Saturday, September 22, 2007

Halifax Co., NC Abstracts of Wills 1758-1824

by Margaret M. Hofmann

Will Bk. 1, p. 69. Peter BRUCE Sr. , 4 Jan. 1760, Mar. Ct. 1762 lend wife Mary BRUCE use of Estate and after her death the same to be divided amongst my 5 children: Peter BRUCE, Ann FOUNTAIN, Elizabeth CRATS, Jean BRUCE, Sarah BRASWELL and Alice HUETT at the discretion of Peter BRUCE and John BATES and Robert FOUNTAIN. Wit.: Daniel DUNKIN, Mannel (?) GORDON, William BRUCE. Trustees: aforesd. Peter BRUCE and John FOUNTAIN. Extrs.: wife Mary and Peter BRUCE

Will Bk. 3, p. 276. Hermon STRICKLAND, 13 Sept. 1796, Feb. Ct. 1797 son John STRICKLAND the land and Plantation whereon I now live etc. Wife Elizabeth STRICKLAND use of horse, dishes, bed, etc my pewter to be divided between my 2 grandsons: James STRICKLAND and Hermon STRICKLAND the sons of John daughters Lucy STRICKLAND and Pherebe ALSOBROOK bed etc. Each daughter Mary BRASWELL and grandson David RANDOLPH and grand daughter Ruthy STRICKLAND 5 shillings each son Hermon STRICKLAND 3 silver dollars etc. Grand daughter Elizabeth RANDOLPH cow and calf. Wit.: James SIMMONS, Marmaduke STRICKLAND Extrs.: sons John and Hermon

Will bk. 3, pg. 525 Thomas DREW 18 May 1806 Feb. Ct. 1812 sons Joshua DREW and Solomon DREW land and negroes each daughters Ann BRYAN and Mary BRYAN negroes etc. Each Sarah CAIN’s grandson James CAIN son of Sarah CAIN 200 silver dollars Ezekiel HOPKINS 150 acres in Martin Co. Residue of my estate to be sold and money divided between my 4 children. Wit.: Drew BRACEWELL X his mark, Thomas JOHNES. Extrs.: Charles KING and Micajah HOPGOOD

Will Bk. 3, pg. 680 Carter WOMMACK 3 Oct. 1822 Nov. Ct. 1822 lend wife Catherine WOMMACK land and plantation whereon I now live, beds, furniture etc during her life or widowhood daughter Mary WOMMACK bed and furniture etc during her life lend my sister Patsey WOMMACK land joining Robert COCKRAN decd. My 2 sons Jourdan WOMMACK and William WOMMACK my CHAMPION tract to cultivate the ensuing year and after 1823 it to be rented out untill my youngest child (name not given) is 21 residue of my estate after wife’s death to go to my children Wit.: Kinchen HARRIS, Thomas HARRIS, Elijah BRAZWELL X his mark. Extrs.: my sons Jourdan and William