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Isle of Wight County, Virginia Records

Note: These records were abstracted by John Bennett Boddie in Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia. No page numbers were provided for the original books. Page numbers cited here cor­respond to the page numbers of Boddie's book. My copy of the book was pub­lished in 1980 by The Genealogical Publishing Company.

Isle of Wight County Book A

pg. 514 Roger BAGNALL, Will, 19 Oct. 1647, To Wife Rebecca [parents of James who married Ann BRASWELL] 2 cows and 2 heifers, wife to give each child a yearling heifer to run for their use which shall be in year 1649; to wife all goods and house hold stuff, crops corn, to­bacco, hoggs, land, and plantation until my son James BAGNALL shall be a lawful heir; to James BAGNALL when of age the plantation I live on. Teste: Joseph WEEKS, Charles STEWART

pg. 516 Anthony JONES, will, to brother William JONES, if he comes to live in this country, 4 cows, 1 servant, etc., with that plantation where Thomas PARKER lives to be fitted up for him. But if he comes in a single man to live with my wife in my dwelling; or if he have a desire to return home again in the shipping to have 3000 lbs. tbco. sent home the next year and 2000 this year. I give to my daughter-in-law, Ann SMITH, the plantation I live on after my wife's dower. I give to me sister, Catherine JONES, 5 pounds sterling to be paid at the return of the ships. To my godson Anthony BENFORD 1 heifer. To Thomas and John SMITH all my land due to be taken up at Blackwater, or elsewhere which is 2000 acres as recorded at Jamestown, each to have a separate patent. Teste: Robert WATSON, Edward CHETWOOD, Thomas BRASEE.

pg. 518 Whereas, I, Lieut. John UPTON, patented 1600 acres of land 10 Nov. 1638, under Gov. HARVEY; with consent of my wife Margaret sell unto William UNDERWOOD of Isle of Wight, 400 acres part of said patent adj. 300 acres sold to Robert BRASWELL, Clerke, (no date). Teste: Isaac CAVALIER, Thos. SCOTT.

pg. 519 Capt. John UPTON, Gent., will; to eldest son John UPTON 850 acres in tenure of John KING, James BAGNALL, and Nicholas MORRIS, if son die before 21 to William, Elizabeth, Sarah and Margaret UNDERWOOD, each 100 acres and the remainder to William UNDERWOOD. To William UNDERWOOD and Elizabeth, Sarah and Margaret UNDERWOOD, my daughters-in-law, 1500 acres near Ambrose BENNETT, reserving 300 acres which Mr. Robert BRASWELL hath. To them also my land at Rapahanock. Wife Margaret extrx. Friends George FAWDON, Wm. UNDERWOOD and James TAYLOR, Clerk, to be Overseers. To Ann WILLIAMSON, wife of James WILLIAMSON, an equal share of my lands at Rapahanock. Proved by oaths of William UNDERWOOD and Edward SKINNER. Teste: John X GALLINS, James TAYLOR. 16 Jan. 1652

pg. 520 Christopher LEWIS to John BURGESS, 30 Sept. 1652, 200 acres in James Town County at place called Blackwater adj. James PYLAND, Thos. TABERER and Francis HIGGINS as expressed in Charter of orders from Directors of the Company dated 18 Nov. 1618, and said Chris­topher LEWIS his patent 4 July 1649, paying 4 shillings at Feast of St. Michael Archangel. Teste: James PYLAND, Richard SHARP, Thos. X WARNER

pg. 523 Indenture 8 Mar. 1655, between Margaret UPTON and Francis SLAUGHTER of Isle of Wight about land that Col. UPTON sold to Capt. John BATT, for 4500 lbs. tbco. and cask sells to Francis SLAUGHTER 850 acres at head of branch of Warrisquicke River, now known as Newton Haven, which branch doth abut upon Pagan Point Creek due said Upton by pat. 23 Sept. 1637 and lately in tenure of Capt. John ENGLISH, Mr. Richard IZARD, John KING, Lawrence WARD, Giles LAWRENCE, Thomas POOL, and Vincent BRADSHAW. Whereas there was a former imperfect grant to said SLAUGHTER dated 5 July 1655, now the right shall be to the said SLAUGHTER. Teste: John BILLINGSLY, John ENGLISH

pg. 528 Major George FAWDON gives to Isaac GEORGE, son of Maj. John GEORGE 1000 acres of land adj.--Maj. John GEORGE on the upper side, if he live to 21, if he decease land to return to Maj. FAWDON. Saint Mount Wells endorsed thus: I Nathaniel BACON, admn. of est. Maj. George FAWDON, confirm in all points unto Isaac GEORGE the full contents of this gift. 9 July 1655.

pg. 528 Charles BARCROFT, for love and affection give to my wife Magdalin and my son William BARCROFT, moving plantation, servants, goods, chattels, etc. 10 Apr. 1654

pg. 529 25 June 1644. Robert ELEY assigns to William TROLODER 150 acres which Robert ELEY took up for him in accordance with a charter of orders dated 18 Nov. 1618 as by said ELEY's patent more fully appears bearing date at James City 17 Sept. 1639. Teste, William WHIT­AKER, William WARINGE. William TROLODER assigns his title to Thomas WOOTEN. 11 Jan. 1645. Teste: Henry JOHNSON, Arthur (X) WOOD.

Isle of Wight County Will and Deed Book I, 1662-1686

pg. 533 Robert PARKER of Northampton County appts. his friends George and John NORSWORTHY to collect bill from Thomas PARKER. 27 June 1661. Teste: Robt. POOL

pg. 534 George MOORE, aged 29 years, said mare bought of Capt. ENGLAND was marked by Capt. ADAMS. 9 Mar. 1663. Deposition of William BRESSIE, aged 37, 9 Mar. 1663. Bill passed by Capt. Thomas ADAMS to Mr. Henry RANDOLPH for 400 lbs. tbco. and assigned to George HARDY not due from estate of ADAMS. Wm. BRESSIE, 9 Mar. 1663.

pg. 534 Francis PARKER, admr. of est. of Thomas PARKER appoints John BURWELL in his place. 9 Mar. 1663. Teste. Richard (X) BAKER, Thomas (X) PARKER.

pg. 534 Arthur RUTHRA gives wife, Anne, power of atty. 18 Apr. 1664. Teste: George BRANCH, James SAMPSON

pg. 534 We, the jury, making inquiry as to how Peter SPURAFEE came by his death, had blow nerr the eye according to dep. of Giles DRIVER that it was accidently received against a tree as he was riding at a gallop. This was agreed on. Apr. 1664. Richard (X) IZARD, Richard (X) PENNY, James ASH, Thomas (X) CLARK, Kaldy CHANNEL, Daniel MILES, Richard (X) CALLOWAY, James HUNTER, Godwin MARTIN, Benedict LEWIS, Arthur SKYNNER, foreman.

pg. 535 Robert BRASWELL appoints William THOMPSON atty. to ans. suit of Thomas HOPKINS. 9 June 1664. Robt. TOORKES, wit. Mary BEDFORD, widow, appoints Thomas BARLOW atty. 9 Aug. 1664. Teste: John SNEL­LOCK, George MOORE.

pg. 536 William COOK gives power of atty. to wife Mary against Thos. WARD. 26 May 1668. James SAMPSON of * * * parish in Middlesex, appoints John BOND atty. 20 Apr. 1664

pg. 537 William THOMPSON moving, sells to Richard IZARD land where I live bought of Robert GODWYN and Jane, his wife, given to said Jane by her father, Francis SMYTH, being bought of Mrs. Margaret UPTON adj. Robert DUNSTER and Robert BRASWELL. 26 June 1664. Teste: Thos. WOODWARD, James BAGNALL, Jno. (X) WILLIAMS. Elizabeth THOMPSON signs dower.

pg. 538 Petition of Robert PITT that there is due him 550 acres by patent 14 Feb. 1637 which Richard IZARD unjustly detains from him claiming under a patent of Mr. John SEWARD, dec., prays for an adjust­ment. Apl. 10, 1665.

pg. 539 James SAMPSON does allow forbearance of four servants 1700 lbs. tbco. which Francis BAKER, for the use of the orphans of Eliza­beth BANISTER, dec. attached and acquits. Francis BAKER, admr. 24 Mar. 1664. Teste: Robert WILLIAMSON, Francis AYERS.

pg. 540 Thomas WOODWARD, aged 61 years, sayeth that Richard PENNY at last Court told him that he, PENNY, was security for the sheriff for the appearance of Wm. LUGG, 9 Dec. 1665. Richard IZARD, aged 54, says the same.

pg. 540 Charles SMYTHE of Parish of St. Saviour, Southwark, Surry (Eng.), grocer appts friend Gyles DRIVER of Pagan Creek atty, to collect from George MOORE and Henry KING. 7 Aug. 1663

pg. 543 Charles SMYTH makes effort to collect from Mr. BLAKE, dec., George MOORE and Henry KING. Southwark, Aug. 20, 1663.

pg. 544 A marriage contract between Richard POOL and Mary, relict and admr. of John DAVIS, deceased, is made. Edward MILLER, deposes, aged 40, that 28 years ago there was a little house between Col. Robert PITT and Mr. IZARD which was without the survey, which house was called "Seward's Quarter," 9 Mar. 1665.

pg. 545 Mr. RUTHRA pays Thomas GREEN 800 lobs. tbco. and Barnett CRUDUP 238 lbs. May 6, 1664

pg. 546 James SAMPSON receipts for legacy from George MOORE, admr. to estate of Charles BARCROFT, due me by marriage with Eliz. dau. of said BARCROFT. 3 Dec. 1666. John BOND, Nich. HILL.

pg. 546 Thomas GRIFFIN exonerates Cornelius SKULLY from all legacies due my wife Ann bequeathed unto her by will of her father, Thomas WRIGHT, predecessor of Cornelius SCULLY, Nov. 5, 1666.

pg. 547 Paul LUKE, 1 Jan. 1666, sells to Owen GRIFFIN 100 acres at head of Pagan Creek. John BOND, Thomas (X) FAUGY

pg. 548 John MARSHALL sells Wm. WEST 160 acres 6 June 1667. John BURNELL, John ASKEW

pg. 549 We find that Edward BURGESS died a natural death. Thomas BARLOW, Foreman; John (X) NEWMAN, John BEST, John (X) BROMICH, John WILLIAMS, Robert ROE, Robert BODLE, Elias (X) FORT, Wm. WARINGE, Wm (X) THOMAS, William EXUM. 9 Oct. 1667.

pg. 549 Gov. Wm. BERKELEY grants to Mrs. Anne PITT 150 acres on branch of Pagan Creek adj. Thomas GROSS part of a pat. of 750 acres granted John SPARKES 3 June 1635. 19 Oct. 1665, this pat. was as­signed by Mr. James POWELL and Ann, his wife, late the wife of Capt. Henry PITT, dec. unto Thomas PITT. 9 Nov. 1667.

pg. 549 Mrs. Anne PITT, widow of Capt. Henry PITT, sells Thomas PITT his son and heir, all est. of every kind she had of him. 27 Aug. 1666.

pg. 550 John VALLENTINE and wife Mary, eldest dau. of George MID­LAND, dec. they moving, sell to Thomas PITT that plantation where Daniel MILES now liveth, formerly in occupation of said George MID­LAND--100 acres patented by Edward ROBERTS 24 Sept. 1647 and by him assigned to said MIDLAND. 9 Jan. 1667. James POWELL, Richard POWELL

pg. 550 Samuel DARLEY, of London, Merchant, appts. Edward WICKERS atty. to collect debts. 17 June 1667. Francis (F.E.) ENGLAND, George CRIPPS. William JENNINGS of Bristol, surgeon, appts. Thomas MOORE of Pagan Creek his atty. to collect from Arthur SKYNNER, Gyles DRYVER, and Joseph WHITSON, and by virtue of a letter of atty. from John HARDIMAN of Bristol, taylor, to collect from Wm. HOODSON in Nansemond. 29 June 1667. Thos. FURLONG, James SAMPSON.

pg. 550 Francis HOBBS and wife Mary sell to Edward BRANTLY 675 acres betwixt land of Thomas TOOK, Francis ENGLAND, Col. Nathaniel BACON and the orphans of Thomas MURRAY. 8 Feb. 1667. Thos. MOORE, John DAVIS

pg. 551 Report of a jury how Wm. PARSONS came to his death. Signed: Thos. CARTER, foreman, Thos. BARLOW, Thos. MOORE, John NEWMAN, Edward BRANTLY, John LITFORD, Joseph POOL, Elias FORT, John BRILL, Charles WILLIAMS, Robert ROE, George MOORE.

pg. 553 Thomas DEACON of Va. makes Wm. BRESSIE his atty. 2 June 1668. Richard AVERY, Eliz. POWELL. Valentine OLDIS, cit. and apothe­cary of London appoints his brother William OLDIS of James River atty. collect debts due me as exr. unto James BANKS, dec. 21 May 1667.

pg. 553 Mary MOORE of Bristol, widow, late wife of Henry MOORE of Bristol, merchant, who died in Va. appts. Richard PENNY her atty. in any place in Va. and Md. * * * the thirds of such plantation in goods. 25 Nov. 1667. Phillip GRIFFIN, Richard ROE, servant to Thomas HAST­WELL.

pg. 553 Indenture made bet. Col. Robert PITT of Isle of Wight and John WILLIAMS of Nansemond and Dorothy, his wife, 100 acres in Nan­semond adj. Robert CLIFTON, Richard YOUNG, to Col. PITT's land and to Newton Haven River, for tbco. Allows WILLIAMS timber of the land and to build a forty foot dwelling house, 20 foot tbco. house. 20 Aug. 1668. Wm. BURGH, Thomas (X) TURNER.

pg. 561 Anne GRIFFIN, relict of Thomas GRIFFIN, dec., gives to her oldest son certain bequests that came to her from her late husband, Thomas GRIFFIN to have pewter dishes and gun, second son, John GRIFFIN born since decease of father to have household goods and to be ed­ucated, 9 Feb. 1670

pg. 562 Eliz. and Pharo COBB sell to Samuel HASWELL land where he lives. July 1657. John CORDWENT, Thomas GARDNER. Sam. HASWELL assigns to Wm. BRESSIE 9 Feb. 1658. Dan BOUCHER, John HARDY. Wm. BRESSIE assigns to Robert KING, 14 Dec. 1669, who signs back to Wm. BRESSIE, 9 Feb. 1670. Wm. BRESSIE and wife, Sussanna, assign to George WILLIAMS, 7 Apr. 1671.

pg. 562 Wm. MILLER agrees to pay debt to Nicholas SMYTH. 6 Mar. 1670. Charles WILLIAMS, Edward CURRANT. Thomas TABERER assigned a bill to John GARDNER against Rebecca IZARD, was left with John BUR­NELL.

pg. 567 George MOORE in consideration of marriage between Thomas CARTER and Magdalen dau. of said George MOORE, gives to Thomas CARTER in writing 400 acres of land out of my dividend of 1400 acres of land on Blackwater Swamp, pat. to MOORE 12 May 1669. Dated 11 Aug. 1673. Thos. MOORE, Wm. SHERWOOD.

pg. 568 Robert BRASWELL sells to James BAGNALL 100 acres land. 3 Feb. 1673.

pg. 569 Richard BRASWELL, planter, sells Wm. WEST 100 acres part of a pat. of 400 acres owned by Mr. Robert BRASWELL, dec. 14 Mar. 1673. Robert RUFFIN, George (X) RIVERS. Sarah BRASWELL signs dower. Richard and Sarah BRASWELL sell to Thomas GREEN land between Mr. IZARD and Thomas POOL, 1/2 of 400 acres from John UPTON to his father and to him by deed of gift, 16 Jan. 1663.

pg. 569 Robert BRASWELL sells land where James BAGNALL lives to said James BAGNALL. His late deceased father Robert BRASWELL, clerk, lived there and gave same to him in deed of gift. 200 acres with 300 belonging to James BAGNALL. 31 Mar. 1674. Robert RUFFIN, John (X) PAINE.

pg. 569 James BAGNALL sells 100 acres to Robert BRASWELL where I now dwell given me by my deceased father, Roger BAGNALL. Ann BAGNALL, wife.

pg. 570 Robert BRASWELL, son of Robert BRASWELL, minister, dec., for 7000 lbs. tbco. sells to John PENNY, Jr. 100 acres formerly belonging to James BAGNALL and now in his poss. purchased from moiety of Thomas HUISON out of a patent of 300 acres belonging to Jno. SEWARD. 29 Aug. 1674. Simon JONES.

pg. 571 Richard BRASWELL, son of Robert BRASWELL, clerk, by gift, 16 Jan. 1660 gave him 400 acres and I with my wife Sarah sold Thomas GREEN 200 acres and I now sell him 100 acres more. 9 Oct. 1674. Michael BLAND, George (X) MAY.

pg. 573 John (X) PORTIS and Henry (X) WEST own 900 acres pat. in both their names now make division in presence of Alex. WEBSTER and Edmond PALMER. 16 July 1678.

pg. Thomas DEACON of the Burough of Warwick in county of Warwick revokes power of atty. to James POWELL to collect bills due from Elias FORT, Thos. MOORE, Geo. MOORE, Robert FLAKE, Wm. BRESSIE, Thos. EDWARDS, George BRANCH, Thos. DARRELL, Ed. GRANTHAM. Wm. MILLER, Ed. BRANTLY, George HARDY, Jno. COLLINS, Jno. HOLBORNE, John MONGER. 7 Sept. 1675.

pg. 584 Indenture 14 June 1675, between Francis ENGLAND of Black­water and Wm. PHILLIPS and Anne, his wife, and Ann MORRIS, her daught­er. Wm. WILLIAMS, Andrew CAVE.

pg. 584 Ambrose BENNET and Thomas WEBB make an exchange of land. 9 Feb. 1679. Ann BENNETT, Robert BRASWELL

pg. 586 George CRIPPS of Blackwater, he moving sells Mary SKINNER all his estate in 100 acres of land. 8 June 1680.

pg. 586 As Mary SKINNER, widow, sold to George CRIPPS 1300 acres of land and as she is now married to John COLLINS--both he and his wife Mary (SKINNER) COLLINS confirm the sale. 7 Sept. 1680. James POWELL, P. WALL

pg. 586 Thomas CARTER and wife, Madelen, sell to John PARSONS 56 acres on main Blackwater, at George BRANCH's and upon Wm. MILES, being part of 1100 acres granted to Wm. MILES, 29 Sept. 1664. 9 Jan. 1679. Law. BAKER

pg. 588 James BAGNALL escheats a parcel of land 300 acres which did formerly belong to Robt. BRASWELL, Parson of Lower Parish and by him given to his eldest son, Robert BRASWELL and 2 acres adj. the mill, which mill and 2 acres of land Mr. Robert BRASWELL, gave to his son Richard BRASWELL, now in possession of Wm. WEST. Now he sells his interest in the 2 acres to said Wm. WEST (no date). Will BRADSHAW, Walter RUTTER.

pg. 589 Richard BRASWELL and Sarah, his wife, have conveyed a mill dam pool and 2 acres of land to Wm. WEST; that conveyance ack. by himself and wife in Nansemond Co. 9 Aug. 1681. Arthur JONES, Jno. PITT, Thos. PITT.

pg. 590 Thomas MAN of Nansemond and Eliz. his wife give to their son, Charles MAN, 20 acres in Lower Parish. 8 Nov. 1681.

pg. 592 William BODDIE of Lower Parish sells to John WILLIAMS a parcel of land west side of Cypress Swamp. Nov. 10, 1682. John JONES, Alex WEBSTER.

pg. 592 William BODDIE sells to John JONES, Cooper, parcel of land where he now lives, 10 or 12 acres. 9 Nov. 1682. John BURNELL, Owen GRIFFIN.

pg. 593 Gov. Francis MORRISON grants to Rowland GRIFFIN 765 acres at Blackwater, being formerly granted to Chris LEWIS 26 July 1652 and by him to Francis SOWERBY and he to GRIFFIN. 9 Apl. 1663.

pg. 594 Thomas MANN and wife, Eliz., for 2050 lbs. of tbco. sell to Thelphilus JOYNER 150 acres on Blackwater River, part of a pat. of 300 acres granted 22 Sept. 1682, adj. Wm. MAYO and Bridgemen JOYNER. Wm. MAYO, Rich. BOOTH.

pg. 596 Matthew STRICKLAND and wife, Eliz., of Lower Parish sell to Wm. EVANS of Upper Parish for 4000 lbs. tbco. 800 acres land on main swamp of King SALE. 6 Nov. 1682. John BROWN, Richard BOOTH, Robert LAWRENCE. [Ann, daughter of Richard and Sarah BRASWELL, married Matthew STRICKLAND, III.]

pg. 597 Henry BOSMAN of Nansemond made over for 99 years 200 acres in Lower Parish to Henry POPE. Grant to Ambrose BOZMAN, 2 Jan. 1673, formerly granted to Wm. SMELLEY 5 Oct. 1667. 8 Feb. 1685-86.

pg. 597 Wm. OLDIS of Nansemond Co. and Jane, his wife, sell to Wm. WEST of Isle of Wight 700 acres land, part of a pat. of 2050 acres granted to OLDIS 21 Sept. 1674. Dated 5 Dec. 1685. John BROWN, Henry POPE.