Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bracewell Hall

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Bracewell witches in England

This is a copy of an email from Colin Bracewell in England to Rina, a researcher in Austin, TX on March 11, 1998

Colin Bracewell wrote:

Dear Rina, your email to my son Richard has been sent on to me.

I'm afraid that we don't really have any info re this side of the family. We came from Oldham in Lancashire where my father was born in 1908, one of 5 children - sadly all dead now.

I believe that a cousin of mine, one of my father's sister's children has done a family tree. We are not in touch at present, but your message might spur me on to find out more.

If your family came from Lancashire it would be interesting to know more.

My father always claimed that there were Bracewells connected with the Lancashire witches, burned on Pendle Hill near Preston.

There is also a small village called Bracewell in Yorkshire, just over the border with Lancashire, near to the Bronte village at Hawarth.

If I find out more, will be in touch.

Good hunting.

Colin Bracewell