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Braswells in IOW Co., VA DB 5 *

Page 17, IOW Deed Book 5, JOHN PENNEY, and SUSANNAH, my wife, in North Carolina, have appointed RICHARD BRASWELL of the Upper Parish of IW, my true and lawful atty, to acknowledge in IW Court, a certain parcel of land sold by me to DANIEL STOREY in IW, by deed bearing even date. The land is in the upper parish of IW, and joining upon Nottoway River, and containing about 150 acres. Signed Dec (no day stated) 1735 - JOHN (his mark) PENNEY, SUSANNAH (+ her mark) PENNEY. Wit - JOHN BRASWELL, Wm. (+ his mark) BRASWELL (No recording date stated) NOTE: This Richard is Susannah Braswell's son and presumably his sons John & William who are named in his 1744 IOW Co., VA will.
Page 17, IOW Deed Book 5, Dec 15, 1735 from JOHN PENNEY and SUSANNAH, his wife, of North Carolina, to DANIEL STOREY (Story) of the Lower Parish of IW, for 7 pounds 10 shillings, about 150 acres in the upper parish of IW joining upon Nottoway River on the north side, being part of a tract of land in a patent granted to Mr. RICHARD WASHINGTON dated Dec 16, 1714, and by the said WASHINGTON demised unto JOHN HOWELL by deed, and released by a Power of Atty dated Oct 4, 1717, and after by said JOHN HOWELL sold to JOHN PENNY by deed. The land is bounded by a dividing line between WASHINGTON and said PENNEY, the side of Nottoway Swamp, the mouth of Bardings branch, the patent line, a line of marked trees between said PENNEY and JOHN JENT to the place called the hollow root on Nottoway River. Signed - JOHN (his mark), PENNY, SUSANNAH (+ her mark) PENNY. Wit -
-->JOHN BRASELL, WM (+) BRASSELL. Recorded Aug 23, 1736. RICHARD BRASWELL, by virtue of a power of atty from JOHN PENNY and SUSANNAH, his wife, acknowledged their deed. Note: Ditto

NOTE: DANIEL STORY and wife MARY STORY, sold this 150 acres to JOHN WALLER on 15 July 1745, p. 145, IOW Deed Book 7)
Page 36, IOW Deed Book 5, Lease and release. Jun 22-23, 1736 from MOSES FAIRCLOTH of IW to RICHARD BRASSELL of IW, for 1500 pounds of pork and for divers other good causes, about 100 acres in IW, and bounded by Nottoway Swamp at the mouth of Bradens Branch, THOS CRAWFORD. The said dividend of land is part of a patent for 475 acres granted to ALEXANDER SPOTSWOOD, Lieut Governor of VA, on Jun 16, 1714 to MATTHEW RUSHEN and EDWARD GOODSON, & by the said RUSHEN & GOODSON devised to WILLIAM FAIRCLOTH Sr by deed & released by a power of atty dated Mar 25, 1721, and by said WM FAIRCLOTH willed to his son MOSES FAIRCLOTH. Signed - MOSES (X his mark) FAIRCLOTH. Wit - JOHN BRASSELL, GILES SMELLY, WM (+ his mark) BRASSELL. Recorded Sep 27, 1736. NOTE: Richard's son John always signs his name and William uses a mark.

NOTE: Carey Bracewell transcribed this deed and he has "for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings lawful money to him in hand paid by sd RICHD BRASSELL". Then he wrote that immediately following it was a deed of release and BRASSELL was to pay FAIRCLOTH "fifteen hundred ponds of pork"
Page 152, IOW Deed Book 5. Jun 25, 1737 from GEORGE GOODSON & SARAH, his wife, and EDWARD GOODSON & MARY, his wife, and ARTHUR WILLIAMS Jr. & HANNAH, his wife, heirs of THOMAS MANDEW deceased, of Bartee Precinct, North Carolina, planters, to WILLIAM BREWER of the Lower Parish of IW, planter, for 100 barrels of tar, 2 tracts or plantations of land in the lower parish of IW, that is, all the land that the said WILLIAM BREWER bought of THOMAS MANDEW deceased, being 200 acres, 100 acres being part of a conveyance of 200 acres granted by Capt: HUGH CAMPBELL on Feb 19, 1698, which is by a conveyance dated Feb 28, 1701/2 from OWIN BUNN and HANNAH his wife, (sold) to THOMAS MANDEW deceased, and bounded by the fork of a branch called RICHARD BRASWELL branch. The other 100 acres is by a conveyance dated March 1, 1708, which is from RICHARD BRASWELL and SARAH, his wife, (sold) to THOS MANDEW deceased, bounded by the east side of the main Blackwater (Swamp), JOHN LAWRANCE, being part of a patent of GILES SYM SCOTT for 1400 acres. Signed - GEORGE (+ his mark) GOODSON, SARAH (S her mark) GOODSON, EDWARD (E his mark) GOODSON, MARY (M her mark)GOODSON, ARTHUR WILLIAMS Jr., HANNAH (H her mark) WILLIAMS. Wit - J EDWARDS, T JARRELL Jr. IW. To our trusty and well beloved (Gent JPs) JOHN EDWARDS and THOMAS JARRELL Jr, Gent, greeting. SARAH GOODSON, MARY GOODSON, and HANNAH WILLIAMS conveyed 200 acres in Blackwater (Swamp) in IW. It appears to us that SARAH, MARY and HANNAH are so sickly and impotent that they cannot travel to our County Court to make an acknowledgement of said conveyance. Therefore, we, having compassion of the state of SARAH, MARY and HANNAH, do give you power to receive the acknowledgment before you, of the above conveyance. We therefore command you to personally go to SARAH, MARY and HANNAH to receive their acknowledgment . Signed Jun 6, 1737 - JAS. BAKER, Clerk of County Court. We have examined SARAH, MARY, and HANNAH privately; they voluntarily acknowledgd the deed and relinquished their right of dower to the lands conveyed. Signed Aug 22, 1737 - J EDWARDS, T JARRELL Jr. Recorded Aug 22, 1737

Page 251, IOW Deed Book 5. Aug 22, 1738 from HENRY BOSEMAN (Bozeman) and MARY, his wife, of Carolina, to WILLIAM HICKMAN of IW, for 40 pounds sterling money of England, 2 tracts of land on the south side of the main Blackwater swamp, containing about 170 acres, being part of a patent for 370 acres granted to said WILLIAM HICKMAN by ALEXANDER SPOTSWOOD, VA Lieut Governor, on Nov 13, 1713, and bounded by BENJAMIN EVANS line being the beginning tree of the patent of which the said land is part. Said HENRY and MARY give bond of 80 pounds sterling money of England, to warrant the fulfillment of this deed. Signed - HENRY (R his mark) BOSEMAN, MARY (her mark) BOSEMAN. Wit -
-->JOHN BRASWELL, JOHN HICKMAN, JOSEPH (his mark) HICKMAN. Recorded Aug 28, 1738.

Page 435, IOW Deed Book 5. Lease and release. Feb 19-20, 1739 from RICHARD JORDAN of IW, to JOHN JORDAN of IW, for 5 pounds money and 6 pounds in plank & shingles, 60 acres in IW, formerly in tenor and occupation of RICHARD BRASWELL, and bounded according to the reputed bounds. Signed - RICHARD JORDAN. Wit - N BOURDEN, JAMES (JJ his mark) JORDAN, JOHN HARRISON. Recorded Feb 25, 1739. NICHOLAS BOURDEN & JAMES JORDAN, 2 of the witnesses, deposed that they saw JOHN HARRISON subscribe his name as a witness. NOTE: This Richard is Susannah's son and the 60 acres mentioned appears to be the land Susannah bequeathed unto him in her 1714 IOW Co., VA will.
Page 595, IOW Deed Book 5. Dec 10, 1740 from THOMAS UNDERWOOD & ELIZABETH, his wife, of IW to EDMOND GOODWIN of IW for 25 pounds, one certain parcel of land whereon said THOMAS UNDERWOOD now lives, being in IW, bounded by Silliways Swamp, a line of marked trees made between THOMAS UNDERWOOD and his Uncle JOHN UNDERWOOD, Corawalk road, BRASWELL, JOHN SILLIWAY, containing about 400 acres. Signed - THOMAS (T his mark) UNDERWOOD, ELIZABETH (E her mark) UNDERWOOD. Wit - JOHN (his mark) SANDERS, THOMAS GODWIN, ROBBARD (y his mark) SANDERS, JOSEPH POWELL. Recorded Mar 23, 1740. ELIZABETH , wife th the said THOMAS, relinquished her right of dower to the lands conveyed.
Page 617, IOW Deed Book 5. I, JOHN WOMBWELL Sr, of IW, for the natural love I have for my son, BENJAMIN WOMBLE, and for divers other good causes and for 13 pounds, have granted my said son 195 acres, which land is part of a patent for 395 acres granted to JNO BRASSWELL on Sep 28, 1732. The 195 acres is bounded by the south side of the Beaver Dam Swamp, the course of the patent, a corner tree divideing JOS COBB Jr and the said JOHN WOMBWELL's land. Signed May 25, 1741 - JOHN (W his mark) WOMBWELL. Wit. JOHN EXUM, WILLIAM BYNUM, JOHN INGGRUM. Recorded May 25, 1741. 
NOTE: This patent was to John & Alice who returned to North Carolina after the death of John's mother Sarah as evidence refer to Bertie Co NC DB D Pg 247.