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Braswells of Georgia

From Gone to Georgia: Jackson and Gwinnet Counties and their Neighbors in the Western Migration Compiled by William Stewart

Page 61. (Variously BRASSELL, BRAZIL, BRAZELS, etc.) Brittain BRAZIEL, a Revolutionary soldier, was living in Burge’s district in Jackson County in 1801 and in subsequent years is found in various tax lists for the Mulberry Fork area. He and William L were in the 1805 lottery list in Jackson.

Brittain was enumerated as Br. (No. 988) in 1820 and was living in Landrum’s district in 1827, when he drew Lee County land granted May 16, 1833. Also, in Jones County, Britton, William, B _____ (Byrd?) and James were enumerated in 1820 and the Georgia Department of Archives and History, Authentic List of All Land Lottery Grants, 1955, p. 12, lists Britton BRASSELL, Revolutionary soldier of Jones County in 1827 drawing Lee and Muscogee Counties land granted May 9, 1834 and April 5, 1828, as well as Britten in Jackson.

The Britain BRASWELL of Bibb County also was listed in the 1827 lottery.

Others in Jackson in 1827 included the widow Elizabeth (left will) and Patsy. Martha, of Jackson in 1820, was probably the Martha, aged 75, born in South Carolina, living in Hall County in 1850. Sampson BRASILL was in Wilkes County by 1781, but the branch in Jackson County apparently came from South Carolina in the 1790s. (1800 Census of Pendleton District, p. 95).

The Braziel family was in North Carolina early (Bertie Pct. C1734) and by 1790 Brittain, Sarah, Valentine and Willis were living in Edgefield District, South Carolina, and Joel, Wood and Drury BRAZEEL Jr in Abbeville District.)

The name Drury is found in Halifax County, North Carolina, 1790 and as Drury W in Mississippi-Alabama territory c1820-1809.

Valentine BRASWELL and others were in Greenville District 1790, and Col. Elijah, Joel and Cannon or Kennon BRAZEEL in Pendleton District c1799 and 1800 census.

John and Frederick BRAZELL were in Elsberry’s district of Wilkes County, Georgia. In 1785, neighbors of several families later in Jackson County.

Byrd was in Wilkes in 1790 and in Hancock County, Georgia, in 1820 he and Mansfield were enumerated. (See among others, pension papers of Byrd BRAZIL, North Carolina S31571; Isaac BRASSELL, North Carolina, 1165; Sampson BRASSWELL, North Carolina, Lucretia, W 3930.

Jacob BRAZIEL bought land in Randolph (now Jasper) County, Georgia, Nov. 18, 1811, from Richard of Twiggs County.

Page 95. The BRAZEEL family was in North Carolina quite early and by 1790, Wood, Joel and Drury BRAZEEL Jr were living in Abbeville District, South Carolina; Willis, Valentine and Brittain BRAZEL were in Edgefield District, South Carolina and the family also was represented in Greenville District, but not in Pendleton.

Sampson BRASILL was in Wilkes County, Georgia, by 1781. Kenon or Cannon BREAZELLE bought of Walter BELL, 2 March 1799, land on Rocky Creek, and Joel and Cannon BRAZEEL were enumerated in that area in 1800 near members of the BELL, CANNON and CLEMENTS families.

The family was in Jackson County, Georgia by 1801, Britain BRAZELS being in the 1803 and 1805 tax lists with land on Mulberry Fork of the Oconee River, and he and William L. BRAZEEL in the 1805 Jackson County lottery.

Br. (Britton) and Martha BRAZEEL were enumerated in Jackson County in 1820; Martha was perhaps the Martha BRAZEEL, born in South Carolina 1775, who was living in Hall County in 1850.

Brittain BRAZIEL, Revolutionary soldier, in the 1827 Jackson County lottery drew land in Lee County granted 16 May 1833. Britton BRASSELL, Revolutionary soldier, in the Jones County lottery the same year drew land in Lee and Muscogee Counties, granted 4 May 1839.

Sampson BRASWELL (wife, Lucretia) had North Carolina Revolutionary service (W-3930).

Drury W. BREAZEALE was in Mississippi by 1802, apparently in the Natchez area; an attorney, he was recommended subsequently as a judge in the new Madison County, Alabama (Clarence Edwin Carter, Territorial Papers of the United States, v. 5, pps. 255, 258, 382, 723).

Morgan BRAZEAL born 1770 (birthplace cannot be read in 1850 census) entered land in Walker County, Alabama, 12 Feb. 1825, and in 1850 was living with his wife Sarahann, son George, born 1817 in Tennessee, daughter Mary born 1822 in Alabama, and others, in Walker County.

Edward F. BRAZILL was in the 1830 Walker County census, but was not found there later.

Richard BRAZEL, a neighbor of Morgan in 1850, and perhaps a son, was born in Alabama 1821, probably indicating the approximate date of the family’s arrival from Tennessee.