Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Izard Family


Isle of Wight County Records

Richard IZARD on a Coroner's Jury. April 14, 1664. Bk. 1, p.8

Richard IZARD, Planter of Isle of Wight Co. from William THOMPSON Mercht. of same Co. for valuable considerations. 250 acres whereon sd. THOMPSON now lives, "Which I formerly bought of Robert GODWYN and Jane, his wife, and given to ye sd. Jane by Francis LYNCH?, her father, which sd. Francis SMITH (sig. LYNCH?) bought the land of Mrs. Margaret UPTON, Relict of Capt. John UPTON" all Houses, Edifices, fences orchards gardens with whatsoever thereon now growing. 26 Jan. 1664. Wit. Thos. WOODWARD, James BAGNALL, John (his mark) WILLIAMS. Recorded 9 Feoy? 1664. Bk. 1, p.28

Deposition of Richard (his mark) IZARD aged 54 years. 14 Xbr. 1665. Bk. 1, p. 45.

Mr. IZARD lands adjoin Col. Robert PITT. 9 Mar. 1665. Bk. 1, p.68.

Richard (his mark) IZARD witness to conveyance between Anthony SPILTEMBER and John JENNINGS. 9 Apr. 1668. Recorded 9 Apr. 1668. Bk. 1, p. 130.

Richard IZARD presented in Court by Charles TOPLADY per his attorney Robt. KAE. Action of case. 4 Feb. 1668. Recorded 10 Feb. 1668. Bk. 1, p. 169.

Richard IZARD appointed guardian to sons of Robert BRASWELL and granted administration of the estate of sd. Robert BRASWELL. Bond 5000 lbs. tobacco & cask. Security Thomas GREEN and Richard PENNY. 20 Aug. 1668. Bk. 2, p.16.

Rebecca IZARD relict of Richard IZARD, decd. granted administration on the estate of sd. Richard IZARD. Bond 80000 lbs. tobacco & cask. Security Mr. MARSHALL. Lt. SMITH and Mr. SHARP. 23 7br. 1669. Bk. 2, p.20.

Robert BRASWELL (BRACELL) his heirs: daughter Jane STOCKES, sons Robert & Richard: Guardian of children Richard IZARD & Geo. GWILLEN [Welsh for WILLIAMS]. Gave to Richard IZARD a gold ring. Died possessed of 700 acres of land, a mill and many negroes. Dated 15 Feby. 1667. Wit. Richard IZARD, George GWILLEN. Proved 1 May 1668. Bk. 2, p. 52.

Will of Richard (his mark) IZARD dated 22 May 1669, "beinge Sicke in Body." To two daughters Mary IZARD & Martha ISARD Two third parts of all my proper estate either in land or chattles or my other goods whatsoever belongeth unto mee. To wife Rebecca IZARD the other third part of my estate and if in case that either of my daughters Mary & Martha shall dye before they come of age that then my will is that the survivor of the aforsd Mary & Martha shall have the aforesd two thirds parte of estate wholly & solitee only it is my will that if any one of my daughters by surviving obtayne the two thirds of my estate as aforesd That then the daughter so surviving shall pay out of the aforesd two thirds unto James BAGNALL the sonne of James BAGNALL two thousand pounds of Tobacco alsoe that two daughters Mary & Martha remaine with their Mother and also the divident of my estate bequeathed as aforesd and she to have the charge of it, untill they come to age. Wife Rebecca IZARD executrix, and Sonne in law James BAGNALL be overseer of will. Witnesses John BURWELL, Richard (his mark) ANGLEE Proved & Recorded 9 June 1669. Bk. 2, p. 69.

Mrs. Rebecka IZARD, Patent 250 acres, Isle of Wight Co. 14 Sept. 1670.

Will of Rebecah IZARD dated 20 Oct. 1675 "being sick in body." "After daughter Rebeccah BAGNALL's estate be taken out of the whole estate of mine and daughter Martha IZARD & the debts paid then the estate to be equally divided betwixt me & my aforesd Daughter Martha IZARD then out of my proportion I give as followeth: To Rebeccah BAGNALL & Mary BENNETT & Martha IZARD & James BAGNALL the sonne of James BAGNALL, Nehemiah HUNT, the sonne of Godfrey HUNT & Elizabeth REEVES, the daughter of Henry REEVES all my proportion of estate before expressed to be equally divided betwixt them and my will is that my sonne James BAGNALL, Henry REEVES, & Ambrose ? be my overseers to see this my will performed. Wit. John BURWELL, Wm. WESTAN. Proved 20 Oct. 1675. Bk. 2, p.135