Monday, January 24, 2011

W. Mims Braswell, Georgia, 1845

Macon Weekly Telegraph - July 09, 1845

General Assignee's Sale.

I WILL sell at PUBLIC AUCTION, in the City of Macon, on WEDNESDAY, 16th day of July next before the Court House, at 11 o'clock, A.M. all the property and rights of property, of every name and nature, which became vested in me, the Official or General Assignee in the following assets, and which are particularly set forth in the papers on file in the hands of my agent at Macon, Isaac Holmes, as by reference thereto will more fully appear, and the same will be sold subject to all set offs, liens, and incumbrances, as well as all title which may have been acquired under such set-offs, & c., subsequent, as well as prior, to the decrees. Terms cash - purchasers paying at the expense of a formal certificate of sale.

In the matter of W. Mims Braswell, sundry promissory notes and open accounts. (listed among other debtors, AB)

Persons disposed to purchase any of the above assets are requested to make their examination of the papers, or enquiries previous to the day of sale.
Official or General Assignee in Bankruptcy, District of Georgia.
July 9, 1845. 41-tds