Colonel Caswell's or Lowry's Regiment as he talked of these things after he returned home. We all lived at that time in Wayne County North Carolina on one plantation and have lived a near neighbor until the day of his death which occurred on the 11th day of September 1831 with Palsey and she has remained a widow ever since. Sworn to and Subscribed this 15th day of January 1838.

S/ W. Hamilton, JP S/ Richard Sampson

[Affidavit of son, Richard Braswell stating that he was born on March 23rd 1782, the eldest child of Sampson and Lurcresa Braswell.]

North Carolina Anson County

Affidavit of Richard Braswell and Penelope Braswell his wife why they fix the dates of the marriage of Sampson Braswell & Lucretia his wife to be December 21st, 1780.

We Richard Braswell & Penelope his wife do certify that we were married in the fall of the year 1780 in October and that our first child was born October 27, 1781 as appears on record in my family Register kept by us of our children's ages, and Brother Sampson & Lucretia Wade was married four days before new Christmas of the same year, as we all lived in the same neighborhood at that time and have continued to live near each other to the present days, and the said Lucretia Braswell is not able to be carried to the court house it being 16 or 17 miles, that she is hardly ever able to attend her church meetings which is near [at] hand, that her disease & infirmness increases on her continually; not a doubt remaining in our minds after referring to the family Register, but that Sampson Braswell and the Lucretia Wade was married on the 21st of December 1780 and that Sampson Braswell Deceased Served in behalf of the United States as has been before stated, and that Shadrach Braswell another Brother served his country faithfully but it is long since no more.

Sworn to and subscribed the 15th day of March 1839

S/ William Prewitt, JP S/ Richard Braswell, X his mark

S/ Penelope Braswell, X her mark

I Richard Braswell & Penelope his wife do further certify that the Script or four leaves of paper containing the names of Richard Braswell, Delaney – Elizabeth – Burril – Ervin – Benjamin – Patty –Bryant – Cullen – Penelope Braswell is a true family register kept by us of our children's ages.

Sworn to and subscribed the day & date above. S/ Richard Braswell, X his mark S/ William Prewitt, JP S/ Penelope Braswell, X her mark State of North Carolina, Dobbs County

Know all men by these present that we Sampson Braswell and William Bridger are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency Abner Nash Esq. Governor &c or his successors the first and full Sum of five hundred Pounds Current money for which Payment well and truly to be made and done we bind ourselves our Heirs Executors Administrators & Assigns and each of us firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and hand this 19th day of December Anno. Dom. 1780. The condition of above Obligation is such that whereas the above bound Sampson Braswell have made application for a License to celebrate the Rites of Matrimony Between the said Sampson Braswell and Lucretia was both of Dobbs County aforesaid agreeable to an act of assembly in such case made and Province Now if it shall not appear at any time hereafter that there is not any Lawful case to Obstruct the said Marriage – that then and in such case the above Obligation to be Void otherwise to be and remain in full force and Virtue.

S/ Sampson {SEAL}

Signed Sealed & delivered in Presence of S/ Wm Bridger {SEAL}

S/ Jesse Wingate

Transcribed by Will Graves