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pg. 114 George WILLIAMS, tailor: Leg. son William to Mr. Pharoah COBB; son George to Mr. Henry APPLEWHAITE; daughter Elizabeth to Mr. William BRESSIE and his wife Susanna, if it shall please God to send them back to Virginia. Mr. Arthur SMITH, Pharoah COBB, and Henry APPLEWHAITE, overseers. D. Feb. 12, 1671 R. Oct. 9, 1672 Wit.: Giles LIMSCOTT, Richard LEWIS.

[Note: When Rev. Robert BRASWELL made his will in 1668 he named George WILLIAMS and Richard IZARD, friends, guardians of his minor children.]

George WILLIAMS: By will appointed his friends, Mr. Arthur SMITH, Mr. Pharo COBB and Mr. Henry APPLEWHAITE his overseers. Oct. 9, 1672 R. Oct. 13, 1672 Security: Richard SHARPE, Francis AYRES

William WEST: Leg. son Thomas; daughter Sarah if she marries Samuel WILLIAMS; daughter Elizabeth, daughter Mary, daughter Ann. D May 4, 1719 R July 28, 1719 Wit.: Richard PRICE, Joseph GODEN (GODWIN)

[Note: William WEST married Rebecca BRASWELL, daughter of Rev. Robert BRASWELL.]

Robert BRASWELL: appt'd his sons Richard and Robert his executor, Mr. George GWILLIAM [Welsh for WILLIAMS] and Mr. Richard IZARD his overseers, qualified during their minority. May 1, ____ R Aug. 20, 1668 Security Mr. Thomas GREEN, Richard PENNY

Richard BRASWELL: Leg. son William and son Joseph, my exers., daughter Elizabeth; son John; loving wife. D Apr. 21, 1744 R Aug. 26, 1745 Wit.: Benjamin JOHNSON, Jr., Joseph WOODWARD, Arthur EDWARDS

Susannah BRASWELL: Leg. son Richard; son William; granddaughter Elizabeth BRASWELL; daughter Ann; grandson John RIGGS; son James. Trustees: Richard JONES and Richard JORDON. D Oct. 22, 1714 R June 26, 1732. Wit.: William ALLEN, Richard JONES, Richard JORDON

James BRASWELL witnessed the will of Samuel KINDRED 25 Jan. 1728/29

Henry POPE: Leg. son William, son Henry, son Richard, son Jacob, son John, daughter Mary WILLIAMS, daughter Jane BRASWELL, son Joseph, daughter Mourning, son Thomas, son Samuel, D May 28, 1728 R Oct. 28, 1728 Wit.: Epenetus GRIFFIN, John DENSON, Jr., Martin CLEUSE (?)

Jane ROBERTS: Leg. son Robert ELEY, . . . to Thomas JONES the land he bought of my brother Richard BRASWELL 26 June 1711

Sarah BRASWELL: Leg. grandson John BRASWELL, Jr.; daughter Jane, grandson Benjamin BRASWELL; to the other children of my son, John, viz. Mary, William, Sampson. Exs. son John BRASWELL and grandson John BRASWELL D Mar. 20, 1733/34 R May 26, 1735 Wit.: Richard BLOW, Jr., Samuel SMITH, Samuel WILLIS

Joyce CRIPPS. Leg. husband George CRIPPS . . . Susan BRASWELL, my sister's daughter, D Apr. 18, 1679