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Southampton Co., VA Braswell Records

Southampton County was formed from Isle of Wight Co. in 1749

CROCKER, ROBERT. Leg.- son Benjamin; son Moses; grandson Elisah Crocker; son Arthur; daughter Elizabeth Jordan; daughter Sarah Braswell; my housekeeper Mary Hill; daughter Mary Middleton. Exs son Benjamin Crocker. D. Sept. 24, 1750. R. Nov. 8, 1750. Wit. William Jones, Alex. Watson. (W.B. 1 P. 19) NOTE: Susannah Braswell's son James lived adjacent to Arthur Crocker.

BENJAMIN BROWN of Beaufort County, MARY WOMBWELL, widow, of Isle of Wight County and ANN WOMBWELL, widow, of Virginia to JOSEPH COBB dated 8 Aug 1751 295 acres on Beaverdam Swamp adj. sd. COBB, Dicks Swamp, JOHN BRASWELL, and Dr. BROWNE (part of patent to JOHN BRASWELL on 28 Sep 1732 and the whole patent to JOSEPH WOMBWELL on 9 Jul 1737), S: BENJAMIN (signed) BROWN, ANN (C) WOMBWELL, and MARY (mark) WOMBWELL, W: GEORGE (signed) GURLEY, NATHAN (signed) VASSER, and THOMAS (signed) CRENSHAW (D.B. 1 P. 242-244) NOTE: The 1732 patent was to John whose wife was Alice.

6 acres adj. sd. JONES' mill and Nottoway Swamp on the north side of the Bridge Road (part of 100 acres sold to sd. VICK by WILLIAM BRASWELL and JOSEPH BRASWELL), S: RICHARD (R) VICK, W: ROBERT (signed) RICKS, JESSE (signed) BROWNE, and PHILLIP (P) BRANTLEY (D.B. 1 P. 412-414) NOTE: Dr. Samuel Browne named "son Jesse Browne, all my books, instruments and Medecines" 1739 IOW Co., VA WB IV P. 274 William & Joseph are Susannah Braswell's grandsons.

JOHN BRASWELL and wife JANE to BENJAMIN LEWIS dated 8 Feb 1753? acres on the south side of Nottoway River on the lower side of Three Creeks (sd. JANE was wife of ZEBULON LEWIS and his wife received 1/3 of what he died holding), S: JOHN (signed) BRASWELL and JANE (-) BRASWELL, W: GEORGE (signed) GURLEY JR and JOHN (signed) WILKINSON JR (D.B.1 P. 458-460)

NATHAN LEWIS (Blacksmith) to BENJAMIN LEWIS (Taylor) dated 6 Aug 1753 ? acres adj. Three Creeks where sd. BENJAMIN now lives (given to sd. NATHAN by father LEBULON LEWIS in his will), S: NATHAN (signed) LEWIS, W: JOHN (signed) BRASWELL, WILLIAM ("X") WESTBROOK, and EDWARD (signed) MARTHIAS. (D.B.1 P. 500-502)

JOHN BRASWELL to JOSHUA CLAUD, carpenter, dated 11 Oct 1753
400 acres on the north side of Maherin River adj. SAMUEL WESTBROOK, sd. JOSHUA, and THOMAS HARRIS (patent by sd. JOHN on 12 Jan 1747), S: JOHN (signed) BRASWELL, W: no witnesses (D.B. P. 1-2)

JOSEPH LARKE to EDWARD MATTHEWS dated 8 Dec 1760 200 acres adj. JAMES WESTBROOK, BRASWELL, JOHN THORP, and School House Branch where sd. EDWARD now lives, S: JOSEPH (signed) LARKE, W: no witnesses (D.B. 3 P. 18-19)

JOSEPH COBB to ROBERT DAUGHTRY dated 10 Mar 1761 100 acres on the south side of the Nottoway River adj. the north side of Doctors Branch, ROGER WOODWARD, THOMAS CRENSHAW, and WEST (patent to JOHN BRASWELL on 10 Oct 1720), S: JOSEPH (signed) COBB, W: GEORGE (signed) GURLEY JR, GEORGE (signed) GURLEY, and THOMAS (signed) GRESWITT (D.B. 3 P. 28-29) NOTE: Update 2/17/08 - There is no 1720 patent. It may be a typo on the Oct 1, 1727 patent to John & Alice Braswell.

EDWARDS, JOHN. Leg.-son Jacob three-fourths of estate, one-fourth to Jesse Braswell. Ex., Thomas Edwards. D. R. March 11, 1762. Wit. William Edwards, Patience Edwards, Ann Newsum. (W.B. 1 P. 438) NOTE: Jesse's descendants fall within the S/H DNA Group.

GURLEY, GEORGE, Sr. of St. Luke Parish. Leg.-loving wife; son George; son John; daughter Mary West; daughter Fathey Sellers; grandson George Edwards; residue of estate to George Gurley, Jr. and Ann Edwards. Ex., son George Gurley. D. Aug. 12, 1768. R. Jan. 10, 1771. Wit. William Thomas, Jesse Braswell, James Peding. (W.B. II P. 362) NOTE: This Jesse is the same Jesse listed above.

BEALL, JOHN. To son Drury land adjoining Dr. Browne and Howell Whittington; son Burwell; son John; wife Liddia. Ex., Joseph Johnson. D. Sept. 13, 1777. R. Feb. 12, 1778. Wit. George Gurley, Thomas Edwards, Jacob Braswell. (W.B. III P.197) NOTE: This Jacob's descendants fall within the S/H DNA Group.