Monday, January 24, 2011

Williamson M. Braswell & Williamson Mims, Houston Co., GA 1843

Houston January Sheriff's Sale.

WILL be sold on the first Tuesday in January next, before the court house door in the town of Perry, Houston county, within the legal hours of sale, the following property to wit: One framed house and two acre lot in Fort Valley, with other necessary out buildings, one fifth part of one negro man by the name of Bob, about 65 years of age, one yoke of oxen, one ox-wagon, one barouche and harness, one black mare six or seven years old, five head of cattle, ten heads of hogs, 100 bushels of corn, more or less. 1000 lbs. of fodder, more or less; levied on as the property of Williamson M. Brasewell, to satisfy two fi. fas. issued from Houston Superior Court, one in favor of Daniel Morrison vs. Williamson M. Brasswell and Williamson Mims and one in favor of Chickering & McKays vs Williamson M. Brasswell and John Jacob Lomon, property pointed out by Williamson Mims.
WM. D. HUNT, D. Sh'ff
Dec.1 10

(Macon Weekly Telegraph - January 03, 1843)