Saturday, January 1, 2011

* Joannah Braswell & Samuel Barron Bible Record


Samuel Barron was born 4 July 1768.

Joannah Barron, S. Barron’s wife was born 10 December 1771.

Sally Barron was born 2 February 1794.

James Barron was born 8 May 1795.

Wiley Barron was born 5 September, 1796.

William Barron was born 1 January 1798.

Nancy Barron was born 5 May 1799.

Rebecca Barron was born 29 December 1800.

Benjamin Barron was born 3 July 1802.

Jonathan Barron was born 16 May 1804.

Willis Barron was born 9 August 1805.

Thomas Green Barron was born 28 July 1807.

Abington Barron was born 3 October 1809.

Isac Jones Barron son of Jothathan and Judy Barron was born on the 6th of

April 1845.


Samuel Barron and Joannah, his wife were married 22 March 1793.

James Barron was married on the 18th of August 1818

Rebecca Barron was married on the 1 day of March 1821

Wilie Barron was married on the 17 of June 1821.

William Barron was married on the 21 of January 1823

Sarah Barron was married on the 20 of Febuary 1823

Willis Barron was married on the 25 of January 1827

Johnathan Barron was married on the 22 of January 1829

Benjamin Barron was married on the 14 of July 1831

Nancy Barron was married 21st July 1835

Thomas G Barron married 28th April 1836


Samuel Barron died the 20 June 1826.

Sarah Jane Barron the daughter of Willis Barron died the 14 of November 1832

Joannah Barron the wife of Samuel Barron died on Wednesday morning at four

o'clock the 5 of Febuary 1834

William Barron died 20th Detm 1836

Nancy Morrow died 25th Dec 1864

Willis Barron died 17th July 1840

Sarah Pryorey died 21st Nov 1841

Johnathan Barron died 3rd of April 1845.

Judy Barron wife of Johnathan Barron died 23d April 1845

Abington Barron died March 11th 1852

Wiley Barron died January 6th 1856

William G Barron died 29th day of July 1854.

James Barron died 1st Sept 1857