Saturday, September 22, 2007

History of Greenville County, South Carolina

by James M. Richardson.

5 Dec. 1791 John BRASWELL bought land on Sink Hole of Tyger River adjoining land where Bright PRUITT now lives, from Sam SNODDY for 10 pounds. Land granted to Sam SNODDY on 2 Aug. 1785. Witnesses by Merick HERRINGTON, Abner SENTER and Bright PREWETT (ret. June 1795, Bk. D, pg. 91)

2 Aug. 1791 James BRASSEL bought 64 acres from Samuel FOWLER for 20 pounds. Tract on the south fork of the Pascolate River. Witnesses were John DAWSON, John & Rebecca FOWLER.

24 June 1793 Richard BRASWELL granted 666 acres in Washington (later Greenville District). The tract on a branch of the Middle Tyger River and the south Pascolate River and Green’s Creek; “it includes part of Billewsfield (village) in Greenville Co.” A notation “large mountains almost impassable” joins Jno. HUDDLESTON, Jno. MARTIN, Jonas DAWSON, Richard BRASWELL & David HALL. Surveyed Jan. 16, 1793,

7 Sep. 1793 Richard BRASSEL, 200 acres on Chickeroa Creek of Saluda River.

14 Oct. 1793 George BRAZEL bought 65 acres from Benjamin BARTON of Pendleton Co. Land on both sides of Barton’s Fork of the south fork of Tyger River. The price was 30 pounds. Witnesses were William EASLEY and Jas. SETTE.

9 Oct. 1793 Bright PRUITT and Ann, his wife, sold land in Greenville Co., South Carolina.

4 Feb. 1794 James BRAZELL sold Richard WARD 148 acres, 50 pounds, proved by Robert SMITH and witnessed by David HALL and SMITH, no dower.

1794 Head of the Tyger River church showed Richard BRASWELL, David HALL and Rev. Robert SMITHE as officials.

4 Apr. 1795 Richard BRAZELL brought 50 acres from John PEACE (no dower). Proved by the oath of Robert BRASWELL and witnessed by Robert BRASWELL, Richard BRASELL and George BRASSELL. Land on the north side of Green’s Creek, a branch of the Pascolate River. Land located next to William CLARE. Price 40 lb. Richard signed with an X.

20 Apr. 1795 Richard BRASSELL sold to William STEWART 30 acres on the north side of the Clear Creek branch of Tyger River for 8 pounds sterling. The land had been granted to Richard. Witnesses were Charles BRUCE and William SEAGRAVES and George BRAZELL. CHILDRESS’s line. DIAL’s line...part of a grant to Richard dated 7 May 1787.

2 Jun. 1795 Richard BRASEL sold 121 acres on the south side of Tyger River to Samuel BROWN, part of a grant to Richard dated 7 May 1787. Witnessed by Alexander STEWERT, James BOWERS, George BRASEL. Price 35 lbs. No dower, date of sale may be in error.

4 Nov. 1798 Richard BRASWELL sold Nathaniel GENTRY 40 acres on Green’s Branch of South Pascolate River part of 193 acres granted to William LYNCH. Price 130 lbs. Wit: John PEACE, Jeremiah BROWN, and proved by William BROWN in 1799. No dower.

6 Apr. 1798 George BRASELL bought land from David HALL for 35 pounds. Witnessed by David HALL, John BRASEL, John BUTLER, Robert GOODGEON.

27 Apr. 1798 Richard BRAZEL bought 100 acres from Isham BURKE for 50 pounds the land near David HALL on the south Pascolate River. Wit: John DAVIS, James B. HUGHS, David HALL.

9 Oct. 1798 Richard BRASIL sold Eli Akin HAMBLIN for 20 lbs, 80 acres on Green’s Creek of Mouth Pascolate River. Wit: David HALL, Jas. BUTLER, Elisha MAXWELL. Rec. Oct. 20, 1802.

9 Oct. 1799 Richard BRASIL sold Richard WARD for 20 lbs. 193 acres on Green’s Creek of the South Pascolate River. The land had been granted to Richard July 1, 1793 by Gov. MOULTRIE.

1799 John BRASWELL sold 54 acres to Thomas BOWERS for $100. Land on Forkenbury’s Fork of Tyger River patented to Samuel SNODDY on Aug. 1, 1735 & by him conveyed to me. Witnessed by Abner SENTER and Walter BURELL, Jr. Rec. 17 Oct. 1801 (Bk F, p. 318)

22 Nov. 1800 John BRASWELL bought 65 acres from David HALL of Knox Co., Tennessee for $200. Land on both sides of Barton’s Ford of Tyger River, granted to Benjamin BARTON on 13 Jan. 1789, who conveyed to George BRASWELL, who conveyed to David HALL. Ret. 20 July 1819, witnessed by Abner SENTER and Michiel PRUETT (Bk L, p. 32)

3 Mar. 1801 Richard BRASEL sold 30 acres to William STEWERT for 8 lbs. Land on the North Fork of Clear Creek of Tyger River and granted to Richard May 7, 1787. Witnessed by William LEGRAVES, George BRAZZEL & Charles BRUCE. This deed was made April 20, 1795 but not recorded until this date.

8 Feb. 1809 Abner CENTER bought 65 acres on branches of South Tyger River from John BRASWELL of White Co., Tennessee for $100. Witnessed by James PENNINGTON and Thomas BOWERS. Recorded 5 Feb. 1821 (Bk L, p. 188)