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Isle of Wight County Deed Book I, 1688-1704

pg. 600 James BAGNALL apptd. atty. by Henry REEVES to acknowledge sale of land to Capt. Thomas GODWIN.

pg. 600 Walter RUTTER and wife, Martha, sell to Daniel LONGE, 30 acres, part of a patent of 150 acres granted to RUTTER, 30 Oct. 1686. Dated 29 Oct. 1688. Teste: John BROWNE, Wm. WEST, Jr.

pg. 602 Gov. BERKELEY grants to Thomas POOLE 100 acres land in Lower Parish * * * to land of Robert BRASWELL, for trans. 2 persons. 16 Feb. 1662.

pg. 603 Thomas (X) MAN of Isle of Wight sells to Henry HEARNE of Nansemond 100 acres on Corowaugh Swamp adj. James JOHNSON. Teste: James (X) BRYAN, Bridgeman JOYNER, James BENN.

pg. 603 The following men as a jury settle a dispute between John NEVILL and Richard REYNOLDS Apr. 9, 1690. James BENN, Wm. (X) WEST, Jacob DURDEN, Will GODWIN, James TULLAUGH, Wm. BRADSHAW, Wm. POWELL, Dan (X) LONGE, John BATHURST, Richard HUTCHINS, Walter RUTTER, John MOORE.

pg. 603 Grant to Francis DAVIS 100 acres at line of Robt. LAWRENCE, Jr., to Giles LINSCOTT, to Richard BOOTHE's 20 Oct. 1688. Francis (X) DAVIS and wife, Sarah, assign this land to Hodges COUNCIL, planter. 30 Apr. 1690. Teste: Henry WEST, Bridgeman (X) JOYNER.

pg. 608 William GODWIN sells to John GRIFFIN 200 acres, part of 400 purchased by GODWIN from Anthony FULGHAM, part of a pat. to FULGHAM and Wm. BURG, 12 July 1665. 26 Oct. 1692. Thos. HILL, Hen. APPLE­WHAITE, Hen. APPLEWHAITE, Jr.

pg. 609 John PORTIS gave land to his eldest son, John PORTIS. 6 Apr. 1693. Jno. WILLIAMS aged 18, Francis CURTIS aged 30, Thos. FITZGERALD, aged 20, made deposition in regard to mills of Wm. WEST and James TULLAUGH. Charles DURHAM, aged 30, Thomas BROWN age 34, and Jno. STROOT, aged 41, deposed about the mills. Tristram HILLMOTH age 30, Dennis WILLIAMS age 26, John ALTMAN, aged 30. John PARKER, aged 27. Mary PARKER, aged 21. John CAMPBELL deposed against John PORTOUS Mar. 11, 1693.

pg. 612 John PARKER and wife, Mary, give to brother Francis PARKER land on western side of an Island commonly called Hugh's Island which his father, Thomas PARKER, decd., bought of Wm. ROGERS, part of a patent of 470 acres, said John PARKER to have free outlet through it. 9 Dec. 1693. Jacob BARNES, Eliz ALTMAN, Danl MILES.

pg. 613 Whereas Pharoah COBBS and Ann, his wife, by their deed dated 10 Apr. 1671, confirmed to George WILLIAMS a tract of land in Lower Parish which land was sold by Pharaoh COBBS and Elizabeth, his mother to Saml. HASWELL and is now in the possession of Richard REYNOLDS, Jr., and Eliz., his wife, the dau. of the said George WILLIAMS and lawful inheritrix. Now, we Richard HUTCHINS and Eliz., his wife, the dau. of Joseph COBBS, Jr., dec. the eldest son of Joseph COBBS, Sr., dec. for 1000 lbs. tbco. sell to Richard REYNOLDS, Jr., and confirmed by Richard HUTCHINS and wife, Eliz., of Western Branch Nansemond,l. 4 Feb. 1693. [Note: Rev. Robert BRASWELL, Sr. named George GWILLIAM (WILLIAMS?) one of the guardians of his minor children.]

pg. 614 William WEST, Sr. and wife, Rebeccah [BRASWELL], for 2500 lbs. tbco. sell to Anthony HERRING of Lower Parish 200 acres of land on Blackwater adj. John SMITH and Will WESTWRAY, being part of land pur. from said Wm. WEST and Wm. OLDIS adj. NOSWORTHY's and John SMITH's line. 28 Apl. 1694. Wm. KERLE, Robt. WEST, Eliza. BOAZMAN.

pg. 614 Francis NICHOLSON grants James CORLEY 187 acres--at Jacob RIXE's cor. tree by Thomas RIXE's line--for importation of 4 persons. 23 Oct. 1690. Jas. CORLEY and wife, Eliz., assign to Thomas KERBEY. 9 Feb. 1693-94. Richard (X) BRACEWELL, Wm. (X) WEST.

pg. 615 Anne WILLIAMS, widow of John WILLIAMS, by deed of gift has given to her loving children; to son John WILLIAMS a chest; son W. WILLIAMS, pewter, son Nicholas WILLIAMS his father's musket--Nicholas is 7 years old to have it at 18. Son Richard his father's sword at 18. Dau. Jane pewter when 18. To dau. Eliza. WRIGHT, Mary and Jane WILLIAMS wearing apparel. 9 Apl. 1694. John CRAIN.

pg. 617 Thomas MAN of Isle of Wight, planter gives to Sarah MAN, the wife of Francis DAVIS, 100 acres on Corowack Swamp along line of Charles MAN. 13 Sept. 1693. Wm. DUCK, Margaret D___. Thomas MAN sells to James CURLEY 150 acres land next to James JOHNSON and Charles MAN's old field. 13 Sept. 1694

pg. 618 Mr. SHELTON informed me that John WILLIAMS, the preacher, kept people from coming to church.

pg. 618 John GRIFFIN, will, sick and weak. To sister Ann TALLOTH my land and bed furniture. To sister Sarah TALCOTT the tbco. my father, Thomas GRIFFIN gave to his brother Thomas GRIFFIN. Loving father James TALCOTT, exr. 4 Dec. 1694. J. BOON, Arthur SMITH, Edward GOODSON.

pg. 623 Inv. of John THORNTON's estate filed. (no date) Dep. of John JOLIFE, aged 39, concerning being at Col. SMITH's house with Will GREEN and his wife, Mary. [Mary, daughter of William WEST and Rebecca BRASWELL, married William GREEN.]

pg. 627 Robert BRASWELL appts. wife Sussanna to be his atty. in Isle of Wight. 27 Mar. 1696. Thos. MOORE, Edw. (X) CHAMPION. Appraisal of estate of Thos. GILES Apl. 6, 1695-96. Thos. APPLEWHAIT. Inv. of Mary WATKINS admr. of estate of WATKINS, dec. filed Apr. 6, 1696.

pg. 627 James BAGNALL sells Will. WEST, Sr., 30 acres which was from Mr. Robert BRASWELLs, from mill to James TULLAUGHS, etc. 30 Mar. 1696. Tristram NORSWORTHY, Will BRADSHAW.

pg. 627 Mathew STRICKLAND, Jr., sells Henry BAKER, merchant, for 2000 lbs. tbco. 100 acres on Beaver Dam Swamp. 12 May 1696. Anthony HOLLODAY, Chas. CHAPMAN. [This is the Matthew STRICKLAND who married Ann BRASWELL.]

pg. 628 Wm. GREEN, Geo. GREEN, Wm. WEST, and James BAGNALL can not divide lands for each according to jury. Sept. 24, 1696. Rich REYNOLDS, Wm. BRADSHAW, Thos. JOYNER, Thos. (X) POPE, John (X) POWELL, Benj. (X) BEALE, Richard BEALE, Geo. (X) WRIGHT, Thos. WRIGHT, Rich. WILKISON, Jno. CLARKE, Walter WATERS, Geo. WILLIAMSON.

pg. 629 Controversies have arisen between James DAY and Francis PARKER concerning bounds of land which they have arbitrated and settled. 7 Aug. 1674.

pg. 629 Thomas MAN, Sr., heir of Thomas MAN lately dec., for 200 lbs. tbco. paid by Nichols TYNES sell pat. of 560 acres on Corowak Swamp sold to Thomas MAN by Richard BOOTH, 9 Feb. 1692-93. 8 Nov. 1696. Boaz GWIN, Phillip RAYFORD.

pg. 629 James BAGNALL and Francis PARKER sell land to Anthony HOLLADAY, 10 July 1694. Wm. MURFEY and Daniel NOLOBOY exchange land, 7 Oct. 1696. John WATERS. Samuel SWANN of Perquimans in Albermarle in N.C. gent., makes Henry BAKER his atty. to have charge of his affairs in Va. Thos. MOORE, Jno. GILES, Hum. MARSHALL. [Mariah, daughter of Richard and Sarah BRASWELL, married a man named MURPHY.]

pg. 629 John NEWMAN granted admn. of Maj. Thos. TABERER's estate during minority of Joseph COPELAND now ward of NEWMAN. John WILLIAMS ack. receipt of legacy in est. of Thomas TABERER to his wife Eliz. WILLIAMS and pays John NEWMAN one sixth of all rents. Teste: Nicholas OGBURN, Jno. WILLIAMS, Thos. HARDY.

pg. 631 James LONG of N.C., eldest son and heir of James LONG formerly of Western Branch of Nansemond River sells to Robert SCOTT 200 acres on south side of main swamp, father had 300 acres bought of Robert STOKES. 2 Aug. 1697. Charles READE, Jacob DARDEN, Wm. PARKER. [Robert STOKES was the first husband of Jane BRASWELL. He was hanged for his involvement in Bacon's Rebellion.]

pg. 631 Henry CHICHLEY granted to Thomas MANN 300 acres in Isle of Wight on Chowan River for trans. 6 persons 22 Sept. 1682. Thomas MANN now assigns this land to Wm. BUTLER 9 Feb. 1697. Richard REYNOLDS, Joyce (X) REYNOLDS.

pg. 631 Francis MORRISON granted to Richard IZARD 350 acres in Isle of Wight adj. Robert PITT, Thomas POOLE and Capt. UPTON now in poss. of Joseph BRIDGER and Robert BRASWELL 20 Jan. 1661. Walter RUTTER with consent of wife, Mary, sells all right to the within patent to Joseph BRIDGER 8 Feb. 1697. Tristram NORSWORTHY, Thomas OWEN.

pg. 634 At a court in Isle of Wight 9 Aug. 1698. Capt. Henry APPLEWHAITE, Lt. Col. Samuel BRIDGER, Geo. MOORE, Thomas GILES, Anthony HOLLADAY, Humphrey MARSHALL, Justices. Upon petition of Geo. WILLIAMS and James BRAGG praying licenses to sell liquor at certain places, etc.

pg. 634 John HALL of one part and Will GREEN of the other. John HALL with consent of his father and mother covenants with Will GREEN for a term of 4 years--in trade of Cordwinder or Shoemaker and tanner and promises obedience and good behavior. GREEN promises to teach HALL the trade. 20 Mar. 1698.

pg. 634 Rich. REYNOLDS, Sr. of Lower Parish sells to Richard REY­NOLDS, Jr. for 13,000 lbs. tbco. a tract of land part of a pat. of 380 acres Apl. 1681, in occupation of Edward GOODSON, Wm. WEST, John TYLER and Ricd. REYNOLDS, Sr. 8 June 1698. Francis FLOYD, John BUTLER.

pg. 635 Hugh CAMPBELL of Norfolk County sells Owen BURN 200 acres on Blackwater--to Rich. BRASWELL's land. 19 Sept. 1698. Jer ELLIS, Thos. GROSS.

pg. 637 Edward GRIFFIN, with consent of my wife, Mary GRIFFIN, formerly known by name of Mary MUMFORD, kinswoman of Thomas MUMFORD, dec., sells to David SANBORN the remaining part of land in Tarasco Neck, part of escheat of my uncle Thomas MUMFORD granted him in the year 1697 which land ascended to my wife, Mary GRIFFIN by the death of her uncle Thomas MUMFORD. 200 acres to Daniel SANBORN, 30th day of 10th month, 1698. Rich. REYNOLDS, Jno. LUTHER, Robt. THOMAS, Geo. NORSWORTHY.

pg. 639 Matthew STRICKLAND and Wm. STRICKLAND, sons of Mathew STRICKLAND, dec. have made a division of their lands. Mat. gives his brother, Saml. STRICKLAND, 150 acres and his brother, John STRICK­LAND, 150 acres--to his brothers, Wm. and Joseph, 150 acres apiece, 4 Aug. 1699. Barnaby MACKINNY, Thomas MARKS.

pg. 640 Thomas MAN and wife Eliz., sell to Theopilius JOYNER, 150 acres on Blackwater River, half a patent of 300 acres to me granted, 22 Sept. 1682. Dated 9 June 1690. Will. MAYO, Rich BOOTH. Theo­pilius and wife, Elinor, assign to Thos. JOYNER, Jr., ___O Oct. 1695. Thomas JOYNER and wife Eliz. assign this 150 acres to Bridgeman JOYNER, 15 Dec. 1699.

pg. 640 George WILLIAMS sells to Richard REYNOLDS, Jr., and Eliza­beth, his wife, for 4000 lbs. tbco., 100 acres land in Lower Parish contained in a deed, 10 Apl. 1671, made by Pharaoh COB and Anne, his wife, to George WILLIAMS, father of the aforesaid George WILLIAMS; which land descended to Wm. WILLIAMS, elder brother of the first named George WILLIAMS, who is dead, and from said WILLIAMS did descend unto the first named George WILLIAMS--Land in occupation of Mathew LOWRY, 6 Apr. 1700. Ar. SMITH, Thomas SMITH, Math. LOWRY.

pg. 642 Edmond ANDROS grants to Wm. CARVER, 45 acres in Lower Parish 25 June 1695. William CARVER sells to Wm. CRUMPLER. Feb. 19 1697-98.

pg. 642 Wm. (X) CARVER and wife Jane sell to Wm. CRUMPLER, 100 acres sold to Phillip RAYFORD out of a patent taken up by Jon. MORE, shoe­maker, for 350 acres. He died without will or child saving Jane, his dau., now joined in lawful matrimony with Wm. CARVER, who with his wife Jane sell to Wm. CRUMPLER. 11 Oct. 1700.

pg. 642 Thomas CARTER of Upper Parish give George CARTER, son of Thomas and Magdalen--Whereas Geo. MOORE of said Parish, father of Magdalen, by deed, 11 Aug. 1673, did in consideration of marriage, convey to said Thomas and Magdalen 400 acres, part of 1400 acres in Blackwater Swamp, pat. 5 May 1669--now they confirm to said Geo. CARTER 200 of said 400 acres. 30 Dec. 1700. Wm. BROWN, Saml. GRIFFIN.

pg. 646 Rebecca (X) MECKRISTIE sells to Wm. JOLLY 100 acres which land was given to her by Wm. RUFFIN and now she makes over her title to Wm. JOLLY. 2 Apl. 1701. James BAGNALL.

pg. 646 Owen (X) BOURN and Hannah, his wife, for 2000 lbs. tbco., sell to Thomas MANDUE, Jr., a parcel of land on Blackwater River, being 1/2 of a conveyance from Capt. Hugh CAMPBELL for 200 acres, Feb. 19, 1698. Dated 9 Apl. 1702. Robert BRASWELL, Jenkin DORMAN.

pg. 648 William BODDIE and Mary, his wife, sell to Thomas CUTCHIN of Nansemond land on Western Branch--200 acres--between Hugh BRESSY and place where Wm. ARRINGTON now dwells. 5 Dec. 1702.

pg. 649 Anne LEWIS, wife of John LEWIS, dec., makes her son, Wm. MACKOND atty. to pay all her debts. 1 Feb. 1702-03. Will. WILLIAMS. In the differences between Wm. WEST and John DRAKE--it appears that John DRAKE has abused him, Wm. WEST, and his dau., Ann WEST, and John DRAKE has begged forgiveness. 10 Apr. 1703.

pg. 650 Wm. ARRINGTON and wife, Elizabeth, 10 Sept. 1683, from land that William BODDIE granted on a lease to "our father James PEDEN" for their plantation allows William BODDIE to sell wood from it. Joshua TURNER, Francis WILLIAMSON.

pg. 650 William ARRINGTON and wife, Elizabeth, discharge William BODDIE of a deed of gift, William BODDIE did give to James PEDDEN, his father-in-law, 20 years ago. 9 June 1703.

pg. 650 William BODDIE and wife, Mary, sell to James BRAGG 400 acres on Western Branch. 29 May 1703. Owen (X) GRIFFIN, Ann (X) DRAKE.

pg. 651 Mathew STRICKLAND of Isle of Wight sells to Thomas BOON for 1200 lbs. tbco. 300 acres in the Lower Parish 8 Dec. 1702. Will. JOLLY, James JOLLY, Adam MURRAY.

pg. 651 William BROWNE and wife, Martha, of Lower Parish sell to Richard BRASWELL, Jr., pat. of 156 acres granted to Wm. BROWNE, 20 Oct. 1702, on Main Blackwater (sells 35 acres only). 9 Oct. 1703. Thomas MANDUE, Wm. BRASWELL.

pg. 652 Gov. Francis NICHOLSON, the 20 Oct. 1702, granted to Wm. WILLIAMS a patent in Isle of Wight and he and wife Mary WILLIAMS sell to Thomas KIRBY 250 acres, 10 Apl. 1704. John WILLIAMS, Nicholas WILLIAMS, John (X) BARNES. Wm. WILLIAMS and wife Mary sell to John BARNES 100 acres, 4 Apl. 1704. Richard WILLIAMS, John UNDERWOOD. Wm. WILLIAMS and Mary, his wife, sell to John WILLIAMS 125 acres on Blackwater. 4 Apl. 1704. Wm. WILLIAMS and wife, Mary, sell to Nicholas WILLIAMS 110 acres, 10 Apl. 1704. Thos. KIRBY. Wm. WILLIAMS and Mary sell to John WILLIAMS 130 acres, 10 Apl. 1704. William WILLIAMS and Mary sell to Thomas BOONE 150 acres, 3 Apr. 1704.

pg. 653 Mark (X) ALSBURY of Nansemond sells to Thomas PAGE of Isle of Wight 170 acres on Currowaugh Swamp adj. Robert CARR and Thomas MANN. 25 Feb. 1703-04. Wm. PARKER, Mary (X) PARKER, J. GAY.

pg. Thomas MANDUE of Lower Parish sells to Peter PARKER 100 acres part of 390 acres pat. 20 Oct. 1702.

pg. 653 William BODDIE and wife, Elizabeth, sell to George WILLIAMS 100 acres on Western Branch. 25 June 1697.

Isle of Wight County, Virginia Land Grants 1628-1674

pg. 656 John UPTON, 1650 acres, 7 July 1635. About 3 miles up Pagan Point Creek, bounded almost west from the creek, into the woods a little creek running in by the said land out of the Pagan Point Creek, for trans. 33 persons including 2 negroes and Roger BAGNALL, Rich. SPACKMAN and Peter HAYES.

pg. 658 Roger BAGNALL, 350 acres 16 Nov. 1635. E. of land of Thomas DANGLE, and south and S.E. of Pagan Cr. running southerly into the main woods, 300 acres by deed of sale from William CLAPHAM, 3 Aug. 1635, and 50 for trans. of 1 servt.

pg. 660 Epaphroditus LAWSON, 200 acres, 23 Dec. 1636. Joyning upon William PARKER's land on the E., N.W. and upon Nansemond River, for trans. 4 persons.

pg. 661 Nicholas REYNOLDS, 1000 acres at Lawne's Creek, S.S.E. up the same, N.N.E. upon Edward ROGERS land, N. upon Capt. Wm. PIERCE. 23 Dec. 1636. The said land being granted to Roger DELKE late deceased and now due said REYNOLDS by marrying Alice the relict. (Note; this land may be in Surry County.)

pg. 662 Peter HAYES, 350 acres, 21 Aug. 1637, bounded on west by Thomas DAVIS and N. & N.E. with Pagan Creek. Due by purchase from George HARDY, shipwright, 4 Dec. 1636, who purchased same from Roger BAGNALL 11 Feb. 1636, to whom it was originally patented. Witnesses, Ann JONES, Richard HART, Tobias HURST.

pg. 664 Charles BARCROFT, 350 acres, 10 Feb. 1637. Lying behind the Pagan Shore and bordering upon the land of Christopher REYNOLDS. Due by assignment from Richard DEATH to whom it was due for the assignment of 7 persons.

pg. 664 Arthur SMITH, 1450 acres, Sept. 10, 1637, being a neck running S.E. behind Pagan Shore for trans. of 29 persons including Alice SMITH, John BARCROFT, Jane, his wife, and James ROCHE.

pg. 664 Robert PITT, merchant, 550 acres, 14 Feb. 1637, about 3 1/2 miles up New Town Haven River opposite land of Wm. DENHAM now in occupation of said PITTS and near land of Thomas BUSH. Due for his own per. adv. and the trans. of Wm. DENSON and 9 other persons.

pg. 666 Robert ELEY, 600 acres, Sept. 17, 1639, adj. John PAWLEY and Justinian COOPER. Due for his personal adv. and for trans. of 11 pers.

pg. 668 William BARNARD, esqr., 1200 acres Aug. 10, 1642. At head of Lawne's Creek along land of Robert ELEY, Mr. COOPER and Robert LAWRENCE. Due for his won per. adv. 4 times and the trans. of 20 pers.

pg. 669 Timothy FERN, 300 acres Oct. 10, 1642. Beg. at Charles BARCROFT's land, 200 acres by assignment from Symon CAMMOCK, to whom it was due for the per. adv. of himself, Mary CAMMOCK, his dau., Edward DEWELL and 1 pers. The other 100 due said FERN for trans. 2 pers.

pg. 669 Francis ENGLAND, 746 acres June 20, 1642, adj. Capt. PIERCE for trans. 15 pers. Robert HILL, Mary, his wife, John POWELL, Eliza. WEBB, Sarah ENGLAND, Edward PALMER, James PILAND and Alexandra, his wife.

pg. 670 Capt. John UPTON, 3289 acres July 10, 1643. Lying upon the branches of Pagan Point Creek and New Town Haven adj. Mr. SPARKES, Anthony JONES, Mr. NEVILL, Robert PITT, Mr. SEWARD, Ambrose BENNETT and Mr. MOONE. 139 acres for trans. 3 pers. and the remainder by several pats.

pg. 671 Robert PITT, 209 acres Aug. 28, 1643. Upon the west side of a branch of New Town Haven River called Beverly creek adj. Capt. UPTON and John SEWARD for trans. 5 pers.

pg. 673 Elizabeth BARCROFT, 1200 acres June 17, 1647. Near the head of Sewards Creek adj. Mr. COOPER and Mr. BARNARD for trans. 24 pers. including Chas. BARCROFT.

pg. 673 Thomas PARKER, 300 acres Nov. 15, 1647. On a branch of Edwards Cr. known as Ashen Swamp, adj. Richard JACKSON. Due by assignment of pat. from Thomas MURREY.

pg. 675 Robert PITT, 300 acres Apl. 17, 1648. S.W. towards New Town Haven River.

pg. 677 Lt. Col. Robert PITT, 1200 acres 7 June 1654. Beg. at branch of New Town Haven Riv., to Mr. PRESTWOODs corner, to Mr. SEWARDs and adj. his own land, 600 acres granted Thomas DAVIS Apl. 19, 1648 who assigned same to Mr. SHARPE who assigned same to him and 600 by 2 former pats.

pg. 678 Elizabeth GWIN, 700 acres 23 Mar. 1654. Due as extrx. of Hugh GWIN who pat. land 3 Mar. 1640.

pg. 679 Christopher REYNOLDS, Jr., 350 acres 25 Nov. 1657. Beg. at miles end of land pat. by Chris. REYNOLDS, dec., running along Cypress Creek lately in poss. of Mr. NUTT for trans. 7 pers.

pg. 680 Thos. POOLE, 100 acres, 16 Feb. 1662. Beg. at his own land and running N. to land off Robert BRASWELL.

pg. 680 Col. Robert PITT and Mr. William BURGH, 1200 acres 18 Feb. 1664. On one of the branches of the Blackwater beginning at the mouth of a small valley, for the trans. 24 pers. including Henry CRAY and his wife and children, Jno. and Richard; John CARRELL, Eliz. his wife and Richard, John and Mary CARREL; Roger TARLETON, Wm. POPE twice and his wife. Same person mentioned above, 1800 acres, the above 1200 renewed and 600 added for trans. 12 pers.

pg. 680 Col. Robert PITT, Capt. Joseph BRIDGER and Mr. William BURGH, 3000 acres upon a branch of the Blackwater, 21 Mar. 1664, 1200 and 600 granted in 2 above pats. renewed and 1200 acres due for trans. of 24 pers. (12 of these 24 persons are the same as those mentioned in last above patent for the 600 added.)

pg. 682 Capt. Anthony FULGHAM, 1600 acres 12 July 1665. Beg. at the W. side of a meadow at the head of the Western Branch, running by Mr. BODDIE's marked trees for the trans. of 30 pers. including himself, John FULGHAM, Wm. BRESSIE and Susan his wife, Reuben GLADHILL, Thomas WALTER 8 times and his father and mother Wm. and Jane WALTER.

pg. 683 Lt. Col. Robert PITT, 1200 acres 18 Mar. 1662. Renewal of pat. dated 7 June 1654.

pg. 685 Francis ENGLAND, 2366 acres 29 Sept. 1664. 946 by a former patent and 120 acres by another pat. both dated 13 Jan., 1661. 400 acres of the residue beg. at his own land and running south adj. to 200 he purchased of John WHITE, both of these beginning at the mouth of Hills Branch. 700 acres beg. at his 120 acres pat. running Ne. to Robert ELEYs, to the head of Taberer's branch and down the same to Chris. LEWIS. For trans. 26 pers. including himself, Joyce, his wife and George CRIPPS.

Land Grants 1666-1674

pg. 689 George MOORE, May 12, 1669, 1400 acres on the 2nd swamp of the Blackwater, beginning at the mouth of a small branch on the said swamp at one of Capt. WOMBRELL's corner trees.

pg. William OLDIS and Robert RUFFIN, June 7, 1669, 2050 acres between the branches of the Blackwater adjoining the land of Col. PITT.

pg. 690 Mrs. Rebecca IZARD, Sept. 14, 1670, 250 acres escheat land in behalf of her 2 daus., Mary and Martha IZARD formerly granted to Richard IZARD, dec.

pg. 690 John PORTIS and Henry WEST, Sept. 25, 1673, 900 acres upon the head of the Blackwater branches, beginning at the corner of John SHERRER's land.