Saturday, January 1, 2011

* Burson, Isaac, Jackson Co., GA

Isaac Burson

I give and bequeath unto Sylvania Shipp $50.00 and also Penelope Brazeal $50.00 to be paid out of my money from my estate not heretofore dispose of.
I give and bequeath unto the lawful heirs and wife of David Burson, deceased, $1.00 only to be paid from estate.
It is my will and wish that my wife Sarah Burson to be decently supported out of my money arising out of my estate and to have control and use of all the household furniture and stock of cattle and sheep she is possession of during her life and then to be disposed of as hereinafter mentioned.
It is my will that all just debts to be punctually paid. The residue of my estate, which consists in money, notes and papers, credits and some personal property designated in the 4th item, to wit, cattle, children, share and share alike, to wit: Joseph Burson, Hannah Thomas, Isaac Burson, Sally Hinton, Delila Shaw, Elisha Burson, Brookfield Burson.

Executor: Sons, Joseph and Elisha Burson

Witnesses: William Shaw, John H. Johnson, and Barnabus B. Johnson

Dated Sept 28, 1829. Probated: July 5, 1830.

Jackson County, Georgia Will Book A, Page 97