Thursday, September 20, 2007


by Bryan Grimes

pg. 45. BRASWELL, Robert. Bertie Precinct. Sept. 14, 1734, Nov. Court 1736. Sons: Robert, John, Richard ("plantation whereon I now live"), Valentine (100 acres land). Daughters: Sarah DOUGHTRY, Jean BRASWELL, Mary BRASWELL. Godson: Diomee SUMNER (100 acres land). Wife: Sarah. Executors: James BRYANT, Joshaway DAUGHTREY. Witnesses: Thos. BRYANT, Nicholas BAGET, Paccence BRYANT. Clerk of the Court: Jno. WYNNS.

pg. 123. FLOOD, James, Chowan Co., Nov. 15, 1750, Nov. 30, 1750. Wife and executrix: Elizabeth. Children: William and Ann BRASWELL. Executors: James CRAVEN and Thomas BARKER. Witnesses: Edmund HATCH, John MCKILDO, Richard MCCLURE. Will proven before Gab. JOHNSTON.

pg. 133. GEWIN, Christopher, Edgecombe Co., NC, April 2, 1748, Feb. court 1749. Son and Executor: Christopher. Daughter and Executrix: Mary HARRELL. Grandsons: Lot, Abell and Christopher HARRELL. Witnesses: James BRASWELL, Benjamin BRASWELL, Abraham DEW. Clerk of the Court: Benjn. WYNNS.

pg. 202. KILBEE, Christopher, Northampton Co., Feb. 9, 1741-42, May Court, 1752. Sons: Epaphroditus, Xpher (to each is devised land). Daughters: Sarah, Elizabeth, Frances. Wife: Katherine. Executors: Maj. Joseph GRAY, Thomas JARRELL. Friends: Joshua LEWIS and John FORT. Witnesses: John BRASSELL, Thomas WESBROOK. Clerk of the Court: I. EDWARDS.

pg. 417. WIMBERLEY, Thomas, Bertie Precinct, Oct. 22, 1731, Feb. Court 1732. Sons: George (land on Swift Creek and Tar River), Joseph (land between Tar River and Swift Creek). Daughter: Sarah WIMBERLEY. Wife: Susana. Executors: George and Joseph WIMBERLEY (sons). Negroes bequeathed to wife. Witnesses: John DUFFIELD, Samuel WILLIAMS, Elinor BRASWELL. Clerk of the Court: Rt. FORSTER.