Monday, September 24, 2007

Robert & Kindred Braswell

Several of the Braswell researchers are strongly convinced that Kindred & Robert Braswell are sons of Robert Braswell & Julian in the deed below. The records regarding Robert Brazel & Bryant Daughtrey are from Tattnall Co., GA which was formed from Montgomery Co., GA in 1801 where Kindred, Robert & Samuel Braswell were listed in the 1807 land lottery in District 57.

[SEP 14 1734] Will of Robert Braswell: Wife Sarah. Sons Robert, John, Richard, Valentine. Daughters Sarah Daughtry, Jean, Mary. Extrs James Bryant & Joshuay Daughtrey. Wit: Thomas Bryant, Nicholas Baget, Patience Bryant. [Bertie Co., NC]

Northampton Deeds (from Bill Fields)DB 1, 319, 20 Oct. 1747 - ROBERT BRASWELL of Nhmptn to BRYANT DAUGHTREE of Nacemond, for 25 pounds Va., 200 a., part of a tract of land containing 600 a., "beg. at the mouth of a great Branch whereon the sd BRASWELLs Father lived and so up the branch to the head line so along the Head Line to Urah Swamp so down the Swamp to the first station". . . ."and JULIAM BRASWELL the wife of said ROBERT BRASWELL" surrendered her dower. Wit: JOSHUA DAUGHTREE, JANE (X) BRYANT. signed ROBERT BRASWELL & a seal, JULIAN BRASWELL & a seal. Ackd Nov. 1747

25 Sep 1751 Joshua Daughtree of Northampton Co.,planter to Thomas Knox, Robert Peele and JosephHollowell all of Northampton Co., Trustees for the body of people called Quakers of Northampton Co., for 2 shillings and six pence current money of Virginia, 1acre on the south side of Uraha swamp, adjoining themain road that leads from Roanoake river over Potacasa Bridge being part of the land the said Joshua Daughtree purchased fron Thomas Seeley on 8 February 1731.Witnessed: Brayn Daughtrey and John Duke. Registered inNorthampton County Feb Court 1752. J. Edwards Clerk of Court. (Northampton County, NC, Deed Book 2, Page 52)

From the Tattnall County Georgia Loose Papers", both dated 7 Mar 1808 records were found by Kay Dawson regarding Robert Braswell and Bryant Daughtrey:

"BRYANT DAUGHTERY says he was at the Altamaha River and saw ROBERT BRAZEL drinking. Aaron Johnican, Martha Deeze, and others were going over the river and tried to cross a mare that belonged to ROBT. BRAZEL. Brazel forbid Aaron Johnican and Martha Deeze touching the mare or moving her, but nevertheless they went and brought the mare over the river. DAUGHTERY asked Johnican if he should take the saddle off and Martha Deeze said to strip her, which he did. He turned the mare out and has never seen her since." H. Sheridan, J.P.

"Calvin Leonard says sometimes in February two years past at the Altamaha River at White Bluff was asked by Aaron Johnican to help Johnican over the river with a certain mare which mare Johnican told the said Leonard belonged to ROBERT BRAZEL. They went with some others and brought the mare over the river, and Johnican gave the mare into the hands of a young Mrs. DAUGHTERY to take the mare to the house." H. Sheridan, J.P.


There are only four Daughtreys indexed by in Georgia in 1820, and three of them are in Emanuel County where Kindred Braswell is indexed in 1820.

Hindred Bauswell [Kindred Braswell] Emanuel,GA1820
Bryant Daughtry Emanuel,GA 1820
Jacob Daughtry Emanuel,GA 1820
Lemuel Daughtry Emanuel,GA 1820

Mary Daughtery Wilkinson,GA 1820


1850 census:

This S. Braswell is Samuel, the youngest son of Kindred Braswell and just discovered living near a James Daughtrey.

household # 756 S. Braswell District 22, Decatur, GA abt 1793 Georgia
household # 763 James Daughtery District 22, Decatur, GA abt 1810 Georgia