Thursday, September 20, 2007

Colonial Bertie Co., NC Deed Books 1720-1757

abstracted by Mary Best Bell

Deed Book A
pg. 19. James ANDERSON of Bath County to John GRAY (Capt.) March 3, 1721/22. 400 a. NS Morattock River in Occoneeche Neck. Part of 640 a. surveyed by Coll. William MAULE for William BRASWELL then sold to Matthew CAPPS, and by CAPPS sold to James ANDERSON. Adj. William BOON, John NELLSON. Wit: Patrick MAULE, Mau. MOORE. April 20, 1722. C. GALE, C/C

pg. 61. Valintine BRASSWELL and wife Jean to John BLACKMAN, Dec. 3, 1722. 50 pds. for 440 a. adj. John POPE, William BRYANT (BRIANT). Pagent bearing date March 9, 1717/18. Wit: Samuel WILLIAMS, Nathaniel PIGOTT. May Court 1723. Ack. by John COTTON, Esq. atty of Valentine & Jane BRASSWELL. John SUTTON D. C/C.

pg. 63. Valentine BRASSWELL & wife Jene to John BLACKMAN, Sept. 3, 1721. 30 pds. for 150 a. purchased of James BRIANT patent date April 1, in possession of John BLACKMAN. On WS (Quonk's) Branch. Wit: Jeames BRYANT, Sarah BRYANT. May Court 1721. John SUTTON D. CC.

pg. 64. Valentine BRASSWELL & wife Jeane to John COTTON, esq., Apr. 15, 1721. Power of Atty to sell land on Urharra Swamp, "the manor plantation of Valentine BRASSWELL" to John BLACKMON. Wit: Josiah BRIDGES, Robert PATTERSON.

[Note from Nona: The above are Valentine BRASWELL and wife, Jane POPE. He was born ca. 1680 in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, the son of Richard and Sarah BRASWELL).

pg. 102. John BRYAN, Jun. to Thomas BOYKEN, May 23, 1722. 11 pds. for 420 a. SS Meherrin River adj. Rebecca BRASSWELL, Moye's Branch, Thomas MOYE. Wit: Henry ROADES, John GRAY. May Court 1723.

pg. 104. Richard BRASSWELL and wife Eleanor to William KINCHEN, Feb. 12, 1722/23. 30 pds. for 145 a. SS Meherrin River now in possession of William KINCHEN. Wit: James BRYANT, William BRYANT, Hardy COUNCILL. May Court 1723.

pg. 105. Richard BRASSWELL and wife Eleanor to William KINCHEN, Feb. 12, 1722/23. 30 pds. for 145 a. part of a patent for 245 a. dated April 6, 1722 on SS Meherrin River. Now in possession of William KINCHEN. Adj. "the Islands of the River." Wit: James BRYANT, William BRYANT, Hardy COUNCILL. May Court 1723.

pg. 105. William BENNETT & wife Grace to John BASS, Jun. of Perquimmons Precinct. July 16, 1722. 37 pds. for 200 a. between Urharra Swamp & Yeorhaugh (?) adj. Richard WASHINGTON, Esq. POLLOCK, Valentine BRASSWELL, William BRYANT, Benjamin THOMAS. May Court 1723.

[Note from Nona: Richard and Sarah BRASWELL had the following children: Ann BRASWELL who married Matthew STRICKLAND; Robert BRASWELL who married Sarah; Valentine BRASWELL who married Jane POPE; Richard BRASWELL, Jr. who married Eleanor; Jacob BRASWELL who married Elizabeth RUFFIN; John BRASWELL who married Alice A.; William BRASWELL who married Mary; Martha BRASWELL who married 1st William BROWNE & 2nd William MURPHY; Jane BRASWELL who married Samuel WILLIAMS. On the 1720 tax list in Roanoke, NC were Val and Jacob BRASWELL along with George WILLIAMS, Jr. & Sr. and Samuel WILLIAMS. Samuel may have been the husband of Jane BRASWELL.]

pg. 113. Richard BRASSWELL & wife Eleanor to William BENNETT, May 14, 1723. 30 pds. for 100 a. Part of patent for 245 a. dated April 6, 1722 on SS Meherrin River adj. William KINCHEN. Wit: Hardy COUNCILL, James BRYANT, William BRYANT. May Court 1723.

pg. 127. Thomas BROWN (BROWNE) & wife Jane to James DENTON, May 11, 1723. 12 pds. for 240 a. on NS Pottacasie Branch of Moherrin Creek by patent dated Aug. 30, 1714. Wit: Robert BRASSWELL, John BROWN. May Court 1723.

pg. 133. Robert BRASSWELL & wife Sarah to John GARLAND of Isle of Wight, Va., May 15, 1723. 15 pds. for 290 a. now in possession of John GARLAND. By patent dated March 1, 1719 for 500 a. on NS Moherrin River adj. Mill Meadow, Jonathan SANDERSON, John WIGGAINS. Wit: Mary BRASSWELL, Elizabeth MOLTON. May Court 1723.

pg. 140. Robert BRASSWELL to Jonathan SANDERSON, Aug. 15, 1723. 10 pds. for 200 a. on Buckhorn Swamp. Part of 580 a. Wit: Robert HICKS, Jun., John WIGGINS. August Court 1723.

pg. 141. Robert BRASWELL to John WIGGANS, Aug. 15, 1723. 10 pds. for 100 a. Part of 580 a. patent. Wit: Robert HICKS, Jonathan SANDERSON. August Court 1723.

pg. 152. John BLACKMAN & wife Elizabeth to Nicholas BAGGETT, Aug. 12, 1723. 25 pds. for 150 a. Part of tract granted William BRASSWELL on April 1, 1714. On WS Quonke Branch. Wit: Needham BRYANT, James PARKER. August Court 1723.

pg. 186. Charles SOWELL & wife Elizabeth to Thomas JENKINS, Feb. 12, 1723. 15 pds. for 100 a. adj. Andrew BARROW and Daniel O'QUIN. Wit: John SUTTON, Jacob BRASSWELL, Simon JEFFREYS. Feb. Court 1723.

pg. 207. Edmund SMITHWICK to John GRIFFIN, Feb. 12, 1723. "...for love...I do bare John GRIFFIN, son of Martin and Elizabeth GRIFFIN..." 124 a. on SS Casia River. Part of patent of 420 a. surveyed by Edmund SMITHWICK, Sen. and 300 a. of which he disposed of to Danill SMITH. Wit: R. FORSTER, James CASTELLOW. Feb. Court 1723.

pg. 229. Henry WHEELER to Peter JONES, Jan. 31, 1723. 6 pds. for 100 a. part of 640 a. granted William BRASSWELL in 1711 and sold to Henry WHEELER. On NS Morrattacky River on Cypress Swamp called "Aukaneachey." Wit: Robert SIMS, Marthew JONES. May Court 1724.

pg. 239. John STEWARD & wife Sarah to Robert BRASSWELL, Feb. 8, 1723. 25 pds. for 200 a. on Yourah Swamp Part of a 600 a. tract. Wit: Thomas BONNER, Moore CARTER. May Court 1724.

pg. 257. Richard BRASSWELL to John HILLIARD, May 12, 1724. 9 pds. for 200 a. on NS Moratucky River adj. "Miry Meadow alias Bridge Meadow" on Usara Meadow. Part of 300 a. patent dated March 1, 1721. Wit: Thomas BRYANT, John HART. May Court 1724.

pg. 266. James BRYANT & wife Sarah to Thomas FEWTRELL, Aug. 11, 1724. 10 pds. for 100 a. on Yourah Swamp. Part of 640 a. patent surveyed by William BRASSWELL. Wit: Moore CARTER, Marthew MASHBORN. Aug. Court 1724.

pg. 341. William WILSON & wife Rebecca to Thomas CLERK, Nov. 10, 1724. 7 pds. for 265 a. on SS Meherrin River. Land formerly granted to Rebecca BRASSWELL for 530 a. March 1, 1719. Rebecca "now ye wife of William WILSON." Wit: Samuel WILLIAMS, John HART. Nov. Court 1724.

[Note from Nona: Might this be Samuel WILLIAMS, husband of Jane BRASWELL WILLIAMS with his in-laws?]

pg. 363. Richard BRASSWELL & wife Elinor to William WILLSON, Feb. 8, 1724/25. 10 pds. for 180 pds. for 180 a. in Urah Meadow and Fish Meadow. Adj. Arthur WHITEHEAD, Richard BRASSWELL, John COTTON. Part of 365 a. patent. Wit: John DUFFIELD, Henry WHEELER, John PAGE. Feb. Court 1724.

pg. 379. Daniel MACKDANIEL & wife Sarah to Lawrance HOBBY, Nov. 10, 1724. 14 pds. for 600 a. adj. William BRASSWELL on Yorworhah Swamp. Patent date March 9, 1717. Wit: James BRYANT, Thomas WILSON, W. MAUL. Feb. Court 1724.

pg. 447. Henry SIMS & wife Grace to Henry IRBY, May 10, 1725. 30 pds. for 200 a. Part of 600 a. patent to William BOON dated Nov. 11, 1711/12 on NS Moratock River on Beaverdam at William POWELL's corner tree. Adj. William BRASWELL, John PACE. Wit: Roger CASSE, Hubord GIBSON, Ann EVENS. May Court 1725. John WINNS D.C./C.