Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bertie Co., NC County Court Minutes 1724-1739


pg. 29 JEFFRIES Ptn. for a Road from Bridgers Creek to Bradys Landing. Cop. Issued: Upon Petition of Mr. Simon JEFFRIES Praying That a Jury may be appointed to lay out the Road from Bridges Creek to meet the Road that is ordered from Henry WHEELERs Mill to Bradys Landing on Maherin River which is granted and Ordered that Richard BRASWELL and others or any Twelve of them be & they are hereby appointed a Jury to the said road...

pg. 32 Jury appd. for a Road from Roanoake to Chessires Landing: Ordered that Richd. BRASSWELL and others be & they are hereby appointed a Jury to lay out the Road from Mr. Simon JEFFRIES Landing on Roanoke River to the maine branch that begins at Mr. James BRYANTs & goes to Chesshires Landing on Maherin River where the trading Vessells commonly lye according to Law and that William BRIDGES be & he is hereby appointed Oversr. of the sd. Road for the Ensuing Year.

pg. 43 The last Will & Testament of Thos. WIMBERLEY Deced was in Open Court Exhibited by George WIMBERLEY & Joseph WIMBERLEY Exrs. to ye sd: Deced. wch. was proved in due form in Law by the Oath of Elenor BRASWELL one of the Evidences thereto and at the same time the Exrs. took ye Usual Oath.

pg. 50 A deed of Sale from Jacob BRASWELL to Thomas KERBY ackd. &c.

pg. 64 Samll. WIGGONS & Jacob BRASSWELL was brought into Court for a Breach of the Peace in View of this Court and the Examn. of James BAREFIELD James MOOR & John ONAULS being ____ heard it is ordd. that sd., WIGGONS & Jacob BRASWELL be find 40/ Each & Costs & that they stand Comittd till they pay the same & Costs. Samll. WIGGONS pd. 40/ fine Samll. WIGGONS dr. 20/

pg. 140 Wm. BRASSWELL to Dr. Jno. BOYD was prov'd by ye oath of Allexr. WIGHT one of ye Evidences &c.

pg. 143 Ordd. by the fall Court that the Clerk of this Court Do Record Two Deeds of Sale one from Rd. BRASSWELL to Jas. BARNS...

pg. 183 A Deed of sale from Wm BRASSWELL to the Reve'd Mr. John BOYD was pd. Jurat Andrews IRONS 20/ pd.

pg. 202 Robert BRASSWELLs Will Provd. Jurat Thos. BRYANT Jas. BRYANT Exr. Quallifyed. nt. pd.

pg. 206 Richd. BRASSWELL to John DAWSON provd. Jurat Jno. DAWSON. 40/ pd.

pg. 210 Rd. BRASSWELL to Jas. WOOD pd. Jurat Geo. DOWNING. 40/ pd.