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* Charity Braswell & James Muse Jr.

- James Muse was Born January 2nd 1734

1739 - Charity Muse his wife was Born april the 5th 1739

1753 - Page 7, Count of Sept. 1753, Deed of gift from James Muse, James Muse, Jr. for negroes, hogs, horses, cattle, beds & furniture, etc… Wit: Giles Tillet, Charles Steel, Alex Going? or Young? [Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of September 1752 – August 1766 By Ruth Herndon Shields]

1755 – January 21, James Barton, to James Muse Sr, 20 pounds, 80 acres on south side of Deep River (part of a track James Barton bought of Joel McClendon granted to him in 1748) Wit: Timothy Claven, Joseph Elkins. (page 65, Deed Book 2, Cumberland County Register of Deeds)

1755 - James and Charity was married May the 27th 1755

1755 – July 15, James Muise, Junr., to James Muise, Senr., both of Cumberland County, 200 pounds, "all and every part of an estate formerly made over to the said James Muise, Junr., by him the said James Muise, Senr. together with all the negroes, utensils thereunto belonging excepting one negro girl named penny to have and to hold all and every part of the said estate……" Wit: Jacob Blocker, James Nicol. (page 29, Deed Book 1, Cumberland County Register of Deeds)[See 1753 Orange County deed of gift]

1758 – March 30, James Muse of DEEP RIVER, Cumberland County, NC,wrote his will naming wife Sophia, son James a negro named Penelope and what I have already given him, daughter Leddy Ceal, son Thomas, son Daniel (not yet 14 years old), daughter Anne Muse, daughter, Annabarbury, daughter Sophia Pope Runnells and her son William Ceal Muse. Executors, wife, son James and Charles Ceal. Wit: Robert Dickinson, James Bain, Isaac Dickinson (page 241, Deed Book 1,Cumberland County Register of Deeds)

Due to the fact that Charity Braswell was married to James Muse Jr. of Deep River May 27, 1755 at the age of 16 (born April 5, 1739) it is likely that she was the daughter of one of the Deep River Braswells and a grandaughter of Valentine Braswell & Jane Pope. Based on Charity's birthdate, name, location and other circumstantial evidence it is believed that Charity is the daughter of Valentine Braswell & Patience whose daughter Patience was married to Charles Harrington Jr.


It has been speculated by some that Charity was the daughter of Joseph Braswell (grandson of Susannah Burgess Braswell & Richard Towle through their son Richard) of Isle of Wight, but the documented evidence conflicts. Notice that Charity married James Muse Jr of Deep River in North Carolina at the tender age of 16 on May 27, 1755.

1757 - Jun 21, The following persons are Vagrants...Joseph Braswell (Isle of Wight Co., VA D.B.9 P. 510 1752-1758)

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