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Edgecombe Co., NC County Court Minutes

1744 THRU 1762
by Weynette Parks Haun

Page 8, Upon Complaint made to this Coart that Nathl. SANDERS has stabd. Jacob BRASWELL, Junr. Who appearg. & shewing the Court the stab the sd. SANDERS gave him It is considd. & Ordd that the sd. SANDERS give Secuty for his good behaviour &c for 12 months in the Sum of 25 pounds Procla or stand Comitted.

Page 29, A Deed of Sale from Richd. BRASWELL to Solomon ALSTON was provd by the Oath of James PERMENTER.

Page 38, Mr. HAYWOOD one of the members of this Court acquaintg the Bench that he had issued a Search Warrt agt. One Richd. BRASWEL for passing and uttering false Coins and had accordingly Ordered Hardy CANE a sworn Constable to apprehend the said BRASWELL and to search his house for Counterfeit money & the materials for making it & that the Constable Hardy CANE had Excd the Warrt and had also brought the sd BRASWELL here to be Examd thereon and that the Constable had also found some Counterfeit money and he believed some materials for making of it in the sd BRASWELLs House therefore desired the matter may be Examined into the Court. Accordingly the sd Richard BRASWELL was ordered before this Court & appeared And Hardy CANE the Constable who Executed the Warrt also appeared and brought with him a small Cagg or Barrel which Contained several little Wooden Moulds with some Brass & Pewter Mettle some Chalk & Boraic?, The sd. CANE was thereon Sworn & his disposition taken as also the Examination and Confession of the said Richard BRASWELL. It is thereupon Considered and Ordered by this Court on hearing the sd. CANES Deposition as also on hearing the Deposition of John CHAMBERS taken before Mr. HAYWOOD That the sd BRASWELL be Comitted and [Page 39] Sheriff is hereby Ordd forthwith to convey the said Rich. BRASWELL to the Publick Goal at Edenton and deliver the sd BRASWELL to the keeper thereof to be there Kept until he shall be thence discharged by due Course of Law.

Page 43, James BRASWELL Junr. Const. In ye room of Jos. BRYANT

Page 44, Henry HORN Const. In the room of Jacob BRASWELL Jun.

Page 44, Richd. BRASWELL Junr. Contd.

Page 46, Grand jury: Wm. BRASWELL

Page 53, Jury to lay off road: James BRASWELL.

Page 59, Joseph BRACEWELL is appd. Overseer of ye road from Mr. BLOUNTs to Thomas LANE’s on Tarr River.

Page 61, Grand jury: Jams. BRASWELL constle is Ordd to Attend.

Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Fee Docket, 1745-1746

Page 87, Jacob BRASWELL ads. WILLIAMS

February 1745
Page 94, Jacob BRESIEL ads. COLEMAN
Page 95, Jacob BRESWEL Jur ads WILKINS

May 1746
Page 101, Jacob BRASWELL ads ARTHANS

August 1746
Page 109, BRASWELL Junr ads. WILLIAMS

November 1746
Page 115, BRESWELL Junr ads WASING (sic)

Page 152, Idem vs John DUNAGEN & Jas. BRASWEL: Indt., Ignoramus [sic]

Page 152, Idem vs James BRASWELL: Informa, appears & pleads not Guilty

County Court Minutes
Begin: August 1757

Page 168, Grand jury: James BRASWELL

Page 170, On Mocon of Jas. BRASWELL by B. BAKER his attorney leave is granted to the sd. BRASWELL to build a Water Grist Mill over (blank) and that a Warrant issue to the surveyor of this County to lay out the Land according to Law the same Land being the property of the sd BRAZEWELL.

Page 179, Petit Jury ret’d by the Sher, Vizt: James BRASWELL

Page 209, Petit Jury Return’d Viz: James BRASWELL

Page 230, Edgecomb County being now divided into Edgecombe & Halifax the respective Courts adjourned the first to meet at Redman Old Field on tyancoka Creek...the second to meet at Halifax town in N (no further info)

Page 231, Grand Jury: Jams. BRASWEL

Page 237, Wm BRASWELL Jr in room of Robt. YOUNG Oversr.

Page 240, Order’d that Willa. BRASWELL a Poor & decripped (sic) Person, be recommendd to the next Genr. Assembly, to be discharg’d from Pub: Taxes & Services.

Page 245, Jury appointed to lay out the Road from the Head of BRYANTs Creek to the Main Road at the Granville Line, were not all Freeholders; it is therefore Order’d that some twelve of the followg. Persons be a Jury for laying off the same, towit: Wm. BRASWELL

Page 247, A Petit Jury return’d, towit: Willa. BRASWELL

Page 250, Order’d that a Road be layd out from Osborn JEFFRIES Road at the Granville line, thence near Micajah THOMAS & so to Tarr River at or? Near William CAINE, and that some twelve of the following Persons being Quallify’d be a Jury to lay off the same: Jacob BRASWELL

Page 264, John DAVIS appointed Overseer from BRASWELLs Mill Swamp to Tyancoca & that the Hands above Tyancoca work the same.

Page 269, Ordred that some twelve of the following Persons be a Jury to lay off a Road from the Saddle Percosson Branch the most convenient way to Benjamin HARTs landing on the Tar River & from thence the most convenient Way into the Road to lead to HOWELLs Warehouse, towit: William BRASWELL, Samson BRASWELL hands of Wm. BRASWELL, James BRASWELL. Richd. SESSUMS work on the same & that Wm BRASWELL be Oversr. Thereof.

Page 271, Grand Jury: James BRASWELL

Page 277, Grand Jurors retd: James BRASWELL

Page 281, Ordred that Wm. BRASWELL a Lame & decrepid Person be Recommended to the next Assembly as a Person very Proper to be exempt from paying Taxes & from Public Duties.

Page 282, Read the Peto of Sampson BRASWELL &c refer’d &c.

Page 287, Grand Jury: James BRASWELL

Page 291, James MOIR &c. Commrs. &C. To James BRASWELL Deed proved by the oath of Robert BIGNAL.

Page 295, James ATKISON is Contd overseer of the Road, from Peachtree Creek to the Plantation of Josha. WOMBLY and all the Hands to remain? From the mouth of the Creek? Swamp to Edwd. PARISHes & Across to Arthur BRASWELLs on Pig Basket.

Page 297, James BRASWELL in the Room of Jno. DAVIS

Page 298, Ordered that a Road be laid off from the Black Bushy Pond Capt. LANEs Road along the Ridge between Little Peach tree & Turkey Creek, to Granville Line & that the following Persons be a Jury to lay of (sic) the same Vizt: Wm. BRASWELL, Tur. Creek. Order’d that Abner HILL be overseer and that the Followg. People & their Hands to work on the sd. Road Vizt: Wm. BRASWELL

Page 298, Samson BRASWELLs Peto. Exhibited into Court Last Term Order’d to be rejected.

Page 299, Ordered that Wm BELL be appd. Overseer from the Old Road that Leads from Fishing Creek to the Road that Lead (sic) to Tarborough and that the following hands do work upon the same: Wm. BRASWELL

Page 299, James BRASWELL Brot his Account into Court for his Costs & Expences of Mending the Prison & findg. Locks and Irons Ordered the Sherif pay the same 1:10 Proc.

Page 308, James BRASWELL Senr produced an Acct. Agt. The County for maintaining two Prisoners three Nights amountg to one Pound sixteen & eight Pence Proc. Ordred the Sheriff pay the same

Page 317, Ordred the following Persons be a Jury to lay of (sic) a Road from RICHMONDs Bridge to the Bridge at Peachtree near Micajah THOMAS’s towitt: Jacob BRASWELL, Arthur BRASWELL...and that the hands living in the following Bounds work on & keep the same in Repair Begining at James WOODWARDs & to Antho. HOLLANDs so to Jos. IRBYs & to GREENs Path on Pig Basket along sd Path to the JEFFREYs Road down the Road to RICHMONDs Road Bridge on Swift Creek down the Creek to Isaac HILLIARDs straight from sd. HILLIARDs to Henry BECKWITHs & to John YOUNGs so to Wm. BRASWELLs so up Pig Basket to sd. James WOODWARDs and that Francis PARKER be Overs. Thereof.

Page 317, Ordred that the following Persons be a jury to lay out a Road from the Road near Henny HORNs to the Bridge on Stoney Creek at Joseph STRICKLANDs, towit: Wm. BRASWELL

Page 322, Lycence is granted on Mocon to James BRASWELL to keep an Ordinary & Victualling house at his dwelling Place giving Security accor. To Law Saml. RUFFIN Esq. & Thos. DIXON Secr.

Page 322, Ordred that the Road that leads by? James BRASWELLs be road be be (sic) turned the most convenient way.

Page 325, A Deed of Sale from William BRASWELL to David BRASWELL proved by Saml. BRIDGERS

Page 325, A Deed of Sale from William BRASWELL to Wm. HUNT.

Page 326, Grand Jury: James BRASWELL

Page 327, Ordred that the following Persons be a Jury to lay of a R___ leading out of the Road that crosses Swift Creek at (torn) Bridge near RICHMOND between the Store and GREENs Path and down into the Road near the Plumb tree Bottom near (torn): Wm. BRASWELL, Jacob BRASWELL and that the following person work on same: William BRASWELL

Page 334, A Deed of Sale from Jacob BRACEWELL to Samuel DELK proved by Duncan LAMON

Page 337, Lycence is granted on Mocon to Elias FORT to keep a Public Ferry on Tar River at SWEATENs Old Field giving security according to Law thereupon he Produced Benjamin HART Esq. And CHAS. EVANS Sec who were approved. Robert YOUNG overseer to the Road in the Room of Francis PARKER at that the following hand (sic) work on the same towit: Jacob BRASWELL, Wm. BRASWELL Junr.

Page 339, Jemima LEE is appointed Guardn to Bryant LEE & Richard LEE orphans of Solomon LEE Deced giving Secu in the Sum of 500 proc. James PERMENTOR and Benjamin BRASWELL Sec.

Page 344, Grand Jury: James BRASWELL, Benjamin BRASWELL

Page 347, Ordred that the following Persons be a jury to lay off a Road from the foot of the New Bridge to be built over the Tar River the nearest and most convenient Way into the road that leads to Tarbo. Towit: Richd. BRASWELL...& that the following hands work on & Clear the same, towit: Wm. BRASWELL Ser., David BRASWELL

Page 349, Ordred that John DAVIS be overseer of the Road from Tyancoca Bridge to BRASWELLs Mill Creek & that the following hands work on the same: Jams. BRASWELL, Ben. BRASWELL, Simon BRASWELL

Page 350, Ordred that Joseph HOWELL Esq have leave to build a Mill over HENDRICKs Creek between the two Bridges on sd. Creek & that Wm. HAYWOOD Esq surveyor of this County lay off half an acre of the Commons belonging to Tarborough & that Benjamin BUNN, Richd. BRASWELL & Peter MITCHEL meet and value the sd half acres of ground & return make to the next Court here &c.