Saturday, September 22, 2007

Index to Hathaway’s by Worth S. Ray

Richard BRASWELL was mentioned with Jas. BRYAN in Bertie Pct. 1731 (ref. 1-34)

Robert BRASWELL left will 1736 (ref. 1-180)

Valentine BRASWELL. He and his wife Jean in 1721 relinquished dower to Barnaby McKINNIE to land sold John POPE (ref. 1-470)

William BRASWELL. Wife Mary in deed of 1711 (ref. 1-288); deed to John DICKINSON in 1717 (ref. 1-300, 1-299); had deed from James BRYAN 1715 (ref. 1-287); he and Margaret (his wife) wit. Deed of John SMITH to Philip BROWN 1718 (ref. 1-629); he & wife Mary deeded lands to Henry WHEELER on Morattock River 1715 (ref. 1-299).