Wednesday, February 27, 2008

TN County, William Bracewell 1795

[1795-Nov 14] DB 8-641

WILLIAM BRACEWELL of Tennessee County and Southwestern Territory appointed JOHN SHURRED of Edgecombe Co. as his attorney, Nov. 14, 1795, to recover and receive for him that part of the estate of SOLOMON BRACEWELL, decd., that blongto to him.

Source: Abstracts of Early Deeds of Edgecombe Co., NC 1788-1798 by Joseph W. Watson.

Historical note: In 1789, North Carolina gave the Tennessee region to the United States. The federal government made it into a new territory and called it The Territory of the United States South of the Ohio River. William Blount became the first and only governor of this territory. Tennessee became the 16th state on 1 June 1796. John Sevier, one of the heros of the battle of King's Mountain, became the first governor.

From Foy Braswell's Library