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William Braswell of IOW VA, Family & Neighbors

1677 - May 13, Francis England of Blackwater in Isle of Wight: Leg. daughter Ann Branch, wife of George Branch and her sons, George, Francis and John Branch. Wife Joyce, Extrx. Overseers, John Gutridge and John Pearson. R. June 9, 1677. Wit: Nicholas Davis, George Cripps, Richard Bennett. (Pg 144)

1679 - April 18, Joyce Cripps: Leg. Husband George Cripps the lands and tenements given me by my former husband, Francis England, to the son of Francis England's brother, if he comes to Virginia and makes claim to the said land within seven years, my sister Skinner, Nicholas Davis the plantation on which he lives, Sarah Lupo, Mr George Branch's three children, Francis, John and Ann, orphan boy that liveth with me, named Anthony Lewis, Margaret wife of Peter Vasser, Susan Braswell, my sister's daughter, my three Goddaughters, Elizabeth Hayes, Joyce Butler, and Joyce Womble, my three Godsons, James Bennett, Nicholas Davis, and William Phillips, my mother Flake. My husband Extr. R. June 9, 1679. Wit: John Gutridge, (AKA Goodrich) Rebecca Davis, Will Evans. (W&D B 2 P 202)

1692 - Richard Towle Leg: my three youngest children of Susanna Braswell when they reach the age of 17 years, Richard, William & Elizabeth Braswell. Extr: John Riggs. Wit: Thomas Moore, Robert Horner, Sarah Wakefield. D. 5th of 9ber 1692. R. February 9, 1692/93. (IOW Co. VA W & DB 2 Pg 323)

1692/3 - February 20, Thomas Moore & Thomas Thorp. sworn by Capt. John Goodrich to appraise the estate of Richard Towle. (DB 1 P 133)

1694 - December 12, Major Lewis Burwell sued the John Riggs estate. (Isle of Wight Court Minutes 1693-1695 Pg 70) NOTE: See James Sampson's will and Richard Braswell to Richard Jordan deed.

1695 - August 20, John Goodrich Sr. of Upper Parish. Legatees: Son Charles, wife Rebecca, John Goodrich the son of my wife Rebecca, reversion to my grandson John Goodrich the son of Captain John Goodrich. Wife Extx. R. June 9, 1698. Wit: Robert Kae, Robert Riddick, George Riddick, Joseph Ford. (W&DB 2 P 389)

1695 - January 13, Capt. John Goodrich Legatees: Son George land adjoining Thomas Proud and Thomas Thropp, son John the land on which Thomas Drew now lives, land bought of Gilbert Adams to my two aforesaid sons, daughters Honour, Constancy and Mary, daughter Elizabeth the land given her by her grandfather in law George Cripps. Wife Extx. Overseers: my brother Robert Kae and Mr. James Day. R. June 9, 1696. Wit: Robert Thomas, Martha Thropp, Edward Farnesfield, Thomas Proud. (W&DB 2 P 369)

1695 - December 11, John Numan Will: Wife Ruth, Son Thomas all my land...adj Jno Screws...Daughter Issabella. Witnessed by Ja: Day, Tho: Herby, Ann R Brassell.

1698 - October 13, John (X) Goodrich and Rebecca his wife make over to son Charles Goodrich a deed of gift for 100 acres on Blackwater along Francis England's land. Nicholas Pasfield, Francis (X) Rayner, Joseph Ford.

1714 - Susannah Braswell Leg: 60 acres to son Richard, 40 acres to son William, granddaughter Elizabeth Braswell, daughter Ann, grandson John Riggs, son James. Trustees, Richard Jones and Richard Jordan. Wit: William Allen, Richard Jones, Richard Jordan. D. October 22, 1714. R. June 26, 1732 (IOW Co., VA WB 3 Pg 304)

1727 - November 30, James Sampson: Leg. Son Barcroft, daughter Margaret 100 acres adjoining Isaac Jarrett and Nicholas Derring, daughter Elizabeth 100 acres on which the widow Madera now lives, adjoining the land of Edward Brantley and Burwell's line, daughter Ann Derring, the plantation on which her husband Ncholas Derring now lives. Trustees, Samuel Croft and John Floyd. R. March 25, 1728. Wit: James Ingles, Charles Goodrich, Thomas Jones.

NOTE: Please note that James Sampson did not name a daughter Sarah Braswell in his will and that it was Susannah's sons Richard & William Braswell who lived adjacent to James Sampson and not Richard the 1st, son of the Reverend Robert Bracewell. Perhaps this will help dispel the myth that his wife was Sarah Sampson!

1727 - The Line between Arthur Jones and Saml Gainer Arthur Davis and Elizab: Worrin Arthur Davis and Saml Ganer Samuel Gainer and Elizab:Worren William Brasswell and Edward and James Brantley Elizab: Warren and Edward Brantley between John Goodrich and Elizab: Warren between Samson and Warren between Jeremiah Peirce and John Goodrich Junr Jos Ward & Elizab: Warren the County Line From the First swamp to the head of Drews mill Swamp . . . . (19) February 12th Day 1727 (Newport Parish, IOW Co., VA, Vestry Book 1724 -1772, Virginia State Library, Richmond: Church Records (Episcopal)

1731 - December 5, Richard Braswell, Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County, to Richard Jordan, Senr. Upper Parish, Isle of Wight County, for 1500 weight of tobacco and cask 60 acres "bounded as followeth beginning at a path called Shears Neck running from the Coblers Branch adjoining to the dividing line of William Braswell coming up to the line of James Sampson, deceased, thence down to the first station. Witnesses: Cannon, Rich. Jordan, Jr., Mary Jordan. (Copy of deed, IOW Co., VA DB 4 P. 201)

1732 - At a Court held for Isle of Wight County June 26: 1732 - THE last Will & Testament of Susannah Braswell deceased was presented in Court by William Braswell Executor therein named who made Oath thereto and being likewise proved by the Oaths of William Allen & Richard Jordan two of the Witnesses thereto It is admitted to Record. Teste. James Ingles Clk Curt Vera Recordatur Test: Ja:s Ingles Cl Curt (IOW Co., VA WB 3 Pg 304)

1733 - March 28, Samuel Gainer and wife, Ann Gainer, of Albemarle County in North Carolina to John Miller of Isle of Wight County.....100 acres in the upper parish adjoining Richard Jones, Philip Brantley, Francis England, Maj. William Bridger and Francis Wrenn. Wit: John Hodges, James Eveard, Richard Jordan and Edward Miller. Rec: 27 Aug 1733 Samuel (X) Gainer, Ann (X) Gainer. NOTE: Ann Gainer appoints George Bell, Sr. of the upper parish as her attorney. Wit: John Nairne, William Bell and John (X) Bell. (DB 4 Pg 275)

1748 - March 8, John Miller and wife Ann Miller to Seth Hunter.....100 acres in Newport Parish (being land bought by said Miller from Samuel Gainer on 27 Aug 1733) adjoining the Cart Path from Richard Jones to Phillip Brantley, Francis England and Major William Bridger. Rec: 9 Mar 1748 John Miller, Ann Miller (DB 8 Pg 209)

NOTE that Francis England is still being mentioned in deeds as late as 1748 even though he died in 1677.

1749 - Arthur Jones to Richard Jordan ... 50 acres on the west side Seth Hunter adjoining the Court House Road and the Bridge. Rec: 5 Oct 1749. Arthur Jones. (DB 8 Pg 276)

1751 - December 5, Ordered that the church wardens of Newport Parish bind out Samuel Braswell and George Braswell, orphans of William Braswell, as the law directs. (Isle Of Wight County Order Book, 1746-1752 - Magazine Of Virginia Genealogy, Vol. 40, No. 4 page 300)

NOTE: The above William Braswell is the perfect age to have been the son of William, son of Susannah, who sold his inherited 40 acres in 1764.

1752 - September 21, Benjamin Johnson to Richard Jordan, a slave. Witnesses: Jacob Johnson and Matthew Wills. (Southampton DB 1 Pg 382-383)

1759 - May 2, Excerpt from Seth Hunter's Will: "my Daughter Rodith Hunter, the Child which I had by Priscilla Braswell" (IOW VA WB 6 Pg 311)

1764 - William (mark) Braswell of Isle of Wight County to Peter Bocock Dec 9, 1764, for 20 pounds 40 acres, more or less, Beginning at a pine a Corner Tree that parts John Jordan and William Braswells Land down the Main Road to Harrison's Branch so runing up the said Branch to Samuel Wilson's Line so Running along the said line to John Jordan's line so runing along the said line to the first station. Witnesses: Samuel Wilson, Thomas Wrenn, Francis (mark) Wrenn Recorded March 7, 1765 (IOW Co., VA DB II, 268)

1777 - August 7, Thomas Scott of Newport Parish to Joseph Ellis of the same, 50 acres in Newport Parish adjoining, William Outland, James Brasswel, Bridger, Edward Goodson and the main swamp (being land that fell to said Scott Heir at Law to his father James Took Scott) Recorded 7 August 1777. Signed Thomas Scott (page 47, Isle of Wight, Virginia, Deeds 1750-1752 and 1772-17779)

1782 - IOW Co., VA Tax List: James Braswell 8 white - 0 black; William Braswell 1 white - 0 black; Seth Hunter (Jr) 8 white - 3 black; Mary Davis (white female on William Hodsen's List)

1790 - IOW Co., VA Personal Tax B: June 1 George Braswell white male tithable above 21; September 6, James Braswell white male above 21 & 2 horses; July 31 Jacob Copher white male tithable above 21 years.

1791 - January 22, George Braswell married Conney Copher IOW Co., VA by Rev. William Hubard, Rector Newport Parish. Surety: Francis Young.

1791 - March 29, Sally Braswell & Michael Kelly. Surety: Francis Young. 3 April - William Hubard Rector Newport Parish.

1793 - December 26, Milly Braswell, daughter of James Braswell married Jacob Copher, IOW Co., VA (copy of James Braswell's parental consent) Rev. William Hubard Rector of Newport Parish.

1797 - July 3, Martha, a free Negro girl emancipated by ------Scott, is to be bound to James Braswell. (Pg 48, IOW Orphans and Other Children. Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 22 No 4)

1799 - October 7, Personal Tax A IOW Co., VA Sarah Goodson 1 white above 16, 1 horse.

1799 - October 7, Personal Tax B IOW Co., VA George Brassel 1 white above 16 1 horse 12 Total tax; James Brassel 0 white above 16 1 horse 12 Total tax.

1803 - April 29, James Braswell wrote his will naming Mary Davis & his two sons James & Lewis Braswell alias Davis, sons of Mary Davis. Grandson Benjamin Braswell the son of Francis Braswell. Executor James Barlow Sr. Witnessed by Isham Jordan & Ann Ellis.

1806 - October, James Braswell to Sampson Bonas 20 acres for $80. Witnessed by Andrew Woodley, Richard Reynolds, John Goodrich. (IOW Co., VA DB 20 Pg 252)

1807 - November, James Braswell to John Forrest 30 acres for $100...James Tuke Scott's line.Witnessed by Isham Jordan, Robert Davis, Richard Maddry. (IOW Co., VA DB 20 Pg 475)

1815 - James Braswell's Will presented in Court. James Braswell appointed Benjamin Braswell and James Took Scott executors of his will. Wtnesses: Thomas Ellis, Pega Cofer and John Scott. Presented in Court under oaths of Isham Jordan and Mary Davis. NOTE: James Barlow Sr. had been appointed executor when the will was written in 1803.

1815 - January 23, Benjamin Braswell & Sally Goodson. Widow - Surety Thomas Ellis. 22 Jan - Josiah Bidgood pastor.

1816 - July 28, James Braswell & Nancy Branch. William Blunt pastor.

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