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* George Braswell Clarke Co., GA 1821

In the name of God Amen. The fifteenth of August one thousand eight hundred and twenty one I GEORGE BRASWELL of the state of Georgia and County of Clarke being weak in body and of a Sound mind and memory do make this my Last will and testament at the _____ion & truly rendering all former wills made by me declaring this to be my Last Will and Testament.

First I give and bequeath to my Daughter MARY AKRIDGE one dollar to be paid out of my estate.

Secondly I give to my son WILLIAM BRASWELL one dollar to be paid out of my estate. Thirdly I give to my daughter JANE BRASWELL one feather bed and furniture that ----- Cald Hern ?.

Forthly I give unto my Daughter FANNY BRASWELL one feather bed and furniture.

5 After all Just Debts are paid the balance of my estate both real and personally I wish to Remain in the hand of my beloved wife NANCY BRASWELL for the support and Education of my children.

6 I wish my Executors to have the control of my will with the ____ of the County of Clarke to manage my Estate to the best ____ of the benefit of my wife and children.

7 When my Executors and the Cort think proper to make a Division of my estate my will and that all my estate be Equally divided between my wife NANCY BRASWELL and the children I had by her and six children I had by my former wife JANE BRASWELL deceased at the same time I do appoint my Executors ANDERSON BURT, JAMES BURT, SAML BRASWELL. Hereunto I have set my hand this 15 of August 1821. Sined and acknoedg before us: JAS. HEARD, JAS “X” GRIMES, SUSANNAH “+” TRUMAN. GEORGE BRASWELL

Georgia ) Personally appeared in Open Court JAMES HEARD

Clarke County )and JAMES GRIMES two of the subscribing witnesses to the within will and being duly Sworn saith that they saw GEORGE BRASWELL sign and acknowledge the within Instrument to be his Last Will and Testament and that he was of Sound and Desparing mind and memory at the time of the Signing and that they saw SUSANNAH TRUMAN sign this_______. Sworn to in Open Court Sept. 3rd 1821 JAS. HEARD, JAMES “X:” GRIME J. H. LOVE, Clk Recorded September 5th 1821

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