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Robin Braswell of Nash Co NC - Marengo Co Alabama

30 Nov. 1778 Nash Co, NC ROBIN’s father, WILLIAM BRASWELL made his will and left 740 acres on north side of Little Creek for ROBIN when he came of age, therefore ROBIN was under the age of 21.

January 1779 Nash Co, NC WILLIAM BRASWELL’S will was proved in court.

24 September 1785 Nash Co, NC When MICAJAH THOMAS obtained a land grant on Pig Basket Creek, adjoining land owners were JACOB BRASWELL and ROBERT BRASWELL. If this was ROBIN he was 21 at this time and he would have been born by 1764 (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

October 1790 Nash Co., NC ROBIN BRASWELL and ARCHIBALD GRIFFIN witnessed a deed between HENRY BUNN and WILLIS WHITFIELD, land on the south side of Peach Tree Creek adjoining ARCHIBALD GRIFFIN’S acre at the mill. (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

20 Dec. 1791 Nash Co, NC ROBERT (ROBIN) BRASWELL, Nash County sold 100 acres to JAMES WILLIAMS on 20 Dec. 1791. He was 21 by this date and therefore was born before 1770. There was no mention of CALLEY’S dower release. (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

10 February 1792 Nash Co, NC COLLEY BRASWELL witnessed a deed between THOMAS BEVAN and JACOB ROGERS, so ROBIN and CALLEY had married by this date. (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

10 February 1794 Nash Co, NC ROBERT BRASWELL was an adjoining landowner when JACOB BRASWELL sold land to DAVID EVANS. (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

15 Sep 1794 North Carolina ROBERT BRASWELL, possible son of ROBIN BRASWELL, was born. (Lucy Barron)

12 May 1796 Nash Co., NC ROBIN BRASWELL and LEWIS VICK witnessed a deed between ROBERT JONES and THOMAS GRIFFIN for land on Mill Swamp adjoining JOHN MELTON. (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

1798 ROBIN and CALLEY BRASWELL were divorced. BRITTAIN and DEMSEY BRASWELL were among the relatives who signed the 1797 petition of ROBIN BRASWELL of Nash County asking the General Assembly of North Carolina to grant him (ROBIN) a divorce from CALLEY because she "was brought to Bed of a Black Child." After that shocking development, CALLEY took off with her black paramour "...and stayed near eight years. During which time She has had three more Children of the Same Class, and has now returned home with her youngest Child, which your Petitioner Humbly conceives to be a very unnecessary, and at the same time an uncomfortable expence." The petition was promptly granted--one of only four divorces granted in North Carolina in the eighteenth century. (Legislative Papers, 1798. NC Archives, Raleigh: L.P. 157, from Carey Bracewell)

before 1799 DEMPSEY BRASWELL was born in North Carolina (Jeff Thomson)

3 Dec 1799 Nash Co., NC ROBIN BRASWELL deeded land to DEMPSEY BRASWELL (his brother). I don’t have the details of this deed, but I wonder if he sold his land to his brother and moved to Tennessee with his sister, LUCREASY BRASWELL WILLIAMS. (Kinfolks of Nash Co., NC 1778-1854 by Watson)

1800 Tennessee GRIFFIN BRASWELL was born (Jeff Thomson)

1812 Smith Co., Tennessee Both Robin BRASWELL and Peter WILLIAMS were witnesses to the will of Jesse POWELL who married Elizabeth, dau. of William LANCASTER and Rhoda SMITH. Jesse was son of Rhoda (BRASWELL) POWELL, whose inventory was taken in 1812 in Smith Co., Tennessee.

before 1820 JACOB BRASWELL was born (Jeff Thomson)

1820 Smith Co., Tennessee census for: ROBERT BRAZEL 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 16-26, 1 males 26-45 and 1 male over 45; 3 females 16-26 and 3 men engaged in agriculture. Nearby in this census is ELIZABETH BRAZEL with 2 males 16-26 and I male 26-45, two females 10-16, one female over 45, 2 engaged in agriculture. Also nearby was RICHARD BRAZIL who was 26-45 with one male 10-16, one female 10-16 and 1 female 26-45. At a greater distance away, AARON BRASWELL was enumerated.

1830 Smith Co., Tennessee census ROBERT BRAZIL age 30-40 was there. Nearby were BENNET BRAZELE and BENNET A. BRAZIL (age 20-30) and ARCHIBALD BRAZILL (age 40-50)

1830 Wilcox Co., Alabama ROBERT BRASWELL'S family consisted of a male 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 60-70, 1 female 15-20 and 1 female 60-70.

25 September 1835 WILLIAM BRASWELL was issued a grant of 40 acres in Marengo Co., Alabama. (BLM GLO records found by Ann Braswell)

2 November 1837 DEMPSY BRASWELL was issued a grant of 78 acres in Marengo Co., Alabama

1840 Smith Co., Tennessee: BRITTON BRASEL, REU. BRASIL, BENJAMIN BRASSEL and ELENOR BRASSELL lived near one another. RICHARD BRASWELL was there but lived farther away.

1840 Marengo Co., Alabama ROBERT BRASWELL aged 60-70 lived near GRIFFIN BRASWELL age 30-40, JACOB BRASWELL (age 20-30) WM BRASWELL age 30-40, PETER WILLIAMS age 30-40, DEMSY BRASWELL (age 40-50). It’s likely that this is ROBIN BRASWELL and four of his sons. A ROBERT and RICHARD BRASWELL were still in Tennessee.

1850 Marengo Co., Alabama DEMPSEY BRASWELL, age 51, born in North Carolina is listed near a WILLIAM B. BRASWELL age 22. DEMPSEY has a daughter named LUCRETIA (perhaps named for his sister in Tennessee who had married WILLIAM WILLIAMS).

Oddly, farther away and in separate households are LEWIS BRASWELL age 39 born in Virginia and a J.W. BRASWELL age 33 born in Virginia. The widow of GRIFFIN BRASWELL, ANN, is head of a household of two daughters. A probable son, WILLIAM, age 15, is working as a “tinner” in the household of JOHN BOAST.